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Greek and Latin Stems. Arch. Definition: Rule Examples: Architect, Monarchy. Cycle. Definition: Circle Examples: Unicycle, Bicycle. Ethno. Definition: Race, culture Examples: Ethnocentrism, Ethnology. Duct. Definition: Lead Examples: Product, Induct. Tempo. Definition: Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greek and Latin Stems

Greek and Latin StemsDefinition: Rule

Examples: Architect, MonarchyArch

Definition: Circle

Examples: Unicycle, BicycleCycle

Definition: Race, culture

Examples: Ethnocentrism, EthnologyEthno

Definition: Lead

Examples: Product, InductDuct

Definition: Time

Examples: Temporary, ContemporaryTempo

Definition: Stretch

Examples: extend, contendTend

Definition: state or condition

Examples: Community, Civility-ity

Definition: Character, condition

Examples: Relationship, Companionship, Freindship-ship

Definition: Against

Examples: Antisocial, AntifreezeAnti

Definition: Large

Examples: Macroeconomics, Macrocosm, MacroscopicMacro

Definition: Small

Examples: Microscope, MicrowaveMicro

Definition: Many

Examples: Polygon, PolytheistPoly

Definition: First

Examples: Prototype, protocol, protagonistProto

Definition: One

Examples: Monoculture, MonocleMono

Definition: Free

Examples: liberal, liberty, liberationLiber