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  • Media Club Leighswood Primary School After School Club
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  • The Making of A Dragons Tale By Year 4 and 5 Children
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  • Gathering ideas We went out into the school grounds to look for ideas for the story line.
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  • We decided to include the character of the sleeping giant, a dragon and a storyteller
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  • Then the work began We started by drawing some of the characters and thinking about what would happen in the story. We decided to include ourselves listening to the storyteller.
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  • Creating the characters. We used plasticine to build up the models. First we made the body, attaching the legs and clothes and finally the head with a face and hair.
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  • Creating the Main Characters We made the larger characters by covering wire frames with plasticine. We had to be careful and make sure that there were no breaks in the plasticine.
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  • Making the dragon
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  • Making the scenery We created the scenery using cardboard boxes, then painted them. We made a cave for the dragon and clouds for the scene in the sky.
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  • Now the filming could begin
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  • We had to move the characters very slowly and take a picture of each movement
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  • We moved the clouds to make the dragon look as if he was flying
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  • And finally When all the scenes had been filmed Steve took it to the editing suite at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton. He showed us how he added the sound effects that we had recorded and used our pictures for the titles of the film.
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  • And now the Leighswood Media Club 2004 would like to invite you to the feature presentation of A Dragons Tale


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