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  • 1. Lumbini Net Pvt. Ltd. FTTH- Basics & Overview Punit Manandhar April 2, 2014

2. Lumbini Net Pvt. Ltd. Overview FTTX- It is a generic term for network using Optical Fiber. The types can be: FTTN- Fiber to the Node FTTC- Fiber to the Curb / Cabinet FTTP- Fiber to the Premises I. FTTB- Fiber to the Building II. FTTH- Fiber to the Home 3. Lumbini Net Pvt. Ltd. Overview AON (Active Optical Network) - AON is a fiber network that uses fiber and active components like repeaters and amplifiers for network distribution. - Expensive compared to passive networks. - High coverage range (~100kms) due to regeneration of signals. - Consumes lots of fiber. - Currently being used for enterprise network. 4. Lumbini Net Pvt. Ltd. Overview PON (Passive Optical Network) - A PON is a fiber network that only uses fiber and passive components like splitters and combiners for network distribution. - Less costly than active networks. - Low coverage range (