house finch disease house finch disease presented by: kelley thornton

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House Finch Disease Presented By: Kelley Thornton

House Finch Disease

Presented By: Kelley ThorntonHouse Finch DiseaseMycoplasmal Conjunctivitis A respiratory infection caused by a unique strain of the bacterium Mycoplasma gallisepticum a common pathogen found in domestic turkeys and chickens.

Symptoms: Infected red, watery, crusty, swollen eyes that may sometimes be so severe that the bird becomes blind.

Pictured above, a healthy looking House Finch and on the right, a House Finch with conjunctivitis.

House Finch Disease was first noticed in Virginia and Maryland during the winter of 1993-1994. Currently, this disease has been seen along the entire North American East Coast, from Florida to Canada.

Mortality is usually caused from the birds inability to see not the actual respiratory disease. Vision loss affects the birds ability to find food, protect against predation and exposure to outdoor elements - climate/weather.

Also Spreading toother Fringillidae Family members

American Goldfinch

Evening Grosbeak

Purple Finch

Pine Grosbeaks American GoldfinchInfected with Mycoplasmal ConjunctivitisSpread Through Contact at Feeders

Clean Birdfeeders

10% Bleach Solution

1Part Bleach to 9 Parts Water


Watch & ReportHelp Scientists Monitor its spread