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US LHC Accel Proj Review 15-16 October 2003 Joseph Rasson LBNL Project Manager 1 LBNL Project Overview Joseph Rasson Jon Zbasnik Bill Elliott LBNL Presented at the US LHC Accelerator Project DOE Review 15-16 October 2003 FNAL brookhaven - fermilab - berkeley US LHC ACCELERATOR PROJECT

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US LHC ACCELERATOR PROJECT. brookhaven - fermilab - berkeley. LBNL Project Overview Joseph Rasson Jon Zbasnik Bill Elliott LBNL Presented at the US LHC Accelerator Project DOE Review 15-16 October 2003 FNAL. Outline. TAS-TAN Absorption DFBX Large Cryogenic Procurement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • LBNL Project Overview

    Joseph RassonJon ZbasnikBill ElliottLBNL

    Presented at theUS LHC Accelerator Project DOE Review15-16 October 2003FNAL

    brookhaven - fermilab - berkeleyUS LHC ACCELERATOR PROJECT

  • OutlineTAS-TAN AbsorptionDFBX Large Cryogenic ProcurementDFBX Government Furnished MaterialLBNL FabricatedCERN SuppliedFermilab FabricatedFabrication ScheduleFabrication Risk Analysis Budget/Schedule VariancesSummaryAction Items from February, 03 Review

  • IR ABSORBER OVERVIEW-TASThe TAS consists of three major assemblies:

    Copper ClamshellsVacuum Beam Tube Alignment/support System

  • TAS Alignment Test CompleteMar, 03

  • First TAS Bakeout and Vacuum Leak Test CompleteMay, 03

  • Four TAS Assemblies are Completed and Ready to ShipJul, 03

  • Subcontracted Shipping to HAAS IndustriesJul, 03

  • TAS Beam Tube Final Pressure Test at Port of Oakland10 Jul, 03

  • TAS Bagged and Sealed at Port of Oakland24 Jul, 03

  • TAS Crated at Port of Oakland30 Jul, 00

  • Four TAS Containerized and Shipped30 Jul, 03

  • TAS SummaryTAS arrived at CERN on 19 Sep, 03

    Passed visual inspection of crates and shock watches

    TAS Acceptance Specification is in the approval process

    TAS design, travelers and engineering safety files are being prepared to be uploaded to CERN EDMS

    Now ready for acceptance tests at CERN

  • IR Absorber Overview - TANThe TAN consists of three major assemblies; Absorber box Beam tube, 15 ft longSteel shielding and marble headstone

    33 Tons total weight

    Absorber Box (includes the Beam Tube)Steel ShieldingBeam Tube

  • Vacuum Chamber E-Beam Weld at Sciaky in Chicago LandSciaky developed E-beam weld procedures, tooling and fixturing

    Completed weld test samples

    Total of 9 welds per tube

    Four beam tubes welded and vacuum leak checked at Sciaky

  • First TAN Beam Tube Arrived at LBNL8 Jul, 03

  • TAN Beam Tube Weld Check with Boroscope

  • First TAN Bakeout and Vacuum Leak Test26 Jul, 03Two beam tubes passed initial vacuum leak test and proceeded to bakeout and final vacuum leak test in Bldg 60Two TAN assemblies are completed and ready to ship to CERN

  • E-Beam Weld IssuesThe remaining two beam tubes had a leak rate of~5x10-7 atm cc/sec He at the same weld locationOne of the leaky beam tubes had a porosity leak rate of ~ 2x10-7 atm cc/sec HeLeaky beam tubes shipped back to Sciaky for repair Sciakys large E-beam weld machine has been down for 3 weeksWe are in communication with Sciaky and expect to get schedule priority once the E-beam weld machine is back on line In the meantime, we issued labor work stoppage at LBNL until we receive the remaining two beam tubesIt takes 2.5 weeks per beam tube for UHV cleaning, vacuum leak test and bakeout

