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Manage and Safeguard Your BC Career. Cheyene Haase BC Management, Inc. Introduction to BC Management, Inc. Founded in March 2000. Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Manage and Safeguard Your BC Career

    Cheyene HaaseBC Management, Inc.

  • Introduction to BC Management, Inc.Founded in March 2000.Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA.An executive search firm exclusively placing business continuity, disaster recovery, information security and emergency management professionals internationally.Confidential assistance in personnel placing.Free e-Newsletter detailing Top Talent & Current Job Openings.Annual BC/DR salary and BC program review.Benchmarking individual companies on salary and BC program review.

  • Topics of PresentationProgression to Todays BC ProfessionalCredentials in DemandAssess Your CareerIncrease Your MarketabilityTomorrows BC ProfessionalYour Fair Market ValueSafeguard Your Career NowEnsure Your Marketability

  • Career ProgressionTechnology Driven1970s 1998Disaster RecoveryData Processing/ Data Center focusTechnology lead to a DR careerLack of a focused BC/DR career path

    Business Driven1998 CurrentEnterprise Contingency PlanningRisk Management/ Enterprise focusMultiple careers lead to a BC careerAn evolving, upward BC career path

  • Profiling Current BC ProfessionalsJob TitleSpecialty FocusIndustryWorking ExperienceField ExperienceIT ExpertiseEducationBusiness Competencies in BCTechnical Competencies in DRPrimary Career prior to BC/DR

  • Profiling Current BC Professionals2% of BC personnel are Entry-Level/ Analyst, 34% are Planners, Coordinators, Administrators, 31% are Managers, AVPs and Project Managers, 13% are VP/Directors, 5% are Global Managers and 1% Chief Officers.

    45% BC, 22% DR, 12% Emergency Management, 8% Crisis Management, 6% Information Technology & Records Management.

    29% in Financial industry, 11% Consulting & Insurance, 7% Government & Healthcare .

    38% - 21-30 yrs Working Experience.

    47% - 4-10 yrs Field Experience.

    22% - IT Expertise of 7(scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest)45% - Bachelor Degree & 29% Master Degree

  • ~ Skills from most experienced to least experiencedBC/DR plan Test & ExerciseMaintenance of BC/DR ProgramImplementation of BC/DR ProgramDevelopment of BC/DR ProgramEvaluate BC/DR ProgramInteraction with other fieldsRolling out a Corporate BC/DR ProgramBIA/ Risk AssessmentRecommending Appropriate BC/DR ProgramDeveloping a Training ProgramSelling to Executives on BC/DR ImportanceGap AnalysisDeveloping Business Case Scenarios

    Business Competencies in BC

  • Technical Competencies in BCOffsite RecoveryData Center RecoverySystems RecoveryData Center ReviewsPlatform/ Application RecoveryHigh AvailabilityNetwork RecoveryStorageDatabase RecoveryERP Recovery

    ~ Skills from most experienced to least experienced

  • Primary Career Prior to BC27% Information Technology (18% from IT-Systems)10% Management11% Other9% Project Management7% Operations4% Business Analyst & Finance3% Consultant, Military & Student2% Emergency Management, Facilities, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Information Security, Internal/ External Audit & Physical Security1% Compliance, Fire Fighter, Government Response (FEMA), Government (County, State, Federal, Intl), Police Officer, Records Management & Risk Management

  • BC Career Path

    Use: Continuity, Assurance, Enterprise, Readiness & ResiliencyAvoid:Recovery & Disaster

  • Credentials in DemandCertificationAdvanced EducationExpertise in both Business & TechnologyGlobal BC ExperienceWide Array of Tangent SkillsStrong Soft Skills

  • Soft SkillsPolished Presentation SkillsProven Project ManagementTraining ExpertiseEngage All LevelsDevelop Business Case ScenariosUnderstand a Culture FitTrue Passion

  • Value of Professional CertificationsMost RecognizedBenefitsFor YouFor Your CompanyDual CertificationsWhat Makes Sense For You?Current Certification TrendsIncrease in CBCP Wide Array of Multiple Certifications

  • Assess Your Career Career PlanningWhere do you want to be in 5 & 10 years?Evaluate Current Credentials/ CompetenciesEvaluate Current Opportunity.Employer, Boss, Co-workers, & ResponsibilitiesConduct a SWOTBe Strategic & Create Opportunities

  • Increase Your MarketabilityBrand yourself.Become certified or dual certified.Earn a bachelor or masters degree.Take advantage of other training/educational opportunities.Improve your presentation skills.Sharpen your business or technology knowledge.Expand your expertise in tangent fields.Become an expert/ leader in the field.

  • Tomorrows BC ProfessionalIncreased VisibilityContinue to Incorporate Enterprise PlanningFocused and Elevating Career PathContinued Global Awareness

  • Your Fair Market Value?

  • What is Your Fair Value?$ Years of Field & Work Experience$ Job Title & Reporting Structure$ Certification$ Degreed$ IT Expertise$ Geography$ Industry Specialty$ Previous Career$ Competency Knowledge$ Travel$ Work History$ Program Management$ Leadership Capabilities$ Staff Management$ Intangible Skills Soft Skills, Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Safeguard Your Career NowFactors Less Jobs More Job Seekers Organizations Combining Multiple Personnel Needs Reduction of BC Personnel Needs

    Impact to Your Career Strengthen Skill Sets Broaden Skills Continue to Network Be Strategic

  • Ensure Your MarketabilityDevelop your brand and guard it.Continuously assess your career path.Seek out ways to sharpen your skills.Always be networking with your peers.Create a positive impact for your company.Be a leader or a contributor your colleagues want to work for or with.

  • QuestionsCheyene HaaseBC Management, Inc.(714)