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We are proud to announce our 32nd Innovation Excellence Weekly for Slideshare. Inside you'll find ten of the best innovation-related articles from the past week on Innovation Excellence - the world's most popular innovation web site and home to 5,500+ innovation-related articles.


May 10, 2013

Issue 32 May 10, 2013

1. Announcing IX Research for Innovation Practitioners............................... Doug Williams

2. modelH Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 1) ...... Kevin Riley

3. modelH Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 2) ..... Kevin Riley

4. How to Suck at Leadership........... Holly G Green

5. How Cooking Lunch Can Be a Business Model Innovation ... Tim Kastelle

6. Cultivate Mental Confusion ...... Jerome Provensal

7. Innovations 4 Business Outcomes ... Seth Kahan

8. Innovators Get Better with Age .... Gijs van Wulfen

9. Building Up Innovation Capital ...... Rowan Gibson

10. Do You Really Know What Business Youre In? ....... Tim Kastelle

Your hosts, Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter and Rowan Gibson, are innovation writers, speakers and

strategic advisors to many of the worlds leading companies.

Our mission is to help you achieve innovation excellence inside your own organization by making

innovation resources, answers, and best practices accessible for the greater good.

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Announcing IX Research for Innovation Practitioners

Posted on May 5, 2013 by Doug Williams

I am excited to announce the launch of IX Research, the research arm of Innovation Excellence. We believe innovation is fast

becoming a business discipline alongside established roles such as marketing, market research, IT, and human resources. But

innovation is also unique in that it is driven by employees not just in one department but across the entire organization, from the C-suite

right down to entry-level positions as well as in organizations of all sizes.

Our goal is to provide Innovation Executives, Innovation Practitioners, and Innovation Vendors with the data, insights, and

analysis needed to succeed in this new world order of innovation. Well do this in three ways:

1. IX Research Reports We offer an annual subscription to syndicated research reports that are laser-focused on innovation

something no other research firm offers. Our reports provide primary and secondary research, analysis, and guidance to help drive

innovation as a business discipline. Our research is:

Independent: Authors are respected innovation thought leaders.

Relevant: We will offer market landscapes, strategies, frameworks, case studies, and best practices on innovation, open

innovation, and co-creation.

Accessible: Our single-user license is just $300 per year, which makes our research accessible to all innovation-centric

employees at companies large and small. (An enterprise license is also available.)

2. IX Research Panel We are also launching the opt-in IX Research Panel for innovation practitioners who are interested in

participating in the research process with us. From time to time, panelists will be invited to participate in online surveys, telephone

interviews, online community discussions, or other types of engagements to share their experiences relating to innovation. We envision

the IX Research Panel to be a source of primary research for IX Research reports, Innovation Excellence blog content, and research

conducted by IX Research on behalf of third parties (but dont worry, under no circumstances will panelists contact information or

personal information be shared with third parties). Incentives to participate in the research process may include one or more of the

following: a copy of the research report in which the data was used; a summary of the aggregate results of the research; inclusion in a

random drawing for specified prizes; or a clearly defined monetary incentive (e.g., gift card).

3. IX Custom Research - IX Custom Research offers a host of professional services for innovation vendors, innovation consultants,

and innovation practitioners. We help companies achieve success by providing custom quantitative or qualitative research via the IX

Research Panel or external audiences (e.g., consumers, business professionals), coupled with analysis and recommendations to help

you achieve your business objectives. We prepare thought leadership papers that offer an objective, independent perspective grounded

in research on trends, markets, or business challenges to help you start conversations with clients and prospects. We also offer

traditional consulting services, advisory sessions, speeches, webinars, and workshops to help you devise strategies, implement

frameworks, select tools and vendors, and overcome innovation challenges.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us, or visit the IX Research page to learn more about IX Research. There youll be able to

subscribe to IX Research Reports, opt-in to the IX Research Panel, or explore how IX Custom Research can help you.

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Doug Williams, Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst, leads the development of IX Research. Doug is the

primary author of IX Researchs syndicated research reports, and is responsible for the development of the IX Research

Panel and IX Custom Research lines of business. A former analyst at both Forrester Research and JupiterResearch, he

launched and led Forresters innovation and co-creation practice for product strategy professionals. He authored 36

highly rated Forrester Research reports on innovation, open innovation, and co-creation, and was the primary author and developer of

Forresters Open Innovation playbook. You can follow Doug @DougWilliamsMHD.

modelH Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 1)

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Kevin Riley

Hello to all. I am working on a new project I am calling modelH. modelH is a dynamic collaboration between me, Innovation Excellence,

Batterii, and a bunch of great healthcare thinkers.

Batteriis CoCreation Platform powers this project, and my Business Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation guides

it. Innovation Excellences worldwide Community of disruptive innovators fuels it.

Our goal is to create a business model canvas specifically designed to generate and evaluate healthcare business models that can

create positive consumption experiences, improve care delivery, and align and control costs. We then want to use our framework to co-

create and test some innovative healthcare business models. The results will be compiled in a book to be released in 2014.

modelH Health Model Co-Creation Forum

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

The American healthcare ecosystem in its basic form operates along 3 themes: care consumption, care delivery, and care financing.

These domains are actually interdependent points of interaction along a value chain of healthcare. To impact one point, you really

impact them all. Make no mistake healthcare is a business! The problem is that very few people create business models that are

considerate of all three points of view and certainly no one has come up with a framework to make this easier.

In addition, across the value chain of healthcare, there are four key stakeholders: patients, providers, payers, and purveyors. To put it in

simple terms, the party who consumes the product of healthcare (the patient) is usually not the one who pays for it, or at least not

most of it. The party that pays for it (the payer) is best served when it is not used, and is therefore motivated to push for less of it.

Furthermore, the parties that deliver it (the provider), and the parties that support its delivery (the purveyor), are not aligned to place

realistic boundaries on its cost, thus forcing the system into bankruptcy. Due to its divided nature, the ecosystem is overrun with

inefficiencies and creates dis-incentives across themes and between stakeholders so that each maximizes their own value, often at the

expense of the others.

But the system is not so much broken as made up of working parts not working together. Our diagnosis of the problem is misalignment

of the ecosystems building blocks. Our prescription is to reset these building blocks into a better working order. The outcome will be a

healthy and aligned ecosystem that is both market-driven and cost conscious.

There is no better time to try and fix the healthcare system than amidst the current environment of reform. The team behind the modelH

CoCreation Forum feels that a collaborative and systematic approach is the only means to overcome the interconnectivity barriers that

exist to get past where others have failed. We have the means to accomplish this collaboration though Batteriis CoCreation Platform.

We have the right approach for how to systemically validate a healthcare-specific business model through Kevin Rileys Business

Model Method for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation. And through Innovation Excellence and our own networks, we have access to a

community of radical innovators with representation across all key stakeholders, as well as business model experts, ready to engage

with us in this year-long project.

This is where you come in! But before we ask you to get involved, lets talk more about how we can solve this problem together.

So, step up to the plate an get involved. Click here to join the Forum (the big red button on the side)!

to your health!

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