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Mobile App Strategy For Your Business.


  • 1. www. phase2online .com Mobile App Strategy for your Business

2. www. phase2online .com There are - quite literally - hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. From games and travel to health and work utilities, the choices are astounding.

  • Putting time and effort into developing a mobile app can be
  • a total waste if no one is interested.

So how do you generate the most interest for your app? By being strategic and deliberate: 3. www. phase2online .com Will they go searching for it in the App store? On your website? Through email? Will they be sent specific customer communications about it? Or will they see it on that billboard on the side of the highway?1 First, and most importantly, you need to think about how your consumers will find the app before its built.

  • Ask them if theyre even using a phone or device with mobile
  • app capabilities. The more you know about them, the better
  • your chances of hitting them with the right information in the
  • right way.
  • Theres no one-size-fits-all approach here: each business
  • consumers search out, take in and process information
  • differently. Survey your customers and clients to find out how
  • they like to receive information.

4. www. phase2online .com a . If youre using the app forcustomer retention(think banks that offer online banking in a mobile app), a huge media blast probably isnt the way to go.2 Secondly, be clear on what the app is going to be used for:

  • Use what you already have: existing customer communications.
  • E-mail newsletters and blasts, direct mail, promotional and
  • marketing materials, and even invoices can serve as vehicles
  • for announcing your business new mobile presence.
  • This isnt to say that a very targeted ad campaign cant be
  • useful here, just be sure to feature the app as a point of
  • differentiation for your product or service.

5. www. phase2online .com b . If the app is going to be used forgeneral purposes (think games or utility apps, such as mileage trackers or to-do lists), then a paid media push using either traditional or online media could be the best option.2 Secondly, be clear on what the app is going to be used for:

  • Direct mail, e-mail newsletters and blasts, and other marketing
  • materials can also be effective, as long as its hitting the right
  • people.
  • The key here is to have a good idea of who will use the app so
  • that you can make the most of your advertising dollars.

6. www. phase2online .com 3 Last, decide how and when you measure the effectiveness of both the app and the marketing effort.

  • Any information you can glean from the people actually using
  • the app is critical.
  • Does it cause them to take some sort of action?
  • How about reviews?
  • Think beyond just the number of downloads here.
  • How will you determine if developing your app was worth it or if
  • youre hitting the right people?

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