  • TAN Summary

    TAN alignment and jack motion tests were completedBakeout system has been assembled and is ready to goTwo TAN assemblies are completed and ready to ship to CERNRemaining two beam tubes need weld repair at Sciaky and should be shipped to LBNL by 22 Oct, 03TAN is behind schedule. Expected new shipping date is 15 Dec, 03Required date at CERN is Jul, 04

  • Cryogenic Distribution Boxes, DFBX

  • DFBX Fabrication and Integration PlanMajor cryogenic procurement scope included:Fabrication of components for 8 DFBXsIntegration of GFM components (very extensive list)System assembly and testCrating and shipping to CERN Developed a detailed fabrication and procurement/RFP strategy Provided the subcontractor with detailed design to reduce fabrication uncertaintiesGenerated over 800 engineering drawings, 18 engineering and safety notes and 9 interface specificationsHad continuous communication with the potential vendors to facilitate technology transfer and to solicit design input prior to releasing the RFP

  • DFBX Procurement StatusRFP was released 17 Nov, 02 to PHPK and MTM Two strong technical proposals were received 4 Feb, 03An intense proposal review process and work scope adjustment ensued to lower bids Released a request for BAFO on 3 Mar 03, two bids were received on 12 Mar, 03, and awarded a $2.3 M contract to MTM on 22 Mar, 03Received excellent support from LBNLs Procurement Department to meet our tight schedule constraintsFabrication activities are progressing very smoothly and are ahead of schedule and on budget

  • Fabrication Oversight ActivitiesApproximately 2 FTEs are dedicated to fabrication oversight activities Change Control Procedures are in place and are followed closelyWeekly teleconference meetings and almost weekly visits to MTM Review progress and assist in resolving fabrication issuesInsure that DFBX is given the appropriate scheduling prioritySupervise the transfer of GFM to the vendorWitness critical assembly processes and inspection testsManage change control process FNAL is providing valuable oversight supportTom Peterson is at MTM almost every weekOscar Lira inspects material/parts prior to paying invoices

  • DFBX Fabrication ProgressMTM fabrication approach: buy and fabricate parts for all eight DFBXs simultaneouslySubcontracted thermal shield fabricationMaterial for all parts have been purchasedGreat progress on machining of all common partsAll LHe vessels machining is near completionMachining of the vacuum vessel has startedTwo assembly fixtures have been designed and readied for assemblyImages of the fabrication progress can be viewed at:

  • Eight LHe Vessels Nearly Completed

  • Vacuum Vessel Formed Top Plates

  • VV Top Plate on the G&L Machine

  • Quadrupole Diagnostic Assemblies

  • Two Assembly Fixtures Completed

  • GFM FabricationBus Duct/Lambda Plate

    MQX1 to power quads & correctors4 main leads, 24 corrector leads8 assemblies required

    MBX1 to power D1 dipoles2 main leads4 assemblies required

  • MQX1 Fabrication Status (Oct 15) Seven MQX1 Completed

    No. 8 MQX1 Ready for Electrical Test

    No. 9 MQX1 Ready for Weld Closeout

    Plan to ship to MTM by end of Oct 0385%% Completed

  • Beam Tube Fabrication StatusAll pieces machined for 8 assemblies

    2 Assemblies are completed

    All 8 assemblies plan to ship to MTM by end of Nov, 0360% Completed

  • HTS Leads~$730k procurement with Pirelli, UKAll 40 leads shipped to FermilabFermilab test rate averages 4 leads per monthTesting status as of Oct 15:12 leads are cold tested and suitable for use4 leads are cold tested and must be repaired (wiring problems)7 leads need repair before they can be tested (external leaks in elec. connector)17 leads remain to be checked & cold testedPirellis engineer will visit Fermilab in Nov, 03 to assess repair tasksNo schedule impact is foreseen

  • Vapor Cooled Lead Status~$727k procurement contract with AMIShipment is in eight sets, each consisting of:1 each 120 A, 10 Lead Assembly2 each 600 A, 6 Lead Assembly1 each 600A, 2 Lead AssemblyOne Set received at MT&M Aug 29, 03Expected near-term shipping to MTMSets 2 & 3 on Oct 17, 2003Sets 4 & 5 on Oct 31, 2003No schedule problems are foreseen120A, 10 Lead

