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  • 1. ChildBay Rio, Rheef, Liam and Lucas.
  • 2. ChildBay Who adults who want items for there kids. What to buy clothes/toys for kids. When they need clothes for there children. Where on a computer/iPad etc. Why because its a quick and easy way to purchase items for you kids.
  • 3. Problem If you cant go somewhere to get clothes or your locked in your house, you can access ChildBay on your computer or Phone ect to go on childbay without a problem. You might find it difficult to get out and maybe you needed to buy clothes for the next day and the shops might be closed. ChildBay is an easy way to buy clothes.
  • 5. Key insight statements People who cant find fashionable clothes for there kids currently try to use ebay, but this does not work because ebay is to big as you have to search for hours on end searching. Our key insight is that people need a smaller budget it has website but all of the new fashionable kids clothes. Perfect for mums that need clothes for kids.
  • 6. Mini elevator speech My team MoneyMakers is developing an app to help children solve the problem of getting clothes for a cheap price by using a computer/Phone.
  • 7. Competitors and other Solutions But ours is unique
  • 8. User Profile Age 23 Just had a child need clothes/toys. Got iPhone. Need a quick and easy way to buy fashionable clothes or toys for there children. Haven't got much money.
  • 9. User Stories As a user I would want a easy way to buy and sell clothes/toys for a suitable amount of money. Also, it would be nice to have a reliable sources to sell clothes and not get scammed.