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My presentation form the Canadian Marketing Assoications CMA Social event on June 13, 2012 at the Allstream Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The topic was the the history of social media marketing & measurement with a focus on some of the current tools used to help measure the success of social marketing campaigns


  • 1.Past, Present and Future:Measuring Social MediasImpact@aknecht

2. What is Social Media?@aknecht 3. MarketingWhat is Social Media? ////////@aknecht 4. MarketingWhat is Social Media? ////////@aknecht 5. @aknecht 6. Social Marketing Through the Ages Gutenbergs Printing Press (1440) Goal, make the bible accessible to all@aknecht 7. Social Marketing Through the Ages Gutenbergs Printing Press Catalyst to the French Revolution @aknecht 8. Social Media Through the Ages Sound familiar? The Arab Spring (Facebook & Twitter)@aknecht 9. Social As Marketing Tool@aknecht 10. Social As Marketing Tool@aknecht 11. Social Marketing 80 Style @aknecht 12. Social Marketing 80 Style @aknecht 13. How Big is Your Social Fire?And How Do You Measure It?@aknecht 14. Measuring Your Fire/Success Fires require 3 things to be successful Fuel Oxygen Spark/Heat How do you measure these? @aknecht 15. Measuring The Fire We can measure the elements We can measure some of its impact Is it a warm inviting fire Is it an out of control fire driving ppl away Are others keeping the fire alive@aknecht 16. Social Measurement Tools Identify appropriate measurement tools @aknecht 17. Free vs Paid Tools @aknecht 18. Most Important Tool!@aknecht 19. @aknecht 20. @aknecht 21. Fuel/Kindling Followers Fans Contacts Head Count@aknecht 22. Measuring Your Fuel Quantity: Count fans, followers, contact, etc. Some tools for specific media@aknecht 23. Measuring Your Fuel Quality Did you gather high quality fuel?@aknecht 24. Measuring Your Fuel Measure Quality with: Klout Kred PeerIndex Twitalyzer@aknecht 25. @aknecht 26. Measuring Oxygen How often are you publishing content Is your content being reviewed? Does it drive interaction/fan the flames@aknecht 27. @aknecht 28. The Heat Is the content being passed on/acted on Measure Likes/Shares Comments Retweets G+ etc @aknecht 29. Measuring Heat Is there content interaction Blog comments Shares Likes Retweets Is the fire drawing the right people in? @aknecht 30. Measuring Heat Free Tools for Measuring Heat Any URL shortner (ie @aknecht 31. Measuring Heat Crowd Booster@aknecht 32. Is It A Successful Fire? What were your goals? Has the fuel source grown? Has public perception/sentiment improved? Are calls to action taking place? Are revenues up?@aknecht 33. Measuring Success Paid Tools References/Sentiment Analysis TrackUr Radian 6 Webtrends 10 InfiniGraph (Measure your Oxygen)@aknecht 34. Measuring Success Free Tools Google Analytics (for traffic to site) Facebook Insights Twitalyzer (Impact & Clout scores) Klout@aknecht 35. TrackUR@aknecht 36. @aknecht 37. WebTrends@aknecht 38. @aknecht 39. @aknecht 40. InfiniGraph@aknecht 41. @aknecht 42. Final Thoughts Lets stop reinventing the wheel,instead learn from history to use itmore wisely! Build social campfires & not forest fires@aknecht 43. Thank You Alan Knecht type my name intoGoogle@aknecht