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  • HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: AN OVERVIEWHuman Resource Management ConceptHuman Resource management Functions

  • HRM

  • HRMHumanResourceManagement

  • WHAT IS HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT?The utilization of a firms human resources to achieve organizational objectives

  • WHAT IS HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT? Human resource (HR) management refers to the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job, specifically, acquiring, training, appraising, rewarding, and providing a safe and fair environment for your companys employees

  • Human Resource ManagementManagerial function that tries to match an organizations needs to the skills and abilities of its employees.

  • Management and its relationship with HRM

  • ManagementManage selfManage others, andManage the environment

  • Managing PeopleAll managers must be concerned with activities like.Staffing (hiring and firing)Retaining (motivating people)Development (encourage & train)Adjustment (alternative arrangements)Managing change (burning issue of today)

  • What Is Management?A set of activities (including planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling) directed at an organizations resources (human, financial, physical, and informational) with the aim of achieving organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Management in Organizations

  • The Functions of ManagementPlanningSetting an organizations goals and selecting a course of action to achieve them.OrganizingDetermining how activities and resources are grouped.Leading Getting organizational members to work together to advance the interests of the organization.Controlling Monitoring organizational progress towards goals.

  • Planning and Organizing InvolvePlanningEnvironmental scanning and analysisDeveloping a vision of the futureSetting long-term organizational objectivesDeveloping organizational and competitive strategies

    OrganizingDefining tasks and duties Grouping positions into effective structures (departments)Clarifying authority, responsibility, and reporting relationships Allocating scarce resources (financial, human, physical)Staffing positions with qualified personnel

  • Leading and Controlling InvolveLeadingEffective communication Inspiring others to do their bestMotivation and rewardsTrust and assuranceControllingClear standards Monitoring progress and resultsKnowing when and how to interveneCorrecting deviations successfully

  • EfficiencyversusEffectivenessSuccessful ManagementSource: Adapted from Van Fleet, David D., Contemporary Management, Second Edition. Copyright 1991 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Used with permission.

  • The Management Process

  • Management & HRMHR is part of Management!

  • Human Resource Management FunctionsStaffingHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTFUNCTIONSEmployee& LaborRelationsSafety &HealthCompensation& BenefitsHuman ResourceDevelopment

    Ms.Hina Hameed

  • StaffingJob AnalysisHuman Resource Planning (HRP)RecruitmentSelection

  • Staffing (Continued)Staffing - Process through which an organization ensures that it always has the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right jobs at the right time to achieve the organizations objectivesJob analysis - Systematic process of determining the skills, duties, and knowledge required for performing jobs in an organization

  • Staffing (Continued)Human resource planning - Process of systematically reviewing human resource requirements to ensure that the required numbers of employees, with the required skills, are available when needed.Recruitment - Process of attracting qualified individuals and encouraging them to apply for work with the organization

  • Staffing (Continued)Selection - Process through which the organization chooses, from a group of applicants, the individual best suited for the company and the position

  • Staffing (Continued)Selection - Process through which the organization chooses, from a group of applicants, the individual best suited for the company and the position

  • Human Resource DevelopmentTrainingDevelopmentCareer PlanningCareer DevelopmentPerformance Appraisal

  • Human Resource Development (ContinuedTraining - Designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed for a particular job. Development - Involves learning that goes beyond today's job. It has a more long-term focus

  • Human Resource Development (Continued)Career planning - An ongoing process whereby an individual sets career goals and identifies the means to achieve themCareer development - A formal approach used by the organization to ensure that people with the proper qualifications and experiences are available when neededPerformance appraisal - Employees and teams are evaluated to determine how well they are performing their assigned tasks

  • Compensation & BenefitsPay - Money that a person receives for performing a jobBenefits - Financial rewards in addition to base payNonfinancial RewardsThe JobThe Environment

  • Safety and healthSafety : Injuries and Work related accidentsHealth: illness

  • EMPLOYEE AND LABOR RELATIONSInteraction between workers and managementInterpersonal skillsRelying on top down communication channels from managers to subordinatesEncouraging bottom up feed back from employees to managers

    Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*9Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*9Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*9Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*Ms.Hina HameedMs.Hina Hameed*