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<ol><li> 1. @suzzicks </li><li> 2. @suzzicks How to be a Mobile SEO Super Hero in a Post 4/21 World </li><li> 3. @suzzicks </li><li> 4. @suzzicks OMG - What is Going On? </li><li> 5. @suzzicks We Need a Hero! </li><li> 6. @suzzicks Surveying the Mobile Landscape </li><li> 7. @suzzicks What is the Threat? </li><li> 8. @suzzicks Googles Goal </li><li> 9. @suzzicks Types of Mobile Sites mDot Responsive Design Selective Serving Single Page App Rel=Alternate Rel=Canonical </li><li> 10. @suzzicks Desktop Is the Default Canonical Responsive/Dynamic Serving App Deep LinkingmDot Site CANONICAL TO DESKTOP </li><li> 11. @suzzicks Honor the Integrity of the Canonical Internal Links Self- Referencing Canonicals XML Sitemap301 Redirects Server Rules </li><li> 12. @suzzicks Settings that Impact Mobile Search Chrome vs. Google Now Location &amp; Privacy Android vs. iOS Logged In or Out </li><li> 13. @suzzicks Standard vs. Basic Search Results Standard Search Results Basic Search Results </li><li> 14. @suzzicks Fundamental 4/21 Changes Desktop Crawl is for Content &amp; Desktop Rendering is Canonical For mDot Sites For Responsive Design &amp; Selective Serving In App Indexing &amp; Deep Linking Mobile Crawl focuses on Rendering Rather Than Content Need CSS &amp; JS to Render Rendering is about UX Hidden Text &amp; Links are Devalued </li><li> 15. Why CSS &amp; JavaScript? </li><li> 16. @suzzicks Why CSS &amp; JavaScript? </li><li> 17. @suzzicks Why CSS &amp; JavaScript? </li><li> 18. @suzzicks Why CSS &amp; JavaScript? </li><li> 19. @suzzicks Testing for Mobile-Friendlyness </li><li> 20. @suzzicks Mobile-Friendly Test </li><li> 21. @suzzicks Webmaster Console Fetch &amp; Render </li><li> 22. @suzzicks Webmaster Console Mobile-Friendliness GET IMAGE </li><li> 23. @suzzicks Mobile UX Signals Font Size &amp; Tap Target Size View Port Flash &amp; Errors </li><li> 24. @suzzicks Improving Page Speed with Images Sprites File Size Responsive Image Server Quality: 85% Width: 300px Quality: 70% Width: 150px Quality: 326 PPI Width: 200px </li><li> 25. @suzzicks HTML5 for: Crop Scale Art Director </li><li> 26. @suzzicks Other Recent Changes to the SERP Featured Answers Aggregations Interactions EasytoSee Packs Cards Carousels Expansion Information Semantic Natural Language Compound Search Entity Understanding </li><li> 27. @suzzicks Hero's Need a Deeper Understanding of Intent </li><li> 28. @suzzicks Intent Desktop Intent </li><li> 29. @suzzicks Intent Mobile Intent </li><li> 30. @suzzicks Device Intent Matters! Its a Ranking Factor. </li><li> 31. @suzzicks What Might Indicate Mobile Intent? 1. Voice Search/Natural Language 2. Searches for Apps 3. Local/Map Search 4. News Search 5. Shopping Search 6. Video Search 7. Image Search 8. Find Phone Numbers 9. Music Download Search 10.Media Download Search 11.Fact Search 12.Function Search 13.Search Device 14.Social Interaction </li><li> 32. @suzzicks Answers aka Featured Rich Snippets </li><li> 33. @suzzicks Answers aka Featured Rich Snippits </li><li> 34. @suzzicks Answer Doubles Lois Lane is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, the character first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938). Lois Lane is an award- winning journalist and the primary love interest of Superman. </li><li> 35. @suzzicks Variable Description Length (Page Scrape - Not Meta Description) 135 306 134 135 340 </li><li> 36. @suzzicks More Interaction from the SERP </li><li> 37. @suzzicks More Interaction from the SERP </li><li> 38. @suzzicks Identity Queries &amp; Card Results </li><li> 39. @suzzicks Compound Search Queries Same Query Query + ClickQuery </li><li> 40. @suzzicks Implied Keywords How tall is it? </li><li> 41. @suzzicks on Mobile RestaurantTV ShowRecipe </li><li> 42. @suzzicks Crumb Trail Url Formatting Westword &gt; news &gt; photos-ten-best-park &gt; top-lists top-pla Yelp &gt; search &gt; Find_loc=Denver,+CO &gt; denver-parks </li><li> 43. @suzzicks Crumb Trail Url Formatting Yankee Candle &gt; mobile Bath &amp; Body Works &gt; family Anthropologie &gt; candles &gt; home-candle Search for: Scented Candle </li><li> 44. @suzzicks Making Apps Your Ally </li><li> 45. @suzzicks 5 Types of App Results App Pack App Single App Carousel Deep LinksIcon Deep Links </li><li> 46. @suzzicks Android &amp; iOS Intent </li><li> 47. @suzzicks Understanding App Packs </li><li> 48. @suzzicks Android Deep Linking User Experience Googles Deep Linking case studies: </li><li> 49. @suzzicks Google Require Website Parity to Rank Deep Links Google will be considering "high quality" apps to be a positive ranking factor in mobile search. -Mariya Moeva (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, SMX West 2015) WebApp </li><li> 50. @suzzicks Deep Links Without Website Parity Social Media Spotlight Search API Email &amp; Paid Ads </li><li> 51. @suzzicks Maintaining Super Hero Status </li><li> 52. @suzzicks Leveraging Google+ for Local -Name -Address -Phone </li><li> 53. @suzzicks Marking Up Email &amp; Contacts Mobile email opens have grown by 180% in 3 years. </li><li> 54. @suzzicks PPC Results Taking Up More Room on Mobile click-to-call star ratings app icons links for directions ad extensions These could be more of a threat to SEO moving forward </li><li> 55. @suzzicks TV &amp; Media Sponsored Results (No Installation Necessary) </li><li> 56. @suzzicks Sponsored App Results </li><li> 57. @suzzicks Shopping Sponsored Results </li><li> 58. @suzzicks Travel Sponsored Results </li><li> 59. @suzzicks Predictive Search Google Now </li><li> 60. @suzzicks Predictive Search Google Now </li><li> 61. @suzzicks Predictive Search Google Now </li><li> 62. @suzzicks The End </li><li> 63. @suzzicks Thanks! Cindy Krum Call: 720-231-7277 Twitter: @Suzzicks </li><li> 64. @suzzicks </li></ol>