my grandpa

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My grandpa

By: WillyMy grandpa

Why I choose my grandfather?Very importantHelp meI like stay with hisAnd more thinks

Physical descriptionSoftly, few white hair, small, hairy, and use glasses


Past lifeWas born in Galicia (Villamor)Went to Barcelona with my grandma ConxitaHad three boys.Created a companyLosed the mobility in her leg.

Present lifeHe lives with Conxita.Is 82Always he work in the companyHe stay the major part of the day working.

Future lifeIf my grandma is good, they will go to Galicia.He going to work in the company And he doesnt know what will do in the future

ConclusionMy grandpa is very important for me, and thanks to him Im as I am. I always compare my relationship with my grandfather with the film up, because have the same character in the film. Thanks you!