melodic minor scales for guitar - · pdf filef" melodic minor scale tuned to: e d g b e...

Download Melodic minor scales for guitar - · PDF fileF" Melodic Minor Scale Tuned To: E D G B E Box 5 GütarSiR.mrn F" Melodic Minor Scale GütarSiR.mrn Box 4 F" Melodic Minor Scale Box 3

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    Melodic minor scales for guitarCopyright 2015 Bret Lowry for

    This PDF contains charts of the Melodic minor scales for guitar in standard tuning and in all keys.

    You can get more fretboard charts in the tuning of your choice by using my interactive web appslisted HERE.

    I have also included the 5 box patterns you need to learn in order to memorize these scales over theentire guitar neck.

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  • The 5 box patterns

  • Melodic minor scales in all keys

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