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  • Mrs. Sukanya Jinprapat

    Mrs. Janpen Sornchai

    Phayathai community, Bangkok,


    Home after School

  • Phayathai community is a slum community. Most parents work approximately 8-12 hours/day from 08.00 to 20.00 hrs. At the time, the children are back from school about 4-6 hours, including ends of

    semester, children must stay home alone without parental supervision.

  • Community Board has recognized the importance of

    safety of children, they have started home after

    school activities to ease the burden of parents by

    establishing a safe place for children and creating

    various activities to develop skills and knowledge

    together. The kids have used this free time to good causes during this period.

  • Objectives

    To ensure the safety of children

    in the community who are alone

    without parental supervision.

  • Methods 1.Community Leaders collect data of

    children being alone without adult supervision during working hours

  • Methods

    2. Community Leaders hold the meeting for action

    plans, facilitate a venue, seek for speakers or

    scholars, and organize activities such as cooking,

    sports, homework, snacks, crafts, etc on weekly

    basis for children in the community during time after

    school and ends of semester.

  • Methods

    3.Encourage children for

    registration to attend the daily

    event. If children do not attend,

    community leaders will call

    parents individually.

    4.There are food and beverages

    available for children.

  • Results

    1. Children are in places where there are supervisions,

    safe, and uninfluenced. This is also to ease the burden

    of parents.

  • 2. Children learn various activities and cohabitation.

  • Conclusions

    Home after school activities can minimize

    mingling among children and reduce child injury in

    the community who are home alone and are

    expanding to other areas in Thailand. With the

    effective results from Phayathai community, there

    are expansions of this activity to safe community

    networks to

    Talad Krieb Sub-district Ayuthaya Province

    Wangsaipoon Sub-district, Pichit Province Municipality of Nan, Nan Province as pilots