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    issuE 229 | 09.07.12 | PAgE 1

    More trickery

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    Koala death stunt another vengefulattack on sound forest management

    Recycled timbers dominate sydney complex

    Anti-dumping Bill reforms welcomed

    Architects lack education in use of wood

    European carbon credits flood NZ

    Forestry Tasmania cleared on harvest practices

    Wood panels win EITE classification

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    Phascolarctos cinereus .. scapegoat in green campaign against forestry.

    BY JIM BOWDENGRAPHIC images of koala remains attributed to timber harvesting presented by environmental group Markets for Change, and sucked up by the mainstream media last week, has nothing to do with conservation its a vengeance attack on the forest industry.The koalas death, claimed to be a result of logging, was from a previous investigation that had already determined the injuries were the result of a dog attack.The koala image used was taken in forest 15 km away from the area Markets for Change refers to in its report. Further, it was taken five years ago in a plantation area not native forest some time after

    harvesting had finished.Markets for Change with its operations bolstered by charity status has devastated its own credibility with this biased report.Public and private forests in New South Wales are responsibly and sustainably harvested under the Australian Forestry Standard which is endorsed by the international Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).Shadow parliamentry spokesman for forestry Senator Richard Colbek said the misinformation stunt by Markets for Change was another example of why environmental activist groups should not have charity status

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    MANUFACTURERS of wood-based panels have qualified for emissions intensive trade exposed (EITE) status under the federal governments Clean Energy Legislative Package.This has been a long and expensive process but it effectively adds $10 million to the bottom line for our members, the general manager of the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia Simon Dorries said.We now will receive 65% free carbon permits after demonstrating our emissions intensities were above a certain threshold which was quite a technical challenge.Once we achieved that, we were able have audits carried out on about 12 sites by energy and financial auditors.The classification was signed into the Clean Energy Amendment Regulation 2012 by the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet. The regulation, under the Jobs and Competitive Program (JCP), amends the Clean Energy Regulations 2011 to assist with compliance with the Clean Energy Act 2011 and administration issues associated with the carbon pricing mechanism.The JCP program assists businesses that undertake eligible EITE activities through the allocation of free carbon units in relation to an EITE activity carried on at a facility.The basis for the issue of free carbon units for manufacturers

    of reconstituted wood-based panels (particleboard and medium density fibreboard) is by a tonne of raw reconstituted wood-based panel that has a density of greater than 500 kg a cubic metre, has individual wood particles or fibres with an average maximum dimension of no more than 30 mm and is produced by carrying on the emissions-intensive trade-exposed activity.The manufacture of reconstituted wood-based panels is the physical and chemical transformation of wood, including wood particles and residues (such as chips, shavings and sawdust) into a reconstituted wood-based panel product.The federal government has committed to reduce carbon pollution by 5% from 2000 levels by 2020 irrespective of what other countries do, and by up to 15/% or 25%t depending on the scale of global action. These targets will require cutting pollution in 2020 by at least 23% from the level it would otherwise be expected to be.The government has also committed to a new 2050 target to reduce emissions by 80% compared with 2000 levels, in line with targets announced by the UK and Germany.


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    Wood panels winEITE classificationfor clean energy

    Simon Dorries .. good news for wood-based panel manufacturers.

    The government has committed to a new 2050

    target to reduce emissions by 80%

    compared with 2000 levels

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    from the Australian Tax Office.The use of false images has become the norm for green groups. There is an image circulating that purports to be forest destruction in the Upper Derwent catchment, when in fact it is the upper end of Lake King William showing an exposed area normally under water that was logged prior to inundation for the hydro electricity scheme.In addition, Markets for Change is quoting Peter Hitchcock, a former consultant for the Wilderness Society, who wrote a report for the Tasmanian Intergovernmental Agreement as an independent person. His report on forestry effects on the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area were rejected by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.Also, clear fell images used by Markets for Change on the logged area at Catamaran in southern Tasmania, purporting to show complete forest destruction, are also misleading. [The pictures were used for the No Harvey No campaign].It claims surrounding forests are high conservation value, which may well be the case.

    However, Markets for Change fails to recognise these forests were almost completely obliterated early last century for a local sawmill and a coal mine located in the area. The recently harvested forest was in fact regrowth following these operations, which usually involved intensive fire to clear the undergrowth and selective harvest of sawlogs.The excellent regrowth forest was a result, not of any plan, but the fact that the intense fire resulted in an excellent seed bed for regeneration, which shows that despite intensive forest disturbance caused by man, conservation values can

    still be maintained.Consumers might get more for their charity dollar if Markets for Change focused on the imports of tropical rainforest timber and furniture as a result of land use conversion and illegal activity,

    or the pillage of 400-year-old white pine from eastern Russia which is being sold as dressed timber in Australia for less than the price of local radiata.Their priorities are not anything to do with conservation but are all about a vengeance attack on the local forest industry, was one comment from a professional forester.They are taking advantage of the one time in history when they have some political allies in power in Canberra. They hide behind charitable organisation status and utilise a network of cashed-up wealthy do-gooders, who have made their wealth from direct or indirect resource exploitation.Once they have ruined the native forest sector they will turn their focus to plantations.The success of green campaigns against forestry have been substantially assisted by elements of the city-based media which has virtually promoted their cause almost without question.The visual and moral imagery of saving beautiful forests and koalas from the grim, albeit temporary, devastation of logging, appeals to the medias need for sensationalism.

    Clear fell images on logged areasin southern Tasmania misleading

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