instrumentasi project smart house (smart trashbin)

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Home Automation Project SMART TRASHBIN Created By : Group 9 Members : 1. Handy Mulyaguna (151611044) 2. Risana Dewi Saputri (151611059) 3. Siti Amimah (151611062)

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Home Automation ProjectSMART TRASHBINCreated By : Group 9Members : 1. Handy Mulyaguna (151611044) 2. Risana Dewi Saputri (151611059) 3. Siti Amimah (151611062)

Home Automation ProjectSMART TRASHBIN

Smart Trashbin1

BackgroundDescription,Tools&MaterialProcedureProgram & SeriesTrial & AnalysisConclusion & Suggestion

Science and technology are the things most needed by the people in this era of globalization in order to meet the necessities of life. Science and technology continue to evolve over time, so that the community needs can be easily met.There are still a lot of trash scattered about the environment around us, but we know that with littering would lead to disaster and disease, By Utilizing Technology and Apply it on the Project Smart trashbin aims to draw attention to the environment to dispose of waste in place, to make automatic trashbin,we hope others can develop a project that we've created, so can d use for a larger scope.Background2

Description3This Project worked if someone pass in front of the trash bin,ultrasonic sensor will detect the distance,we set the distance in less 10cm so if someone pass less 10 cm from the trashbin,ultrasonic sensor will work and moved the servo motor, so that the trash bin will be open,and the Green LED will On,and if the distance more that 10cm the trashbin will keep closed and the Red LED will On.And if the volume of trash in the low position the Green LED will On and will show an output in LCD Display BERSIH ITU SEHAT,TERIMAKASIH,and the last the Red Led Will On if the volume of trash in high volume and the Buzzer will On,and the output in the lcd display is PERHATIAN !!! Sampah Penuh.

Smart Trash Bin

BuzzerLCD DisplayUltrasonic SensorLEDTools & MaterialArduino Uno


Male To Male JumperMale To Female JumperResistorServo MotorTools & MaterialFemale to Female Jumper5

PCBTrashbinTools & Material6

7Arduino UnoArduino/Genuino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P . It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset button.

8BuzzerAbuzzerorbeeperis anaudiosignalling device,which may bemechanical,electromechanical, orpiezoelectric. Typical uses of buzzers and beepers includealarm devices,timers, and confirmation of user input such as a mouse click or keystroke

9LCD DisplayLCD (liquid crystal display) is the technology used for displays in notebook and other smaller computers.

10Ultrasonic SensorAn Ultrasonic sensor is a device that can measure the distance to an object by using sound waves. It measures distance by sending out a sound wave at a specific frequency and listening for that sound wave to bounce back. By recording the elapsed time between the sound wave being generated and the sound wave bouncing back, it is possible to calculate the distance between the sonar sensor and the object.

11Servo MotorAservomotoris arotary actuatororlinear actuatorthat allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration.It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback

The Procedure

13Prepared All the tools and material that well needed to make this project.First Stepfind out the module&code of every component.After we find out all the module,we try the code of every component to test all the component to make sure that no error,to test the script program we should use arduino apication2th StepCombain all the script porgram of every component become one scipt programs,and upload the script,before upload the script,connect Arduino to computer used USB cable.3rd layerConnect every cable on all the component,and conncet them to the pin on arduino,and assamble all of the component on the prothoboard or PCB for the fix script program. 4th StepMade the desain to trashbin,and placed all the component to the trashbin.5th layerAfter we finnish do the step,try the project,pass in the front of trashbin with distance less than 10 cm,and we can see an output.Last Step

Script Program


Script Program


Script Program


Script Program




How System Work


Servo MotorCover TrashbinUltrasonicHC-SR04BuzzerLCD DisplayLED Display


Trial Table


Exp : V,for Servo Motor rottated,and moved the cover of trashbin V,for LED turn Light - , for servo motor not rottated,and the trashbin keep closed. -, for LED turn Off.NoDistanceServoLED(cm)0180REDGREEN11-V-V23-V-V36-V-V49-V-V512V-V-615V-V-718V-V-820V-V-



At the time of the trash in a state of stand-by (the cover of trash can closed), which lights up green (no 1, indicator for the trash not full yet) and red light (no1, indicator for cover of the trashbin can closed) when our hand getting close ultrasonic sensor ( ultrasonic sensor 1), then the cover of trashbin opened and the lights turn green (1 & 2, No. 2 indicator for trash can opened) If the trash is empty, then the green light (no one on and the lCD will display the words "Bersih itu sehat. Terimakasih".If the trash is full, the led will turn red light (no 2 will light up) and the LCD will display the phrase "Perhatian,Sampah Penuh".

Conclusion25Arduino Uno canbe a controllerin this experiment,dependingon thescriptprogramthat has beencreated.Datasheet of component is really needed in the trials

Suggestion26If we want detect the volume of the trash with 3 variable,low,middle,and high,its use 2 ultrasonic sensor and set with different distance.We can used 2 buzzer,for volume of trash and for the cover of the trasbin when the cover of trashbin opened the buzzer will turn on.




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