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LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN Success through Ideas and Innovation Management Slide 2 People love using OrganisedFeedback our Idea & Innovation management platform. Thats because we designed it like Steve Jobs wanted... Work hard to make it simple. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains ". Slide 3 Participant Journey Innovation Team A creative ideas community Idea review process Slide 4 The participant journey Share ParticipateNavigateIncludeFeedback Sharing ideas and initiatives Votes, dialogue, evidence-led Intuitive and personal Profiles, alerts, Communication Made part of the process Slide 5 Write down your thoughts 24/7 ShareParticipateNavigateInclusionFeedback Describe it Write your idea. State the issue and the benefits Share it Crowd source comments; have dialogue Classify it Note the subject and category Route it Get it in front of the right people Augment it Upload documents in support; add links Slide 6 Participate ShareParticipateNavigateInclusionFeedback Vote Promote or demote ideas Comment Improve an idea, start a discussion Rate Rate other participant comments Follow Follow your favourite ideas Connect Connect with the creator of the idea Slide 7 Personal Navigation ShareParticipateNavigateInclusionFeedback Find by... Filter by subject, tags and categories Popularity See which ideas have the most activity Status See which ideas are planned, completed etc Date/votes Filter by most recent and top ideas My ideas View a history of ideas you have submitted Slide 8 Inclusion ShareParticipateNavigateInclusionFeedback Status updates Automated alerts when status changes New activity Highlighted ideas since last login E-mail alerts Ideas delivered to your inbox Profiles Track all activity and history Leaderboard See where you are on the contributor list Slide 9 Feedback ShareParticipateNavigateInclusionFeedback Idea feedback Moderator comments and next steps Idea activity stats Showing the community levels of activity Sessions Management can respond to special topics discussed Success Stories Blog keeping you up to date with the latest successes Communication One to one communication with idea creators Slide 10 Participant Journey Admin Setup for launch A creative ideas community Ideas review process Setup tasks Slide 11 Idea Review Process View ReportUpdateCommunicate View ideas, votes, comments Export ideas to innovation team Update idea status online Communicate outcomes Slide 12 View contributions ViewReportUpdateCommunicate Review Monitor ideas, context, duplication. Assign Post managements comments and questions Ask for elaboration Pose question, respond to comments Slide 13 Innovation Team Reports ViewReportUpdateCommunicate Innovation Horizon List of all ideas, initial reviews Ideas by Category Ideas by Status Ideas can be further monitored Ideas by Priority... High, medium, low run report by priority By Award. Enabling easier communication Slide 14 Update & Feedback ViewReportUpdateCommunicate Idea Status Update status to inform the whole community Post Comments Post managements comments and questions Attach Documents Route to the right department Assign Assign idea to an individual or department Dialogue Individual dialogue with author Slide 15 Success Stories ViewReportUpdateCommunicate Acknowledge Helps to motivate others Publicise Promote Innovation and success Reward Offer awards, prestige


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