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"Imagination becomes real with LEGIT action figures!" LEGIT action figures LLC was started to represent and house a great idea... an action figure that could actually move the way a real human being moves. The point is that this action figure stimulates the imagination and enables the imagination to be actualized. Action figures are an accessible and tangible product but a LEGIT action figure captivates imaginations and gives unparalleled access to seeing a person, a character or an athlete move in a story of a person's own creation. This company was created as a house to change the world of interactive gaming, art and design. The vehicle is human-like form and human-like movement that can be designed and used in endless ways for countless purposes. The house is LEGIT action figures LLC created by Ted Hahn.


  • 1. Appendix 1 & 2 Appendix 1 & 2 are visuals and text to accompany the Background story found on page 5. Art, design, human interaction and human movement are the foundational elements of LEGITTM action figures. - Ted Hahn