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    SCV-Phot - 5/3 | An Association Perspective on Solar/PV Manu-facturing - overview, challenges, collaboration, costs, leverage ... [more]

    Monterey - 5/4 | Speech and Robotics at the Honda Research Institute - misunderstandings, correction utterances, detection, timing ... [more]

    SCV-TMC - 5/5 | Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch - organizational culture, undermining, adapting ... [more]

    SCV-MTT - 5/5 | Theory, Principles, and Techniques for Designing Low-Noise Oscillators - resonators, from 10MHz to 10GHz ... [more]

    OEB-Life - 5/10 | How do we Know that Human Activities have Affected the Global Climate? - changes, models ... [more]

    SCV-CS - 5/10 | small processors solve BIG PROBLEMS - ultra-low-energy cores, SDR, grand challenges ... [more]

    Monterey - 5/11 | Data Science at LinkedIn: Turning Data into Products and Stories - terabytes, noisy data, algorithms ... [more]

    OEB-Mag - 5/11 | Magnetic Surface Nanostructures - self-assembled, ordered, impurity atoms, chains ... [more]

    SCV-ComSoc - 5/11 | Evolution: Status and New Developments in WiFi, 3G, and 4G-LTE from a Silicon Perspective ... [more]

    SCV-CSS - 5/11 | The EtherCAT Standard for Control Systems - fieldbus, footprint, overhead, topology, costs ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 5/11 | Friday Afternoons at an Electronic Manu-facturing Services (EMS) Provider - zero-defect, support ... [more]

    SCV-PV - 5/11 | Solyndra Commercial Rooftops and Beyond - no displacement, endangered species, permitting, grid integration ... [more]

    SPECTRUM - 5/12 | Real-Time Matters! Timing and Performance Analysis for Embedded Systems - behavior, model-based ... [more]

    SCV-CAS - 5/16 | Physical Verification Challenges and Solutions for 45nm and Beyond - tape-out, complexity, verify, optimize ... [more]

    CS - 5/17 | Software Experts Summit 2011: Managing the Pace of Innovation - software security, best practices, agile devt ... [more]

    SCV-CNSV - 5/17 | What Every Inventor and Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Patents - vs open source, disclosure, timeline ... [more]

    SCV-Mag - 5/17 | Sub-Picosecond Switching and the Future of HAMR ... [more]

    SCV-PES-IAS - 5/18 | Why Grid Storage? Conditioning and Frequency Control -frequency regulation, system reliability ... [more]

    SCV-EMBS - 5/18 | Bionanoelectronics: The State of the Art and The Near-Term Future - diagnostics, sensors, monitoring ... [more]

    SCV-PELS - 5/18 | Capacitive Power Transfer for Contactless Charging - series resonance, soft-switching, efficiency ... [more]

    SCV-SSC - 5/19 | Ultra-Low-Power Electronics in the Next Decade - personal and health technology, energy, power management ... [more]

    OEB-IAS - 5/19 | Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - plug-in EVs, supply equipment, standards, market ... [more]

    More meetings, in May, June =====>>

    Conference Calendar

    May 2-5: Embedded Systems Conference - Silicon Valley (ESC) - San Jose Convention Center [more]

    May 11-13: Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS) - Santa Monica [more]

    May 12: Smart Power Grid Technology Conference (SPGTC) - Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara [more]

    May 17: Software Experts Summit 2011: Managing the Pace of Innovation - CHM, Mt. View [more]

    May 23-26: Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD) - San Diego [more]

    June 27-30: IEEE Intl Technology Management Conference (ITMC) - Hilton, San Jose [more]

    Call for Papers: Nov 6-9: Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers - extended summaries due May 1 [more]

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    Career Development Professional Skills Courses [more]- Flexibility: Understanding Differences and Conflict - Influential Communication - Managing Time and Multiple Priorities - Getting Things Done Across Organizational Borders - Team-Based Accountability -

    Santa Clara University Grad School of Engineering

    Short Courses on Emerging Technologies [more]Energy Storage, IT Sustainability, Computing, RFICs

    Summer Open University Classes

    Chapter Seminars

    Nanotechnology: Consumer Applications -- May 17, 2011 -- NSC, Santa Clara [more]

    Measuring and Modeling Power-Delivery-Network Components -- May 19, 2011 - Santa Clara [more]

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    May 2011 Volume 58 Number 5

    IEEE-SFBAC 2011

    IEEE GRID is the monthly newsmagazine of the San Francisco Bay Area Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. As a medium for news for technologists, managers and professors, the editorial objectives of IEEE GRID are to inform readers of newsworthy IEEE activities sponsored by local IEEE units (Chapters, Affinity Groups) taking place in and around the Bay Area; to publicize locally sponsored conferences and seminars; to publish paid advertising for conferences, workshops, symposia and classes coming to the Bay Area; and advertise services provided by local firms and entrepreneurs. IEEE GRID is published as the GRID Online Edition

    residing at, in a handy printable GRID.pdf edition at the end of each month, and also as the e-GRID sent by email twice each month to more than 24,000 Bay Area members and other professionals.

    Editor: Paul Wesling IEEE GRID PO Box 2110 Cupertino CA 95015-2110 Tel: 408 331-0114 / 510 500-0106 / 415 367-7323 Fax: 408 904-6997 Email: edi [email protected]

    NOTE: This PDF version of the IEEE GRID the GRID.pdf is a monthly publication and is issued a few days before the first of the month. It is not updated after that. Please refer to the Online edition and Interactive Calendar for the latest information:

    DIRECTORS Santa Clara Valley Ram Sivaraman

    Fred Jones (Alt: Kim Parnell)

    Oakland East Bay Brent McHale Bill DeHope

    San Francisco Michael Butler

    Dan Sparks

    OFFICERS Chair: Brad McHale

    Secretary: Dan Sparks Treasurer: Fred Jones

    IEEE-SFBAC PO Box 2110

    Cupertino, CA 95015-2110

    IEEE GRID CHAPTER MEETINGS Continued, from previous page SCV-RAS - 5/19 | Human-Friendly Robotics - safety, compatibility, performance, sensing, control ... [more]

    ARRL - 5/19 | General Class Amateur Radio License Course - upgrade from Tech, 6 evenings ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 5/26 | Silicon Interposers for 2.5D and 3D Packaging - density, interconnection, vertical stacking ... [more]

    SCV-Life - 6/7 | Initial Meeting Followed by Guest Speaker - social and professional goals, guidelines, inviting speakers ... [more

    SCV-CPMT+Phot+EMB - 6/8 | MEMS Adaptive Optics for Biological Imaging beacons, wavefront sensing, tissue ... [more]

    SCV-EDS - 6/14 | Statistical Variability and Reliability in Advanced Nanoscale CMOS - TCAD, simulation ... [more]

    SCV-CS+PES - 6/14 | Smart Meter Analytics: What Can We Learn from the Data? - 2TB per year, analyzing, benefit ... [more]

    SCV-CPMT - 6/16 | Tour: HALT-HASS Testing and Chamber Demonstration - testing, methods, demonstrations ... [more]

    SCV-CSS - 7/13 | Networked Control Systems II: Innovative Topologies for Distributed Motion Control ethernet ... [more]

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