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Number 221. A publication of the Central States Synod. Published monthly by the Central States Synod, ELCA. Deadline for submission of materials is the 15th of the month for the subsequent issue. News may be directed to Dan Glamann at Permission is granted to ELCA congregations and members to reproduce any portion of this newsletter.


  • newal, raising up leaders of all ag-es, inspiring and equipping people to discover what God is up to in their daily lives, and building bridg-es across the differences that di-vide. We know there are stories to be shared across the synod, where risks are being taken in the name of Jesus, where people are getting out of their comfort zone, and being led

    by the Holy Spirit to try new things.

    We know it is not good to be lone rangers, as pastors or lay leaders, nor as congregations or synods. So let us keep reaching out across the many divides of fear and isolation. Let us keep reaching out in faith, trusting the Risen Christ is already along the road bridging the chasms that separate us from one another. That is the Good News after all, the God has come in Jesus Christ to

    reconcile the world unto himself.

    In Luke 24 Jesus appears to the disciples along the road to Em-maus. He is made known in the breaking of bread. We know that truth most centrally and powerfully in the Holy Eucharist, the weekly shared meal of Christs followers. We experience it also in meals with one another, eating that shapes community and build bridges of friendship and understanding. My hunch is there are many, many ways that a Eucharistic Easter peo-ple, sent as lambs into the midst of wolves, could build bridges toward peace, mutual respect and civility in a world fractured and forsaken by others. We have the promise that Christ goes with us, as the hymn says, the Unknown Companion

    walks with his own.

    Day of arising, Christ on the roadway,

    Unknown companion walks with his own.

    When they invite him, as fades the first day,

    And bread is broken, Christ is made known.

    No 374 Evangelical Lutheran


    As we celebrate the Good News of Christs Resurrection, my mind reaches back to early March when about 50 people from across the synod met in Kansas City for a Leadership Retreat led by Pat Taylor Ellison of Church Innovations. We began by Dwell-ing in the Word using Luke 10:1-12 and asking the question, How can we live more intentionally into our four missional directions? People shared insights, told sto-ries, listened deeply to one anoth-er. What emerged was the priority need of building bridges across

    the differences that divide.

    It is in Luke 10 that Jesus says I

    send you out like lambs into the midst of wolves. Brenna Truhe, one of our youth Synod Council members, noticed that while we look upon the scariness of those words and how vulnerable the lambs may be, lambs and wolves are both mammals. We may see the differences, but there is also a deep bond, a commonality be-tween them. They are both of Gods creation. And, as scary as the environment may be, Jesus did send the disciples out, like lambs

    in the midst of wolves.

    In the face of differences our first inclination may be to pull back, to withdraw into the safety of a close knit community. The culture around us may include neighbors who are greatly different from us, who look different, think different, act different. We may not know how to engage the neighbor, what to say, how to connect, where to meet. But not to live with some intentionality in getting to know the other leaves us isolated and more prone to suspicion and operating with assumptions. It happens among the neighbors on the block where I live, as well as with most congregations nestled in their own communities. It also happens among us, between the various

    cultures within this synod.

    So Building Bridges emerged as the missional direction with the most urgency, priority, and felt need. And we began looking for all the ways in which we are already living into these four missional directions of igniting spiritual re-

    From the Bishop


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    Inside this issue:


    April 2012 Number 221

    Rev. Dr. Gerald Mansholt

    Peace, Joplin update ...... page 2 Bethany College, Fund Appeal ........................... page 3 Missional Church, Wartburg Seminary. ..................... page 4 GMG, Boundary Workshops, VBS ............................. page 5 Assembly, PMA Convo ... page 6 Tomah Shinga, Lutheran Summer Music ............ page 7 LMM, Hollis, Portico ....... page 8 Womens News, Youth ... page 9 Around the Synod ......... page 10 Parishes in Transition, Synod Calendar, LST ............. page 11 Companion Synod Team, Global Links ........................... page 12

    Inserts/Flyers: LPG; Rethinking Stewardship; Funding the Mis-sion; Being Well when Were Ill; Associated Mennonite Bible Seminary Flyers



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    Making Christ Known A publication of the Central States


    Published monthly by the Central States Synod, ELCA. Deadline for submission of materials is the

    15th of the month for the subse-quent issue. News may be di-

    rected to Dan Glamann, Email: Permission is granted to ELCA congregations and members to reproduce any portion of this



    A few days ago I read an article in the Joplin Globe. We were told that over $300 million worth of building permits have been taken out since May 22. Amazing! Or is it? Joplin has a resilient spirit.and so does Peace Lutheran. While we at Peace have not taken out a building permit yet, that does not mean we have not been busy.

    Peace Lutheran faced a crossroads before the tornado. We knew our part time pastor would be leaving at the end of the year. We had organized a call committee in hope of obtaining a full time pastor. Would our finances support a pas-tor and our mortgage? We

    didnt know, but we had faith.

    And now in the shadow of a powerful tornado, we have a chosen road. We are blessed with a full time pastor a spiritual leader who has helped us look in the mirror and define who we are as a people of God. We have created a vision of how we may contin-ue to serve those with needs. We are now with the Building Committee defining all of this into a new home for Peace. Yes, we are

    busy, too.

    Have we taken the right path? I think so. How do I know? I know because God is with us and he continues to send his servants to be with us. I know because of the wonderful Peter Mayer Benefit Concert and the gracious-ness of Bethany Presbyterian. I know because a church that has recently chosen to close its doors has sent a sizable donation for pews so that our doors may be open. I know be-cause of all the wonderful donations, prayers and beautiful thoughts. God is with us, so

    lets keep working!

    Praise on the Parking Lot Observing the one-year anniversary of the Joplin Tornado BY PR. KATHY REDPATH, PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH

    All are invited! Peace is planning to hold worship on Sunday, May 20 at 20th and Wisconsin in Joplin. We're calling it "Praise on the Parking Lot" and it will be our regular worship service at 9:30 with an emphasis on laying aside the sorrows of the past year and turning intentionally to the future. We'd like to invite everyone to join us who might be able to at-tend.

    There will be a simple hot dog/hamburger lunch and fellowship following worship. We're hoping to find live music ...we're lining up a tent and chairs...and we plan to

    have the well-traveled Joplin Cross and journal for display. Plans are just in the beginning stages We'd love to have you join us!

    Preparing for worship May 29, 2011.

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    Bethany College President honored by William Jewell College for achievements

    LINDSBORG, KAN., March 19, 2012Bethany College President Edward F. Leonard III, Ph.D., was honored by William Jewell College for his distinguished achievements at the Alumni Celebration of

    Achievements on March 1 in Liberty, Mo.

    Four alumni of William Jewell were hon-ored. On Thursday, they attended a dinner and address by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin, who wrote Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. On Friday, the honorees attended classes and a special convoca-


    Its a humbling experience because I re-member my first Achievement Day as a freshman, said Leonard. I got to know an Achiever as a sophomore, attended my first Achievement Day dinner as a junior, and helped coordinate the event as alumni director. I am proud to come back now as an


    Leonard is also a member of the Wil-liam Jewell College Athletic Hall of


    Leonard began as Bethanys 13th president on August 1, 2007. He came to Bethany from Wilmington College in Wil-mington, Ohio, where he served as vice president of college advancement for nine years. In addition to his past experiences in higher education and the corporate world, Leonard has taught business ethics, man-

    agement, a


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