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Getting the Message Out. Marketing and Promoting Your Online Resources. Presenters: Dana Potter, Capacity Building Jeff Laitinen, Technology & Innovation. Marketing Databases Effectively. Database perception Effective promotional methods Importance of knowing product. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Getting the Message OutMarketing and Promoting Your Online ResourcesPresenters: Dana Potter, Capacity Building Jeff Laitinen, Technology & InnovationPublic libraries across Northern Ontario have recently acquired an array of online information resources through both Knowledge Ontario and the provinces $15 million investment in public libraries. This session will focus on promotional and instructional resources, and will provide tips on how to make your library website an effective instrument for promoting and accessing these new resources.1 Database perception Effective promotional methods Importance of knowing product

Marketing Databases Effectively Getting PreparedEstablishing Target MarketsBudget? Creating Your Marketing StrategyEstablishing Your MessageVehicles for Delivering Your MessageDeveloping Your PlanWebsitesTips on how to make your library website an effective instrument for promoting and accessing these new resource.

E-Resources vs. Databases Clear link on Homepage Showcase one of the resources on your homepage Add graphics and a brief description Avoid using library jargon Test out your website and the resource sites with patronsWebsitesSome examples of library websites:

Stratford : Perth Union : Cochrane :

OLS-North can work with you to create a website for your library.Free Promotional Materials


The two e-resources provided through KO from Ebsco are the Auto Resource Reference Centre and the Canadian Points of View Reference Centre.

Ebsco has downloadable print material, and other printed material that you can request through an online form.

Many of the printable items can be easily customized with your library information, since they are in Word format. Note that there isnt specific Canadian Points of View Reference Center material, but the main Points of View Reference Center (see example being passed around)

They also have logos you can add to your website, or higher resolution graphics to create custom print material.

As well there are banner ads you can download for your website to draw attention to these resources.

Other resources available: Email templates, Media promotion tools, Online Database Survey, and Marketing success stories.

10 has LOTS of promotional material for their many databases, including free marketing material you can order, and tools you can incorporate on your website such as Widgets, and direct database URLs.

Power to the User section has info on Marketing, and Publicity tips.

Free theme sites for specific topics such as Womens History month, Earth Day.

Under the link, you have access to order printed material

Live widget examples under Help and Support on left hand side of Widgets page. Power Search on school website is the only example. The Widgets and Tools can make navigating the many Gale resources easier directly from your library website.Database icons you can set up your site to link directly to each database, and use these icons, or download high resolution .tif files for print.

Its worth taking a good look around the Gale site to see everything that is available.11 Overdrive has some downloadable .pdf documents: bookmarks, business cards, 2-sided flyers, posters, and shelf displays. These are .pdf files so not as easy to customize as a word document. The Overdrive public site has links to a Quick Start Guide, and an FAQ.12Compass$15MillionInvestment/compass/index.htm

OLS-NorthMarketing Services Layout and Design Marketing Strategies & Plans WebsitesQuestions?ReferencesWilliams, Lesley, Making E Visible, June 15,

Wilson, Paula A., Promoting the Librarys Online Collections:10 Surefire Ways to Increase Usage Statistics, June 9 ,

ProQuest, Marketing Your Librarys Online Resources,

Contact InformationDana Potter, Capacity Building Advisordpotter@olsn.ca1 800 461 6348 ext. 229

Jeff Laitinen, Technology Advisorjlaitinen@olsn.ca1 800 461 6348 ext. 201


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