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a memorial i did for my grand-dad :P


  • 1. In Loving Memory Joe Wendt 1940-2000

2. An instant family 3. Responsibility not everyone would embrace 4. But he did it gladly 5. He Loved us 6. And never made us feel unwanted 7. He made us laugh 8. He took care of us 9. And he loved a woman more than life itself 10. When we had grown, he was so proud 11. He didnt want to let us go 12. A grandfather, prouder than any 13. Grandpa would go to the ends of the earth for us kids 14. He worked hard to be sure we had everything we wanted 15. But he still took time to vacation 16. Its been Eight years since we lost him 17. The hardest thing we ever had to do was to say goodbye 18. But time goes by, and life goes on 19. And our memories keep him alive 20. Life will never be the same without him 21. But he raised us right, so we will be okay 22. Thank you grandpa for everything youve given us, we miss you 23. With love always Sabrina