legendary treasures. treasure of the pharaohs vast treasure found in the tomb of a relatively...

Download Legendary Treasures. Treasure of the Pharaohs Vast treasure found in the tomb of a relatively insignificant pharaoh, King Tutankhamen There should be

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  • Legendary Treasures
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  • Treasure of the Pharaohs Vast treasure found in the tomb of a relatively insignificant pharaoh, King Tutankhamen There should be so much more in the tombs of the great pharaohs! Relocation of the tombs by Herihor His tomb has yet to be found http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8660304
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  • Copper Scroll Treasure The copper scroll is one of the Dead Sea scrolls, known for its unique writing style. A list of 63 locations containing gold and silver treasure Value is estimated at $1.2 billion It may be the treasure of the Jewish temple, hidden from the Romans, or it may have belonged to a particular Jewish community. The copper scroll describes another scroll, the key scroll, which contains the complete details on the locations of the treasure. But this scroll has yet to be found
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  • The Ark of the Covenant Referenced in Hebrew scripture Disappeared after the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem Several churches from different traditions claim to have the ark in their possession. Others believe that it was hidden or destroyed. Possible locations: Middle East Eastern Africa Europe United States
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  • The Lost City of Atlantis The legend comes from the writings of Plato. Atlantis supposedly sank into the sea in a single day and night of misfortune. Many view the story as nothing more than a fable or myth. Some modern scientists believe that Atlantis is real. The most prominent theories place Atlantis somewhere in the Mediterranean, or in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.
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  • Treasure of Alaric Alaric was king of the Visigoths during the 4 th century. He is most famous for his sack of Rome in 410, which contributed to the fall of the Roman empire. After his death, he was buried under a riverbed in southern Italy, along with his vast wealth of treasure. No one knows, to this day, exactly where he is buried.
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  • Kusanagi A legendary sword of Japanese mythology May have been removed from the imperial palace, stolen, or lost at sea Last seen in 1993 Said to be housed at the Atsuta Shrine, but its existence cannot be confirmed
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  • Genghis Khans Treasure Modern archeologists have found what they believe to be Khara Khorum - the Palace of the Great Khan, capitol of the Mongol empire - buried in the Mongolian desert.
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  • Holy Grail A religious relic Several literary references Supposed to be the cup used by Jesus during the Last Supper, though others interpret it to have a metaphorical meaning King Arthurs quest Various churches claim to be in possession of the Holy Grail.
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  • Knights Templar Treasure A Christian military organization, sponsored by the Catholic Church from 1119-1312 Supposed to have hidden a great treasure, to keep it from falling into the wrong hands Various organizations have tried to claim links to the original Knights Templar. Often associated with religious relics, including the Holy Grail Possible locations: The Holy Land Somewhere in Europe Northeastern United States Nova Scotia
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  • King Johns Crown Jewels Missing when the king was buried in 1216 Various theories as to what happened: Legend has it that the baggage train carrying King Johns treasures was lost in the Wash, while the king himself barely escaped. If that is the case, the jewels may have already been discovered. King John may have sold the crown jewels to pay off his debts. Or they may have been stolen
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  • El Dorado The legendary lost city of gold Attracted Spanish conquistadores and other explorers during the 16 th century Modern explorers exhibit renewed interest Somewhere in Central or South America May be worth $10 billion!
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  • El Dorado Shipwreck In 1502, a fleet of 32 Spanish ships were caught in a storm in the Mona Passage. Twenty-seven ships were lost, among them the flagship El Dorado, which is believed to contain a great treasure of gold and pearls. Since that time, much has been recovered from these shipwrecks, but there was no sign of El Dorados treasure. If these accounts are true, then two to three million dollars worth of gold and pearls still lies buried in the depths of the Mona Passage.
