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    BIG news is circulating in the timber press that a European consortium has developed microwave preservative treatment systems that are ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.There is similar news in New Zealand. In fact, microwave technology is now a key research area in many wood product research laboratories throughout the world.Research into microwave pulping in the US is claiming savings of 30% in energy consumption and 40% savings in chemical use.Clearly in the wake of carbon accounting any green field

    pulping interest has to consider the potential of such energy and chemical savings.

    Timber and Forest E-news was

    curious as to the fate of the technology developed by the Cooperative Research Centre Wood Innovations. It followed and reported on developments by this CRC that included significant innovation in the field of preservative treatment and microwave processing.In fact, the CRC developed radically new methods of microwave processing including techniques for structurally modifying wood and its permeability. The technology was verified by three world-wide patents.Research funding for this CRC came to an end in 2008

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    Microwave backin main stream?

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    NSW budget good news for housing

    Harvesting research capability fast disappearing

    Dual badging detrimental to forest management

    Wormald develops fire suppression solution

    North American EWP production soars

    Industry at loggerheads on high cost of plantation timbers

    Dual CoC certification at Myrtleford mill

    Timber treatment technology savingup to 40pc in energy, chemical costs

    Microwave wood technology .. ready for commercial use.
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    THE NSW state budget has set the pace for building industry recovery with a package that seeks to tackle the nations housing supply shortage by providing money for new housing and extra resources to build roads, sewerage and other infrastructure for new housing sites.Under this measure, a total of $561 million will deliver up to 76,000 new dwelling units more than half of which will be built in Sydneys southwest aided by bringing forward the anticipated completion of the Camden Valley Way, an important link between Sydney and the historic town of Camden.In addition, all of this is coming on top of a 75 basis point cut in interest rates over the past two months.

    The boost is more than welcome in the struggling state. In recent months, dwelling approval numbers in New South Wales have been awful and, at 30,830, the number of housing construction starts the Housing Industry Association predicted in its most recent forecast which was made prior to rate cuts is just above last years lean number of 30,550 and well down from the 32,680 housing

    starts the state recorded in 2010.For many years, housing industry groups in the state have campaigned for measures to reduce the tax burden and undertake reforms to boost supply. The NSW budget last Tuesday delivered this in many ways.The first came in the form of a more than doubling of the states first home owners grant, from $7000 to $15,000, though this figure will drop back to $10,000 in 2014.In light of the winding down of these grants in Queensland and Victoria, the NSW initiative is a bold and radical step.The continuation of stamp duty concessions for houses under $650,000, too, is a welcome move. With HIA claiming that taxes of various types account for 44% of the cost of new homes in Sydney, housing industry groups have long complained about the sector suffering an unduly heavy burden in this area.


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    between industry, Government and the Australian Vocational

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    NsW state budgetsets national pacefor housing upturn

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    With the interest rate cuts and the latest budget

    incentives, both Reserve Bank governor Glen

    Stevens and NSW Treasurer Mike Baird are very

    popular among residential construction firms in New

    South Wales at the moment

    $561m delivers 76,000 dwellings

    Mike Baird .. incentives must be targeted where they are most needed.
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    Furthermore, in an important step to encourage the purchase of new homes, as opposed to existing ones, non-first home buyers will be able to get a news $5000 grant for any purchase of a brand new home.With the interest rate cuts and the latest budget incentives, both Reserve Bank governor Glen Stevens and NSW Treasurer Mike Baird are very popular among residential construction firms in New South Wales at the moment.In the coming months, industry observers believe weak building approval numbers with come right up as the market strengthens.In the detail of the governments Building the State Package, half a billion dollars will be provided for additional infrastructure that accelerates the delivery of up to 76,000 new housing lots and removes blockages in the development approval process.The First Home Owners Grant will increase from $7000 to $15,000 for new properties.

    The budget also introduces the new home grant of $5000 to all non-first home buyers buying a new property up to $650,000, while existing first-home buyer stamp duty concessions will apply on new properties up to that amount an increase of $50,000.In 1995 more than 55,000 new homes were approved. However, over the last five years housing approvals averaged below 30,000 each year.Mike Baird said the NSW housing supply was not

    keeping up with demand and incentives must be targeted where they are most needed: $481 million of infrastructure to boost housing supply through the Housing Acceleration Fund. An additional $30 million in interest concessions under the Local Infrastructure Renewal Scheme, which will allow local councils to build over $1 billion of local infrastructure. An urban activation precinct program that includes $50 million of incentives for local councils to build

    essential infrastructure.

    The NSW Government is determined to ensure grants and concessions provided to first-home buyers are effective. Under the previous package, NSW Treasury found the mortgage size of first-home buyers increased sharply with no boost to housing supply.

    The Building the State package ensures incentives boost housing construction, which is where they are most needed. This will not only help first-home buyers get into the market, it will also stimulate economic growth across the State

    Industry obeservers believe weak building approval numbers with come right up as the market strengthens.

    Weak building approvals will comeright up as the market strengthens

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    Under the previous package, NSW Treasury found the mortgage size of

    first-home buyers increased sharply with no boost to housing supply

    On the move again .. housing gets a spurt on in New South Wales.

    Package to stimulate economic growth across the state