ladies of steampunk - ladies of steampunk - july 2013

Ladies of Steampunk - Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013
Ladies of Steampunk - Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013
Ladies of Steampunk - Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013
Ladies of Steampunk - Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013
Ladies of Steampunk - Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013
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This is a free sample of Ladies of Steampunk issue "Ladies of Steampunk - July 2013" Download full version from: Apple App Store: Google Play Store: Magazine Description: Ladies of Steampunk Magazine is about fashion, music, art, movies, games, makers, Ladies, AND GENTLEMEN. It is a cultural magazine covering everything Steampunk. You can build your own iPad and Android app at


  • JULY 2013











  • Sean Dr. Belegana Makiney

    Editor & Chief

    Sean Dr. Carswell McCaffrey

    Lead Art Director

    This issue marks six issues of our mag-azine and one full year of Ladies of Steampunk.

    This has been an amazing ride and wonderful adventure in the world of Steampunk and publi-


    Over the last year we have had the chance to work with some of the best in the Steampunk

    world. Interview the most interesting characters and also review and write about some of the interesting products that have come about.

    Additionally, you have been able to enjoy the writing and creative steampunk worlds of Muffy Morrigan, Jenni Romero, and Lynn Townsend.

    These stories have been amazing, hot, and just astoundingly well written and infectious.

    Starting our second year we have been talking about new directions and plans. We started by

    revamping our website and making it totally free for everything. All of our stories, photo essays,

    and articles of past issues will be available for you review. We have also made plans for some new

    and interesting articles in the magazine. Starting in September we will be making adding these

    new articles into the magazine.

    Lastly, for anyone who has been waiting to pur-chase a compendium of our magazines, your wait

    is almost over. Next month you will be able to purchase a six of our first years magazines in one

    big book.

    Take two and call me in the morning,Dr. Belegana

    And here we are again. Greetings and sal-utations, my friends. Im pleased to announce that MySteampunkArmy has returned in full force! Captain Varla Skye and her esteemed photogra-pher, Tommy Roberson, have provided us with some stunning content for this issue, including our beautiful cover photo. In addition to being an excellent photographer, Tommy is also the founder of MySteampunkArmy, as well as a skilled craftsman, responsible for the amazing weapons and gadgetry featured.

    Brace yourselves for the alluring MADmoiselle Mli, who makes her premier with Ladies of Ste-ampunk in this issue. A woman of many talents! Also, from Toronto, FX wizard Dera Veinot. We hope to bring you more of these two beauties in the coming months.

    Some exciting news: back in May, at Clockwork Alchemy, we introduced our line of flashdrives which contain digital versions of every issue of our publications (LoSP & Bronze Age). If you have purchased one of said flashdrives, and happen to be attending an event in which we are vending, bring your drive to us and we will upload all sub-sequent issues free of charge. With that, we will be vending at Steamstock 2013, located in Richmond, CA, from the 27th - 28th this month. Just so you know *nudge nudge*.

    As Dr. Belegana has already stated, we will also be making some changes to the magazine begin-ning in September. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to reveal these changes at the present time. Rest assured, if you are following us on Facebook, we will be updating you all very soon. Enjoy!

    Regards,Dr. Carswell

    Copyright 2013 Ladies of Steampunk, all rights reserved. All models depicted were 18 or older at the time of publication.

  • FROM THE COVERCaptain Varla Skye

    See more on page 28.

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    Sacramento, CA 95835

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    The process to submit your work or con-tribute to the Ladies of Steampunk is very easy. We consider ourselves a contributors

    publication and want to help you share your Steampunk works with the world.

    Contact us to find out how you can become part of the Ladies of Steampunk team.


    CONTRIBUTORSMuffy Morrigan


    Jenni RomeroAuthor/Contributor

    Jeanne MakineyWardrobe Misstres


    Varla Skye

    Tommy Roberson

    Greg & Lora Luttrell PriceSteamyTech

    MADmoiselle Mli

    Jerrold Ridenour

    Michelle Prevost

    Ilena Ferrer

    Laila Shaker

    The Steampunk Lovelies


    MADmoiselle Mli... 4Poplock Holmes... 9

    Pressure: A City Under the Steam... 11Steampunk Lovelies... 13MySteampunkArmy... 26

    A. Nomaly... 35Dera Veinot...44SteamyTech... 49

    The Sword of the West... 51Captain Isabella... 56

    Masha Masquerade... 59

  • 4MADmoiselleMli

    Photography by Reiner EisenbeisStyling/makeup/dress/hat/accessoires by MADmoiselle Mli