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    SCV-PSES - 2/28 | Connected Health Safety – Regulatory and Industry Challenge - networked systems, patient safety ... [more]

    SCV-CE - 2/28 | Building Innovation Platforms for Consumer Electronic Product Development - speed, design, platforms ... [more]

    SCV-PACE - 2/29 | Career Networking Dinner - buffet dinner to meet, network, exchange career opportunities ... [more]

    SCV-TMC - 3/1 | Problems, Big Problems, and Damn Problems - human vagaries, networks, politics, strategies ... [more]

    SCV-Phot - 3/6 | Overview of Radiation Sources for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography - laser excitation, arc plasma ... [more]

    SCV-MTT - 3/8 | Improvements in Amplifier Design Using Lossless Feedback - high-gain, low-noise, narrow band, S-parameters ... [more]

    SCV-CAS - 3/12 | New Architecture for Next-Generation User- Centric Mobile Device - mobile cloud, interfaces, open OS ... [more]

    OEB-Life - 3/13 | So - What About Nuclear Energy? - fission, carbon free, new orders, status, potential ... [more]

    SCV-Mag - 3/13 | Topological Insulators for Electronics Device Applications - edge states, charge transport, applications ... [more]

    SCV-CS - 3/13 | Creating System-On-Chips: Mixing HW & SW Successfully - complexity, embedded IP, design, verification ... [more]

    SPECTRUM - 3/14 | Common Platform Virtual Technology Forum 2012 - full-day webinar: collaboration, innovation, next-gen ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 3/14 | 3D Chip Stacks: New Nano Thermal Interface Materials - thermal conductivity, CNTs, measurements ... [more]

    SCV-ComSoc - 3/14 | Evolution and Future of Optical Transport Networks; Photonic Integrated Circuits - 3 talks and panel ... [more]

    SCV-PV - 3/14 | PV Panel Rollout: Reliability, Testing, Certification - status, needed improvements, resources, next steps ... [more]

    CS Webinar - 3/15 | Continuous Integration for Agile Embedded Software Development - webinar: embedded SW, testing ... [more]

    CS Webinar - 3/15 | The Tyranny of Benchmarks: Past, Present and Future Challenges in High Performance Computing – webinar [more]

    OEB-PES - 3/15 | Tour of Finelite High Performance LED Facility - Ambient task lighting, luminaires, factory tour ... [more]

    SCV-Nano - 3/20 | Novel Flexible Acoustic Devices - graphene, silver nanowires, fabrication, characterization ... [more]

    SCV-CNSV - 3/20 | Developing Mobile Apps for Fun and Profit - small agile apps, developing, selling ... [more]

    SCV-EMBS - 3/21 | Decentralization of Care: The Circle of Enabling Technologies - analysis, comm’n, computational advances ... [more]

    OEB-IAS - 3/22 | Electrical System SCADA in an Industrial Setting - monitoring, faults, shutdown, back online ... [more]

    SF-IAS - 3/23 | 1-day Seminar: Electrical Distribution Equipment Spec Writing - plus Short Circuit, Arc Flash Analysis ... [more]

    SCV-Nano - 4/6 | Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies: Full Day Symposium - speakers from UCB, Sandia, Stanford ... [more]

    SCV-IT - 4/25 | Simulating a Gaussian Process from Coin Flips: Stationary Codes, Entropy, and Approximation ... [more]

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    Career Development Professional Skills Courses [more] - Presentation Skills - Meeting Management - and more

    Santa Clara University Grad School of Engineering Spring Open University [more]

    - Early-morning, evening, Saturday classes Spring Quarter classes start April 2nd

    Chapter Short Courses & Seminars Short Circuit Coordination, Arc Flash Analysis & Specification Writing Refresher [more] - one-day seminar on March 23rd

    Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies: Full Day Symposium - April 6 [more]

    A Tribute to Gregg Botlz (1958 – 2001) [more]

    from the OEB IAS Chapter

    Conference Calendar

    Mar 4-8: Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC/NFOEC) - Los Angeles Convention Center [more]

    Mar 18-22: Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium - San Jose [more]

    Mar 19: Interdisciplinary Engng Design Education Conference (IEDEC) - Techmart, Santa Clara [more]