  • LBNL-Provided Bellows LBNL is providing 6 inch bellows to MTMSpec was changed to provide perforations in outer 2 plies of cryogenic bellows

    $35k contract was awarded to American BOAAward Date 5/5/200375 Each Type I (with perforations)45 Each Type II (without perforations)

    All 45 Type IIs and 45 Type Is are at MTM

    The balance of Type I will be be shipped to MTM in early Nov, 03

  • CERN-Supplied HardwareLHC-PMO is actively supporting our effort in getting CERNs commitment to provide GFM hardwareThermometry Items: need date Nov, 03All thermometers are at LBNL36 long Cernox and 8 short CernoxPipe Elements to connect thermometers are partially on handElectrical Signal Connectors: need date Feb, 04CERN is ready to send connectorsLHe Level Sensors: need date Jan, 04CERN has recently agreed to supply the sensors. Will to place order with supplierTaylor Hobson tooling balls and target holders: needed date Mar, 04CERN is ready to ship directly to MTM

  • Magnet Instrumentation Conduits at FermilabMagnet Instrumentation conduits will be fabricated at FermilabPrototyping is complete, material is procured and assembly startedShould ship to MTM in Dec, 03

  • DFBX Shipping ScheduleMTM is slightly ahead of their own schedule. Built in schedule contingency to complete first boxGFM delivery to MTM is on scheduleShipping date of last box is achievable but tight


    IP- IDCurrentShip DateNeed DateComments

    8L - GJan-0415-Aug-0424-Sep-04Shipping date delayed to allow for shipping first 2 boxes together

    2R - DDec-0415-Aug-0429-Oct-04

    1L - AOct-0415-Dec-0411-Mar-05

    8R - HOct-0415-Dec-0411-Mar-05

    5L - EAug-0515-Apr-0522-Jul-05Shipping date is constraint by DOE end of project Milestone date

    5R - FSep-0515-Apr-056-Jan-06ditto

    1R - BJun-0415-Jul-059-Jun-06ditto

    2L - CJun-0415-Jul-059-Jun-06ditto

    Target Date is 90 days before start of installation

    Target Date is 90 days before start of installation

  • DFBX Fabrication Schedule (GFM) MilestoneCompletion Date

    Ship GFM from LBNLNov, 03Ship GFM from FNALDec, 0340 HTS Lead from PirelliAll shipped to FNALTest and Repair HTS Leads Apr, 04Ship Vapor Cooled Leads from AMIDec, 03Ship 6 Bellows from BOAOct, 03Ship CERN Supplied MaterialDec, 03 (need to confirm Liq. level sensor)

  • DFBX Fabrication Schedule (MTM)MilestoneCompletion DateComplete Machining of 8 LHe VesselsOct, 03Complete Machining 2 Top Plates Oct, 03Receive TP Copper Shield from SubOct, 03 (3 weeks behind schedule)MLI FabricationDec, 03DFBX-G Top Plate/LHe Vessel AssyJan, 04DFBX-G Complete Piping Assembly Jan, 04Insert Power Leads and Complete Elec AssyFeb, 04DFBX-G Assy CompleteMar, 04DFBX-G Test Complete & Ready to ShipApr, 04DFBX-D Ready to ShipJun, 04DFBX-A Ready to ShipSep, 04DFBX-H Ready to ShipNov, 04DFBX-E Ready to ShipJan, 05DFBX-F Ready to ShipMar, 05DFBX-B Ready to ShipMay, 05DFBX-C Ready to ShipJul, 05

  • Project Risk Analysis and ImpactAbsorbers:TAS No RiskTAN damage to one beam tube: 2.5 mos. sched. slip & $45k cost increase

    DEFBX:DFBX-G assembly problems: 2 mos. schedule delay & $50k cost increaseDFBX-G test problems: 1 mo. schedule delay & no cost increase7 DFBXs assembly/test problems: 4 mos. delay & $100k cost increase

    DFBX Total Impact: 7 months schedule delay and $150k cost increase

    (Jim, we need to talk about this and see how you would like it to be presented)

