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Choose your own adventure In Columbia, SC

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Choose your own adventure

In Columbia, SC

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Where do we go?

Here we are in Columbia, SC. Your family is visiting and you want to show them a good time. So, we have some decisions to make. Are we going to have a picnic or go out to eat? Should we go to a museum or to the zoo or to see a play? What should we do? When should we do each thing? How do we get to each place?

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You are here

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Planning our day

• We don’t want to drive too much so we want to try to stay walking distance for each thing that we do. We also want to have a good time so if we need to take a long walk or a short drive, it should be ok.

• Help us to plan and map out our day after we meet at the University of South Carolina.

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Look at the map and click on your choice.

Go to a Museum

Go to the zoo

Go out to eat

Have a picnic

See a movie or go to a play

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Go to a museumLook at all of the museums in Columbia! More choices! Which one should we go to?

USC McKissick Museum

SC State Museum

EdVenture Children’s Museum

Columbia Museum of Art

You are hereUSC

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Going out to eatWow! So many places to eat. Maybe we should just have a picnic. Click on the USC link to go back to choose to have a picnic.


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Having a picnic

Saluda Shoals

Finlay Park

SC parks and Recreation

You know I saw lots of great picnicking spots at the USC campus, why don’t we just eat there?

Picnic spot at USC

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PicnicThis is a perfect picnic spot! What a great day!


Go to the schedule to see what we decided!

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Go to the zooYou are hereHow do we get here?

That looks really far away, we would probably have to drive. Let’s see if there is a museum closer to us. Click on USC to go back to the main map.



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SC State MuseumYou are here

That would be a long walk and the kids will not enjoy it, but the kids museum is near this one, let’s check that out. Click the Museum link to go back.


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Columbia Museum of Art

This isn’t really the type of museum your family wants to go to. Let’s choose another one. It is also a little far away from everything else we are thinking of doing.

Click the Museum link to go back to the museum page.


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See a play or a movie?



This would be more fun when we don’t want to chat and catch up. Click the USC link to go make another choice


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EdVenture You are hereThis is a little far away but is lots of fun for the kids. We should consider this for our plans.


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McKissick MuseumYou are here Wow! That is less than a block

away. We should definitely check that out!


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ScheduleStarting point: USCMcKissick MuseumEdVenture MuseumPicnic – Back at USC