how to prepare your candlewood lake home for winter

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DESCRIPTION - Protect your home during winter. Being prepared during this season is a plus specially if you're selling your Candlewood Lake home. These are tips on how you can winterize your home. Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203-994-4297 and let me assist you with everything you need to know about selling Candlewood Lake homes.


  • 1. How to Prepare Your Candlewood Lake Home for Winter

2. Fall is the best time to prepare your Candlewood Lake homes for sale for the cold weather, ice, and snow. Make sure to protect your home by winterizing it. If you prepare your lake home now, when you come back for a winter vacation, you will have a wonderful vacation! 3. Here are some tips to prepare your Candlewood Lake Danbury CT homes for winter: 4. 1. Heating Systems Drain the humidifier, which is usually found on the furnace. For forced hot water and steam systems, make sure to drain all water from the system, unless the liquid contains anti- freeze. It is best to hire a professional or a plumber to do this procedure, especially if you are unsure about doing this. 5. Install a low-heat thermostat. By doing this, your home can be maintained at about 40 F without freezing, rather than at 55 F, which is the lowest temperature that most thermostats can be set. 6. 2. Water Tasks to Prevent Broken Pipes and Leaks Disconnect hoses from pipes outside to prevent freezing and damage to pipes. If in an area that freezes and you are turning the heating off, shut off water systems by turning off the pump or shutting the valve. Drain the pressure tank and check for traps in the toilets, bathroom sinks, bathtub and/or shower drains, washtubs, kitchen sinks, floor drains, etc. 7. Open all faucets. Drain the pump and run water for 1-2 seconds to make sure all water runs out of the lines from the pump. Flush toilets and remove all water out of the flush tank. 8. 3. Protect your Candlewood Lake Property from Fire Hazards Check your smoke detectors and test the batteries to make sure they are working. Remove combustibles like household cleaners, paint, turpentine, etc. Unplug electronics in case of a lightning strike or power surge. 9. Remove rags used for oil, gas, turpentine, or other flammable chemicals Drain gas from your mower, trimmers, or other lawn equipment. Drain the fuel line as well. Clean and dispose of ashes from wood stoves and fireplaces. 10. 4. General Outdoors Tasks Remove boat, lift, jet skis and other recreational items from the lake, clean them thoroughly and check for any damage. Check your Candlewood Lake homes roof for loose or damaged shingles and make necessary repairs right away so you won't have leaks in the spring. Seal or cover windows that are vulnerable to ice and wind to prevent damage. 11. Winterize your boat before taking it out of the water! Since water remains in the lower unit of inboard/outdrives and plumbing, this can freeze and cause damage to your boat. You need to flush the water out as part of winterizing your boat. Blow out your sprinkler system. Mow or rake up any thick areas of leaves to prevent mold from growing on your grass in the spring. 12. Winterizing your Candlewood Lake homes for sale as early as fall will not only attract more buyers, you or they will get to enjoy the lake home all-year long and it will be ready again for spring. 13. Call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt now at 203- 994-4297 and let me assist you with everything you need to know about selling Candlewood Lake homes. My years of experience as a preeminent real estate professional in Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington, Weston, Westport, Southbury, Kent, Sherman, Easton, and Bethel, CT, combined with my dedication to providing the finest service will make it easier for you to find your dream home in Connecticut.


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