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  • JANUARY 2013

    Ms. Michelle








  • Sean Dr. Belegana Makiney


    Sean Dr. Carswell McCaffrey

    Lead Art Director

    Happy New Year everyone!!The world did not explode on December 21st, so that means more Ladies of Steampunk (and Bronze Age)

    goodness.Every year around this time I think about the resolu-

    tions I didnt keep and if I will manage to keep this years promises to myself. To lose weight, drink less,

    eat better, or just be better to others.These are all old standards and great goals. If you

    have them, good for you!!I think this year I will try for something a little less

    than noble. Probably just try to give to charity once in awhile. Or maybe support a small business by staying

    away from the big box stores. Then again, I could always become a pillar of the community and run for local office.... nahh too many skeletons in this closet.

    In this issue we have yet another beautiful set of pictures from Kato. If you are a fan like us than you

    will not be disappointed. This time she has teamed up with Michin. The pictures are drop dead beautiful.

    We also had a chance to sit down with the bubblyKelly Shibari. We had a blast at her photo shoot and

    cant wait to hear what you have to say about her. She is just an amazing girl and her take on Steampunk

    attire cannot be missed.Next, the creators of the My Steampunk Army have

    returned. This group is relentless and tireless when it comes to production and vision. Beautiful stylings,

    props, and ladies go into their work.We have been overwhelmed by the number of submis-sions we have been receiving from photographers and

    ladies that would like to be in our magazine. So, the Steampunk Lovelies section is back and back to stay. So, if you know a photographer or model looking for

    exposure let them know about us.

    Happy New Year,Dr. Belegana

    Weve crossed the threshhold of anoth-er year, managing to survive yet another doomsday prophesy, and have emerged unschathed. 2012 was a remarkable year for us here at Ladies of Steampunk, what with a second calendar under our belts and the production of the magazine you are currently reading. As if that wasnt enough, we decided to release a second publication, Bronze Age, for those of you who prefer the naughtier side of Steampunk, which was our intention from the start.

    During the course of the previous year, weve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some re-markably talented folks, and words fail to describe how ecstatic we are to have them on board for this adventure. As promised, the beauties of Chicagos own My Steampunk Army have returned to grace our pages. Oh, yes, you can expect to see more of them in future issues. This issue also marks the return of the Steampunk Lovlies, a segment we in-luded in our second issue and was so well received by our fans that we chose to continue with it. Oh, did I mention Kato? She was generous enough to provide us with an exclusive shoot that puts the steam in SteamGirl!

    So, what else does 2013 have in store? Well, I dont wish to give away all of our secrets, but you can rest assured that we wont be going away any time soon. So long as the dreamers dream and imagina-tion continues to flow well be there to capture it here for your viewing pleasure.

    In closing, I wish you all the best of health and prosperity for the new year, and thank you for your on going support.

    Most sincerely,Dr. Carswell


    Copyright 2013 Ladies of Steampunk, all rights reserved. All models depicted were 18 or older at the time of publication.

  • FROM THE COVERMs. Michelle

    Photo by Tommy RobersonCostume design by Varla Skye

    See more of Ms. Michelle on page 58.

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    CONTRIBUTORSMuffy Morrigan


    Jenni RomeroAuthor/Contributor

    Varla SkyeWriter/Editor

    Special ThanksKelly Shibari



    Tommy Robersonof

    My Steampunk Army

    Jin N Tonic

    Enys Guerrero

    Ms. Michelle

    Emilly Ladybird

    Kota Wade of

    Bad Wolf

    The Steampunk Lovelies


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  • Photos by Sean McCaffreyNecklace by Dr. Brassy SteamingtonLittle Death Ray courtesy of Brute Force Studios