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    September 2009 CHAPTER MEETINGS

    SCV-Phot - 9/1 | "Virtual Tour" of the National Ignition Facility - world's largest, highest-energy laser system, fully operational ... [more]

    SCV-EMC - 9/8 | Fundamentals of EMI Prevention - signal and power integrity, root causes, simulation, measurement ... [more]

    SCV-EDS - 9/8 | Nanomaterials for Energy Applications - non- conventional PV and TE devices, interactions, validation ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT+CAS - 9/9 | Molecular Modification of PCB Substrates for Fine Line Patterning - lithographic process, fine lines... [more]

    SCV-ComSoc - 9/9 | Internet as an Information & Communications Utility: It's Getting Personal - discovery, management ... [more]

    SCV-IMS - 9/9 | Sensing EEG Signals in Consumer Devices: Introducing the Brain to Main Street - measurement, noise ... [more]

    SCV-MTT - 9/10 | Sub-Harmonically Pumped Mixer Circuit Designs - frequency conversion, fundamental limits, design process ... [more]

    SCV-RAS - 9/10 | Challenges Impeding the Application of Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) - challenges, approaches, benefits ... [more]

    SCV-SPS - 9/14 | Monitoring Video Quality Inside a Network - delays, jitter, congestion, service-level agreements, quality ... [more]

    SCV-Nano - 9/15 | Silicon Inkjet-Printed High-Efficiency Solar Cells - phosphorous-doped nanoparticle, standard screen-print line ... [more]

    SCV-Mag - 9/15 | A Model for Noise Power versus Density in a Perpendicular Digital Magnetic Recording System - effects ... [more]

    SCV-CNSV - 9/15 | Medical Devices: Marketing Your Skills and Ideas - target market, product launch, sales channels, CRM ... [more]

    OEB-PES - 9/16 | Medium Voltage VFD Technology - smaller, cheaper, friendlier, more reliable, ... [more]

    SCV-CSS - 9/16 | High-Performance Distributed Robot Control over Ethernet ... - Moved to September 17 [more]

    SPECTRUM - 9/17 | Robotics and Academic Research - Webinar: medical assist, bridge inspection, underwater crawlers ... [more]

    SCV-GOLD - 9/19 | Paintballing at Los Gatos Pursuit - introductory level, safety briefing, includes lunch ... [more]

    SCV-CAS+SPS - 9/21 | Low-Voltage Oversampling Analog-to-Digital Conversion - high-resolution, quantization, feedback, DSP ... [more]

    SCV-CE - 9/22 | Introduction to Palm webOS: Building Applications for the Mobile Web - architecture, SDK, native scripting ... [more]

    SF-IAS - 9/22 | Surge Suppression: New UL 1449 3rd Edition Requirements - compliance deadline, differences, add’l ratings... [more]

    SF-PSES - 9/22 | Hazard Tracking System – Purpose, Design & Implementation - possible approach, tracking database ... [more]

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    Conference Calendar

    Aug 30 - Sept 4: 31st Annual EOS/ESD Symposium - Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim [more]

    Sept 20-24: IEEE Energy Conversion Conference and Exposition - Double Tree Hotel, San Jose [more]

    Sept 21-24: Embedded Systems Conference Boston - Haynes Conv'n Center, Boston [more]

    Sept 23-25: CMOS Emerging Technologies Workshop - Vancouver, BC, Canada [more]

    Sept 24-25: GSA Emerging Opportunities Expo and Conference - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Oct 15-16: Electromagnetic Compatibility Mini- Symposium - Hilton Hotel, Santa Clara [more]

    Oct 20-22: Localization World Conference & Exhibits - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Oct 21-23: ARM TechCon3 and Exhibition - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Oct 26-28: Sprint Open Developer Conference - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Oct 27-29: AdvancedTCA/MicroTCA Summit - Santa Clara Convention Center [more]

    Nov 15-19: Int'l Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis - San Jose Convention Center [more]

    CALLS FOR PAPERS: Mar 22-24: International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design – San Jose – Due Oct 17 [more] Mar 22-24: Asia-Pacific Symp on Electromagnetic Compatibility – Beijing, China – Due Oct 5 [more]

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    MARKETPLACE – Services page 3