  • The LBNL CV to end Aug 03 is -444.4k,the SV is -366.1k (Overheads broken out)


    WBSDescriptionBCWSBCWPACWPSVCV% CompleteComments

    1.1.1IR Quads1,921.91,921.91,908.60.013.3100.0

    1.1.3Cryo Feedboxes6,345.26,043.86,274.3(301.4)(230.5)73.3

    1.1.4IR Absorbers4,544.84,434.64,547.8(110.2)(113.2)97.3

    1.3.2SC Cables925.5936.2936.410.7(0.2)100.0All L3 milestones completed

    1.4.3Accelerator Physics626.2626.2628.30.0(2.1)100.0

    1.5.4Project Mgmt1,382.51,382.51,357.10.025.492.7



    Total (k$)18,219.317,774.818,140.9(444.5)(366.1)87.3





  • The LBNL CV to end Aug 03 is -444.4k,the SV is -366.1k (Overheads rolled into tasks)


    WBSDescriptionBCWSBCWPACWPSVCV% CompleteComments

    1.1.1IR Quads2,330.52,330.52,392.30.0(61.8)100.0

    1.1.3Cryo Feedboxes7,168.26,839.47,070.5(328.8)(231.2)73.3

    1.1.4IR Absorbers5,266.45,139.55,204.4(126.9)(64.9)97.3

    1.3.2SC Cables1,021.81,033.01,071.811.3(38.8)100.0All L3 milestones completed

    1.4.3Accelerator Physics844.2844.2845.90.1(1.7)100.0

    1.5.4Project Mgmt1,588.31,588.31,556.00.032.392.7

    Total (k$)18,219.217,774.818,140.9(444.4)(366.1)87.3





  • Status of LBNL CVAC in ASk$(Overheads broken out)


    Cumulative through Aug-03


    1.1.1IR Quads1,921.91,921.91,908.613.31,921.90.0

    1.1.3Cryo Feedboxes8,251.26,043.86,274.31,976.98,251.20.0

    1.1.4IR Absorbers4,557.84,434.64,547.810.14,557.80.0

    1.3.2SC Cables936.2936.2936.4(0.2)936.20.0

    1.4.3Accelerator Physics626.2626.2628.3(2.1)626.20.0

    1.5.4Project Mgmt1,491.51,382.51,357.1134.41,491.50.0

    TOTAL DIRECT17,784.915,345.215,652.52,132.417,784.90.0



    TOTAL INDIRECT2,581.92,429.52,488.593.52,581.90.0

    Total (k$)20,366.817,774.718,140.92,225.920,366.80.0





  • Status of LBNL CVAC in ASk$(Overheads rolled into tasks)


    Cumulative through Aug-03


    1.1.1IR Quads2,330.52,330.52,392.3(61.8)2,330.50.0

    1.1.3Cryo Feedboxes9,166.36,839.47,070.52,095.89,166.30.0

    1.1.4IR Absorbers5,281.95,139.55,204.477.55,281.90.0

    1.3.2SC Cables1,033.01,033.01,071.8(38.8)1,033.00.0

    1.4.3Accelerator Physics844.2844.2845.9(1.7)844.20.0

    1.5.4Project Mgmt1,711.01,588.31,556.0155.01,711.00.0

    Total (k$)20,366.817,774.918,140.92,225.920,366.80.0





  • The LBNL CV to end Aug 03TBD

  • Status of LBNL CVAC in ASk$(EAC based on Jul-03 ETC adjusted for Jul & Aug ACWP)TBD

  • SummaryDFBX

  • Recommendations from February 2003 ReviewContinue aggressive pursue of the feedbox contract

    Provide technical support to the vendor after award to maintain the schedule (and vendor efficiency)

    As currently planned, deliver the GFE (GFM) this FY

    Finalize DFBX acceptance criterion with CERN by end of April-03

    Identify and obtain PMO and Lab management buy in, prior to issuing award, for two or three fundamentally full-time cryogenically experienced individuals to aggressively deal with DFBX procurement tracking activities for project duration