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  • Montezumas Gold Treasure of ancient Aztec civilization Emperor Montezuma captured by the infamous conquistador Hernan Cortes Aztec people revolt, driving the Spaniards out The Spanish re-take the city, but the treasure is nowhere to be found. Possible locations: Lake Tezcuco near Tenochtitln (present-day Mexico City) Casa Grande ruins or elsewhere in Arizona The Grand Canyon near what is now Hoover Dam White Mountain in Kanab, Utah The Lost Dutchmans Gold Mine Guatemala
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  • Flor De La Mar A large Portuguese frigate Carrying 60 tons of gold and 200 chests filled with precious gems Sunk off the coast of Sumatra in 1511 The ship has yet to be found. An American treasure hunter, Robert Marx, says It's the richest vessel ever lost at sea. He is said to have spent $20 million attempting to recover the treasure.
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  • Treasure of Sir Francis Drake An English privateer famous for circumnavigating the globe He also raided Spanish ships in the Caribbean. In 1573, Drake and his crew attacked a richly laden mule train and captured more treasure than they could carry. They may have buried the bulk of the treasure near the town of Nombre de Dios in Panama. Today, it is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
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  • SantissimaConception Santissima Conception AKA El Grande Sailing from Central America to Spain, bearing gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, and other goods Shipwrecked off the Florida coast in 1683 Its treasure has yet to be found.
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  • The Ship in the Desert Legend tells of an ancient ship buried in the California desert Possibly a Spanish galleon, containing a fortune in pearls The disappearance of Charley Clusker Challenges: The whole region is covered in sand. Most of the area is currently submerged under highly polluted water. Much of the adjacent land is under military control and is used as a bombing range.
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  • Salton Sea Gulf of California Colorado River
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  • French Gold in Minerva, Ohio In the 1760s, French officials buried a ton of gold outside of Pittsburgh to prevent it from being taken by the British forces. The value of the treasure would be worth over $38 million today. Over the years, many have tried to locate the treasure, but it has yet to be found.
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  • Captain Kidds Treasure The only pirate known to have actually buried treasure Treasure hunts take place among the islands off New York, Connecticut, and Nova Scotia. Quedagh Merchant found in 2007 in shallow waters off the Dominican Republic
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  • Blackbeards Treasure NOT!
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  • Oak Island Money Pit A small island in Nova Scotia Over 200 years of treasure hunting history First discovered in 1795, by 18-year-old Daniel McGinnis Now owned by Oak Island Tours Inc. There has been wide-ranging speculation among enthusiasts as to who originally dug the pit and what it might contain. Some of the prominent theories are: Captain Kidds treasure Naval treasure Knights Templar treasure It could be a natural sinkhole that holds no treasure at all.
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  • San Miguel Part of a Spanish treasure fleet that sank after leaving Cuba in 1715 The San Miguel was a small, fast ship. It may have been carrying a large portion of the treasure. It is thought to have separated from the other ships before the storm hit. The ship and its treasure have yet to be found.
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  • Orval Abbey Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette may have had one of their faithful servants hide their treasures at Orval Abbey in Belgium during the French Revolution. Orval Abbey is also linked to legends of the Knights Templar treasure. The Belgian government has denied permission for an archaeological excavation of the site.
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  • The Beale Ciphers Three cipher texts, one of which describes the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels Now estimated to be worth over $63 million The treasure was buried by Thomas Jefferson Beale in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1820. Beale entrusted the cipher texts to a local innkeeper named Robert Morriss. Moriss gave the cipher texts to a friend before he died. The three cipher texts were published in a pamphlet in 1885. Since then, a number of attempts have been made to decode the two remaining cipher texts and to locate the treasure, but none have succeeded.
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  • The San Saba Treasure Located at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas The site of one of the most famous battles in American history, during the Texas Revolution of 1836 Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver treasure were brought to finance the war effort. Thought to be buried under the historic well at the Alamo site Historical researcher and fortune hunter Frank Buschbacher is currently excavating the area. Several artifacts have been found, but so far there is no sign of any gold or silver treasure.


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