    Mar 19-22: Int'l Symsposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED) - Techmart, Santa Clara [more]

    Mar 26-29: Embedded Systems Conference - Silicon Valley (ESC) - San Jose Convention Center [more]

    April 15-19: IEEE Int'l Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS) - Hyatt Regency Anaheim [more]

    April 16-20: IEEE Conference on Massive Data Storage (MDS) - Asilomar, Pacific Grove [more]

    May 6-11: CLEO: Laser Science to Photonics Applications - San Jose Convention Center [more]

    May 14-17: Android Developer Conference (AnDevCon) -Hyatt Regency Burlingame [more] Call for Papers: Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers Nov 4-7, 2012: Due May 1 [more]

  • March 2012 V is i t us a t w w w . e - G R I D . n e t Page 2

    Your Networking Partner ®

    March 2012 • Volume 59 • Number 3

    IEEE-SFBAC ©2012

    IEEE GRID is the monthly newsmagazine of the San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. As a medium for news for technologists, managers and professors, the editorial objectives of IEEE GRID are to inform readers of newsworthy IEEE activities sponsored by local IEEE units (Chapters, Affinity Groups) taking place in and around the Bay Area; to publicize locally sponsored conferences and seminars; to publish paid advertising for conferences, workshops, symposia and classes coming to the Bay Area; and advertise services provided by local firms and entrepreneurs. IEEE GRID is published as the GRID Online Edition

    residing at, in a handy printable GRID.pdf edition at the end of each month, and also as the e-GRID sent by email twice each month to more than 24,000 Bay Area members and other professionals.

    Editor: Paul Wesling IEEE GRID PO Box 2110 Cupertino CA 95015-2110 Tel: 408 331-0114 / 510 500-0106 / 415 367-7323 Fax: 408 904-6997 Email: edi tor@e-gr

    From the Editor

    This is the age of social interaction through the internet. Many of us engineers now keep in touch with other professionals through LinkedIn, track activities in Google Calendar or Facebook, and use our Smart Phones for many other activities.

    So, it makes sense for the GRID – and our SF Bay Area IEEE activities – to migrate to apps. After spending some months studying the characteristics that make many of the popular apps useful and user- friendly, I’m now starting the specs for an e-GRID app – two, actually, for iPhone and Android. As I envision them, they’ll let you choose to scan all upcoming chapter meetings – or only those in one or more of our 11 Categories. You can enter keywords that best characterize your interests, so that the app will show you all complying meetings. Once you find one of interest, you can add it to your Calendar, with reminders so you don’t miss it. And you’ll be able to forward meeting announcements to your friends, so they can also attend.

    My intention is to implement these in HTML5, CSS and Javascript – so that the resultant code can then be compiled into an iPhone app, an Android app, and perhaps other targeted systems. This will give us the best multi-platform capability and updateability going forward.

    Now for the appeal: If you’ve implemented apps before, and would be available to assist me (such as doing the actual coding), I’d like to hear from you. The SFBAC officers have authorized me to offer to cover your basic dues for the next year, as a reward (and you’ll gain recognition as the programmer for the app). Please give me a call or send an email if you can help!

    Best regards,


    NOTE: This PDF version of the IEEE GRID – the GRID.pdf – is a monthly publication and is issued a few days before the first of the month. It is not updated after that. Please refer to the Online edition and Interactive Calendar for the latest information:

    DIRECTORS Santa Clara Valley

    Ed Aoki Ram Sivaraman

    (Alt: Kim Parnell)

    Oakland East Bay Brent McHale Bill DeHope

    San Francisco Michael Butler

    Dan Sparks

    OFFICERS Chair: Brad McHale

    Secretary: Fred Jones Treasurer: Dan Sparks

    IEEE-SFBAC PO Box 2110

    Cupertino, CA 95015-2110


  • March 2012 V i s i t us a t w w w . e - G R I D . n e t Page 3

    Patent Agent Jay Chesavage, PE

    MSEE Stanford 3833 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto 94303 TEL: 650-619-5270 FAX: 650-494-3835

    Do you provide a service? Would you like more inquiries?

     Access 25,000 engineers and managers  IEEE Members across the Bay Area  Mont

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