    Santa Clara Univ, Grad School or Engineering

    Fall classes starting September 22 [more]

    Technical Classes at UC-SC Extension [more] - Analog IC Design - I/O Concepts and Protocols: PCI Express, Ethernet, Fibre Channel - Data Warehouse Solutions and Business Intelligence - Network Storage Essentials - Practical Logic Design By Example - Wireless Communications

    Professional Skills Courses [more] - Managing Time and Multiple Priorities - Presentation Skills - Clear Business, Technical, E-Mail Writing - Leadership - Strategic Thinking - Getting Things Done

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    September 2009 • Volume 56 • Number 9

    IEEE-SFBAC ©2009

    IEEE GRID is the monthly newsmagazine of the San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. As a medium for news for technologists, managers and professors, the editorial objectives of IEEE GRID are to inform readers of newsworthy IEEE activities sponsored by local IEEE units (Chapters, Affinity Groups) taking place in and around the Bay Area; to publicize locally sponsored conferences and seminars; to publish paid advertising for conferences, workshops, symposia and classes coming to the Bay Area; and advertise services provided by local firms and entrepreneurs. IEEE GRID is published as the GRID Online Edition

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    Editor: Paul Wesling IEEE GRID PO Box 2110 Cupertino CA 95015-2110 Tel: 408 331-0114 / 510 500-0106 / 415 367-7323 Fax: 408 904-6997 Email: edi tor@e-gr

    From the Editor … I ’ve heard engineers say that there are just

    too many conferences in their special t ies. And wi th the economic downturn hi t t ing travel budgets, i t ’s very di f f icul t to travel to more than one conference or symposium each year.

    But that ’s not a problem for our local engineers and managers here in the SF Bay Area – we have our choice of many leading- edge topical conferences, wi th no need for a irplane t ravel , hotel rooms, etc. Most major conferences come to S.F., San Jose, or Santa Clara at least once every few years – what a great advantage we have.

    So, keep an eye on our GRID Conference Calendar – in the e-GRID every two weeks, on the cover of this GRID.pdf, in our Google Calendar, or in the banner ads on our website. You should spot one that wi l l advance your career, or prepare you for that next project!

    How to save more money? Submit a paper to that conference next year that covers your interests. Speakers usual ly get a substant ial d iscount on registrat ion fees!


    NOTE: This PDF version of the IEEE GRID – the GRID.pdf – is a monthly publication and is issued a few days before the first of the month. It is not updated after that. Please refer to the Online edition and Interactive Calendar for the latest information:

    DIRECTORS Santa Clara Valley Ram Sivaraman Tom Coughlin

    (Alt: Fred Jones)

    Oakland East Bay Victor Stepanians

    Bill DeHope

    San Francisco Michael Butler

    Dan Sparks

    OFFICERS Chair: Dan Sparks

    Secretary: Ram Sivaraman Treasurer: Bill DeHope

    IEEE-SFBAC PO Box 2110

    Cupertino, CA 95015-2110

    IEEE GRID CHAPTER MEETINGS (continued) SCV-CPMT - 9/24 | Embedded Passives: Methodologies and Opportunities for Implementation - function, performance... [more] SCV-RAS - 10/1 | Towards Robotic Cars - safer, more productive, self-driving, car sharing ... [more]

    SCV-TMC - 10/1 | The Knowledge Transfer Bottleneck - agile development, documentation, reverse engng, mentoring ... [more]

    SCV-CAS - 10/8 | Reverse Engineering in the Semiconductor Industry - challenges, teardowns, sophisticated analysis ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT+CSS - 10/14 | Wider Applications for 3D Accelerometer MEMS: Sensing, Gaming, Therapy... [more]

    SCV-CAS - 10/19 | Energy-efficient On-chip Power Mgmt: System, Circuit and Device Perspectives - improvements... [more]

    SF-IAS - 10/27 | Emergency Generator Paralleling Switchgear, Power Switching Control Methodologies for Low & Medium Voltage Applications - transition types, control, protection... [more]

    SCV-CE - 10/27 | Digital 3D - From Theater to Home - how it works, active players, remaining challenges ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 11/11 | Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies in Microelectronics Packaging - passives, interconnects ... [more]

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