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    This presentation contains a set of

    information regarding Instagram marketing.

    Included are the overview of Instagram

    marketing strategy in Indonesia, rules of how

    to market your brand with Instagram, the do's

    & the don'ts, as well as the examples that will

    help to understand the utilization of

    Instagram in building a brand.

  • IN


    Instagram is an online photo sharing platform in which since itsfirst debut in 2010, it has engaged 500M active accounts with80% of its users are outside the US, including Indonesia ( Instagram usage is very strong amongmillennials compared to other social media platform. By 2019,nearly two-thirds of all millennial smartphone will use Instagram(source:

    In Indonesia, according to survey conducted by "Jajak Pendapat"(blog, towards 3002 Instagram users in Indonesia, turnsout that most respondents open their Instagram account at least5 times a day. 31.05% said that they open more than 10 times aday.

    Follow and following are important things in Instagram. 41.84%respondents said that they follow brand. Deriving from thepercentage, it can be perceived that Instagram plays a crucial roleamong Indonesians. By utilizing the visual language as Instagram'ssignature, brand marketing on Instagram has the power to movethe target audiences within the field of digital marketing.

  • ?WHY


    200%increase in potential

    organic audiencesince 2012

    68%of Instagram users

    are regularly engagewith brands

    58Xmore engagementper follower than


    100%reach of one brand's

    followers per post

    $65worth for average

    order value for eachengaged follower



    Let your followersTELL YOUR STORY

    Instagram is all about visualstorytelling, thus should be

    initiated with a brand'sstory. By encouraging your

    followers to tell theirstories about your brand

    within their Instagramaccount can be a great


    Emphasis onHQ IMAGE

    A High-quality (HQ) image

    should be considered

    important while conducting

    your Instagram marketing

    strategy. Most people only

    scroll down through timeline.

    Hence, make sure your brand

    post an inspiring, brand

    relevant, quality images to

    resonate with your target

    audience and able to

    communicate your story

    Create and CollectA HASHTAG

    Using hashtag is the best way

    to boost your brandto help

    your brand remains

    noticeable. Focus on specific

    hashtag that covers your

    brand's story, i.e. your brand

    campaign, can help to

    enhance your brand's search

    engine optimization (SEO)


  • Engage withINFLUENCERS

    A recent study reports thatuser-generated content is

    more influential onMillennials. To engage

    influencers who are able tospeak about your brandthat go accordingly with

    your brand's story canreach your target audience

    more easily

    Integrate forIMPACT


    Integrating your Instagramwith your brand's owned

    media, for example itsofficial website, that

    features the great contentsalready posted on

    Instagram can be a verygreat option. This will

    leverage and amplify yourbrand


  • As one of the most followed brands onInstagram, Starbucks relies on thepower of '#Regram' re-post thephotos uploaded by their followers intoStarbucks Instagram account.

    A weekly-theme photo contest iscurrently running under the "Red Cup"campaign following the holiday season.Using #RedCupContest as its hashtag,Starbucks encourages their followersto share their dailies with Starbucks'red cup around.

  • Contest on InstagramInitiating contest on

    Instagram willhelp your brand to engage

    with theirtarget audience

    By re-posting the photos of yourfollowers will enable your brand

    to connect with the targetaudience

    more personally



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