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How to Growth Hack Your CRM to Increase Digital EngagementJon HinderliterAssistant Director

About UMSLFounded: 1963Enrollment: 16,763Alumni: 92,000470 acres in suburban St. Louis County


Source: Pew Research 2012Young people (13-24) spend an average of 16.7 hours online every week, excluding email time.


One does not simplystart digital marketing.

There are so many platforms and options, tons of metrics and terminology to use

Where do you start?


What about ____?

Growth is your true north

Our journey into growth hacking

Picture of Hobbits on a quest10


I can neither confirm nor deny the NSA is hacking our growth hacks

Growth hacking started as marketing techniques from startups

Hotmail - Sign up P.S. At bottom

DropBox- Friends sign up increase storage size

AirBnB - Craigslist cross-listing via API

Twitter - Follow 5-10 account more likely to become long term userExamples

Growth Hacking Examples

Creative solutions based on data analytics that grow the marketing funnel.

They focus on creative solutions based on data analytics that grow the marketing funnelCreative solutionsData AnalyticsMarketing funnel (Lean)

The Enrollment Funnel

100 Freshmenapplicants

53 admitted

21 enrolled

59% loss

100 Transferapplicants

70 admitted

55 enrolled

21% loss

College fairs, open house registrations, campus tours, web forms, inquiries

Our prospective to enrolled student funnel had a few holes in it. The first few years I was focused on plugging the holes with better landing pages, SEO and simpler forms. Easier to find web forms, Improved quality of student facing web sties, Implementation of undergraduate CRM


However as I plugged a hole I would find a new one

The Aha! Moment

We didnt have to plug all the holes but rather find the way in the funnel that was the easiest and increase the flow

CRM Source Data1. Application Import2. Exam Scores3. Friend or Family4. Undergraduate Inquiry IP5. E-Mail6. Campus Tour7. Web8. UMSL Day Registration Page9. ACT Test Score10. HS/College Faculty/Staff11. CBSS Prospect list12. ACT Purchased List13. Advanced Credit14. College day/night program15. Recruiter visited high school16. Recruiter visited my college17. Phone-When a student calls us18. College Fair19. Radio ad20. Special Events21. College Visit22. Transfer Piece23. Newspaper ad24. SAT25. Pi Theta Kappa bought list26. UMSL Day Walk-in27. NextStep purchased list28. Group Tour29. Inquiry from Preview


Growth over the first year of open house. Only spike was right at the end

Traditional digital mix(SEM/Display+SEO)

Brand keywords drove conversions but increasing budget didnt grow registrations.Search engine marketing

Make a strong point about diminish returns. The more money we spent on a per day basis the number of registrations remained the same. We found the limit where more money in search wouldnt drive growth. 21

UMSL open house

Explain brand words. We would buy the brand name plus terms like open house and campus tour. Because of course people searching for these terms would be interested in UMSL Day Open House

But Maybe

To borrow from a Louie C. K bit, Of course we should buy the brand name but maybe someone who is searching for UMSL already was going to find it. The same logic applied to dozen of brand keyword combinations, we could simply ..

Source: March 2013 Consumer Heterogeneity and Paid Search Effectiveness: A Large Scale Field Experiment study

People chose the advertisement's link because it was there. What was efficient for prospects was a costly practice for us. 24

$6.61 (2011)

$60.03 (2015)Non-brand keyword cost increases

908% increase! Has your marketing budget kept pace mine hasnt25

Has your marketing budget kept pace?

Ours hasnt. In fact Phoenix University has a $600 million dollar advertising budget, no one can get in a bidding war with them and win. 26

Where could we find prospects that either had an interest but werent searching or people like them?

1.6+ billion people

But is it still popular with teens?

Does Facebook still matter?Use TwitterUse InstagramUse PinterestUse LinkedInUse Facebook% of Twitter users whoN/A53343990% of Instagram users who53N/A373093% of Pinterestusers who2931N/A2987% of LinkedInusers who312428N/A83% of Facebook users who22232525N/A

Pew Research Centers Internet Project August Tracking Survey, August 07-September 16,2013. % of users of each particular site who use another particular site (e.g., 29% of Pinterest users also use Twitter)

In the case of Instagram, Facebook bought them in 2013 for $1 billion. No surprise this is where you find the largest overlap in users. If any amount of teens have left Facebook they have fled to networks (like Instagram or Snapchat) that dont allow advertising at our level (yet).

Should the question be asked about Google+. In just about all tech circles Google+ is considered the walking dead. G+ user levels have been greatly inflated and engagement by users is basically non-existent since launch. 30

Spring 201531

How do we find them?

CRM Data OnboardProspecting (Beta)Remarketing

Enter AdRoll

Facebook penetration with teens still above 90%33

CRM Emails

AdRollAdRoll CRM Data Onboarding

Prospective Students


With custom audiences, we can continue to push enrollment objectives when they engaging with friends and family on Facebook with important messages like an upcoming open house (UMSL Day). Experimental in the entire funnel35

How remarketing works


AdRoll remarketing results

Now we had found the student and could hold on them till they converted. 82% convert within 24 hours.


New audience

Data-driven targeting

RetargetingAdRoll Prospecting

Prospecting is the combination of 38

Complete digital funnel marketing

Conversion tracking (CTC and VTC)

Dashboard analytics and great support

Why it works together on AdRoll

Click-through conversions (CTC) and view-through conversions (VTC):CTC is counted when a user clicks an ad and then converting as a direct result.VTC counts customers who were shown an ad and did not click on it, but converted later.39

Show growth with open house


These tactics have results in two years of record open houses for both fall and spring. Here is how UMSL Day 2013 last fall compared to Fall UMSL Day 201141

Lessons from open house

Test platforms based on reach, rich data audience, and ability to convert

Bonus: Instagram Beta!

Spring 201545

Retargeting had higher CTR than Facebook

Prospecting was 2nd highest source of traffic

Increased follows by 28.1% during campaignInstagram results

Steps to building a growth hacking process


A=Always B=BeT = Testing

Instagram beta

Separate landing pages by source/channel

Run 1-3 tests per campaign


Dont focus on what happens here

Growth over the first year of open house. Only spike was right at the end

Ask yourself what is going on here and here...

Growth over the first year of open house. Only spike was right at the end

SEOSEMEmailOrganic Social MediaWhat worked yesterday might not work today

SEO = No keyword data, author rank changes, Google+ is deadSEM = Increase in costs, competition, online for-profits are driving up costsEMAIL = Mobile, tabbed inboxes, throw away accountsOrganic Social Media = No such thing as a free lunch, 6% organic reach on Facebook52





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