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  • 1. Magazine Review Page Research
    Ok so to try and create the best magazine review possible I researched both Magazine film reviews and Film articles for my research I used the December 2009 and January 2010 issues of Total film magazine.

2. Avatar!
Full double page picture
No text over main image
A large and clear title including the title of the filmand a small synopsis of what the article includes.
Not a great amount of text on the first page
3. Lots of screen shots
Quotes in larger different coloured text
Pictures are square and cut around (variety)
Clear distinct writing i.e. simple font clear columns, spaced out.
Borders on pictures to separate them clearly
Text large enough to read clearly but not to big
No bigger than A4
4. 2012!
Once again a full two page spread and image
Title incorporated into image and story
Large letter at the start of the paragraph
Not too much text
5. Pictures of various sizes and of various scenes
Quotes from actors/ directors in colours boxes to make them much clearer
Border to make pictures to clear. Pictures tend to be grouped together.
A large part of the 2 page spread is made up of images
Pictures of all different sizes
Headings for each paragraph
6. Magazine Reviews
At least 3 films reviewed per page.
More highly anticipated films get longer reviews
At least one image per movie review
Every review includes- Date of release, star rating, image, basic over view of plot, title of film and who it stars and of course a review.
7. One full page for one single film
Other smaller articles on the second page
Small comments explaining what is happening in the corner of each picture
If you liked ...........
You will like this film. This seems to be popular
Cast and crew lists at the end of each review
Bold titles for every review