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  • 1. Identify the key conventions of a music video using a real example that inspired you to illustrate these features?

2. Relationship between the lyrics and the visualsLook at her dancing Fill up my cup Mazeltov 3. I see you babe I want you too 4. Relationship between the music and the visuals Slower pace, slow visuals Faster pace, fast visuals 5. Faster pace, Fast visuals Slower pace, Slow visuals 6. Has close ups of artist/artists 7. 8. Reference to voyeurismSee them getting ready, Before the party. 9. See him preparingHimself before goingTo the party 10. Identify the secondary genre what genre did you use? 11. RnB Dance 12. We see the same conventions of RnB (Usher) with the fact we see the artist talking to his love interestWe see the same dance scene of dancing as we doin (Black Eyed Peas)