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In a land not too far away, two intrepid marketeers; one from the world of public relations and another from the world of social media, got together to explain how cross-platform campaigns were the way forward for brands that are looking to take their consumer engagement to the next level. Andy Barr, Head Yeti at 10 Yetis PR Agency, and Iona St Joseph, Account Manager at A Social Media Agency, combine forces to talk about cross platform campaigns involving PR, social media and online video, with a sprinkling of SEO knowledge. Using examples of campaigns that we have worked on, from to, as well as case studies of how brands such as Cadbury and LateRooms are using Google+, this slideshare is about how you can use PR, social media and video together in order to maximise your campaigns. If you want to get in touch with any questions, or just to compliment us on the wonderful use of pictures in our slides, then you can. Andy Barr - 10 Yetis @10Yetis on Twitter 01452 348 211 Iona St Joseph - A Social Media Agency @ionastjoseph on Twitter 01452 348 211


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2. #A4UEXPO Todays Sermon - Why and how campaigns have changed - The move to new style campaigns - Why these campaigns work - Wider benefits of campaigns - 10 tips to take away and apply 3. #A4UEXPO Old School PR - Circus heritage hasntchanged much! - Historically very press release driven - SEO was just an afterthought - Influencers- limited to journalists - Very beery! - Fear of social/SEOpeople taking PR budgets 4. #A4UEXPO PR Brand Building Gone Full Circle - 7 years ago = Clients wanted profile & thought leadership - Then came Google - Clients wanted authority links from PR campaigns - Panda + Penguin = brand signals - Clients back looking for profile & thought leadership - PRs have had to widen their knowledge base to compete in this modern world - Socially switched on, SEO savvy 5. #A4UEXPO Getting It On - PRs had to evolve as the job has evolved - Need to have social media partnerships - Need to have video capabilities - Need to be digitally savvy- knowledge of SEO and presence on social media sites. 6. #A4UEXPO Modern PR Toolkit - Media database - Twitter lists - Smartphone - Photoshop - Final Cut Pro (orsimilar) - Dropbox - Google Trends (identifying stories) - Google News (piggybacking) - Statcounter - Moz/SearchMetrics 7. #A4UEXPO Modern Social Toolkit - Hootsuite - Radian6/Odimax/StatCounter - Google News (identify opps) - Topsy (buzz & reporting) - Photoshop - Final Cut Pro or alike - Twitter lists - On every platform (if only for land grab and monitoring) - Moz/SearchMetrics - Cats and bacon 8. #A4UEXPO Observation #1 - Lots of crossover - Important teams work together to share data/intelligence - PR/Social/Video all help each other - PRs bring audience and traffic to vid and social campaigns - Social and video gives PR something tangible to shout about - Clients want proof of ROI from all campaigns 9. #A4UEXPO The Modern Campaign - Lateral approach - Social, video & PR combined - Need worldie ideas sometimes simplest are the best eg. Drink Driver - Influencer first, no longer an afterthought - Rigorous analysis (but take accuracy into account) - value of traffic - Statcounter/Analytics - Wooly reporting (AVE) is dead 10. #A4UEXPO Observation #2: Media No Longer The Only Answer - Where should we be looking to place campaigns? - Influencers - Examples: - SHELTER: Bacon vs Daily Mail - SHELTER: India Knight vs Indy - WISH.CO.UK: Simon Pegg - SUNSHINE.CO.UK:Rylan Clarke 11. #A4UEXPO Big Ticket Media Is Losing Influence - 4 years ago, TechCrunch= 25write ups, couple of k of uniques. - NOW: TechCrunch= No wider write ups, 150+uniques(WOW) - Daily Mail, Mashable, Buzzfeed, TNW, all waning in terms of direct traffic/impact from articles - Product campaigns are the last bastion for mainstream media 12. #A4UEXPO Defining Influence - Many many scientific thoughts (dull) - We view influence in a simple way - If they write/tweet/shout about a client topic, what level of relevant traffic will it bring? - If high, they be an influencer - Equation (lets get #MATHY): - RT+80%PTB=INFLUENCER (failed maths GCSE 5 Times) 13. #A4UEXPO Why The Reliance On The Twitter? - Proven immediate return - Hot right now (Oreo; more people saw Superbowlreactive than watched theSuperbowl) - Takeaways from #TwitterForGrowth - Brands that use Tw well = far better ROI than online ind average - If you capitalise on THAT moment via = amazing return - Twitter drives media agenda - Daily Mail celeb stories - Influencer engagement results give you quotes to use on your site - Less immediate SEO value 14. #A4UEXPO How PRs Find Influencers - Ready built arsenal: - Journalists - Celeb contacts - Twitter (lists/hashtags #jounrorequest) - Media databases - Not as robust methods as social media people - PRs need to watch and learn how other sectors do this 15. #A4UEXPO How Socialeers Find Influencers - Far more tools to help - Peerindex, KRED, Klout, Topsy (give starting point, need manually sorting) - Ready made Twitter lists Precise, Business Mags for Entrepreneurs etc. - Mashable Who to Followin different sectors - Twitter search/hashtags - Industry advice and information 16. #A4UEXPO Once Identified How To Engage? - PR skills come in handy - Dont try and f*ck on first date - Wine and dine (introduce yourself) - Think smart - Back to wider campaigns mantra - Videos, social widgets, quirky gifts (eg. 10Ypostcards) - Take it OFFLINE (This shit just got real) 17. #A4UEXPO What Comes After Twitter? - Who knows? (not us) - Emerging channels? - Twitter is THE conversation platform - 90% of chat about a TV show takes place on Twitter - The platform of choice for the second screen generation - Watch where historic early adopters are going Robert Scoble, Tech Journalists - No indicators that Twitter is heading for fall (Facebook copying) - Wider platforms are still copying 18. #A4UEXPO Lets Look Wider! - Google + - Facebook - Pinterest - Vine (getting spammy) - Instagram(particularly video) - Snapchat (Geordie Shore) - Tumblr - Bloggers (still there, but be careful post Penguin 2.0) - ASMA social networks list - http://www.asocialmediaagency. com/social-networks/ 19. #A4UEXPO Google+ Case Study #1: Cadbury - G+ activity connects with over 1.2million - Share exclusive content on G+ that they wont find anywhere else - G+ choc bars and sculpted editions of G+ page - Hangouts- let people interact with Olympic athletes and chocolate experts - Promoting Hangouts, Cadbury grew follower base by 150,000 - Page landed on Hot on Google+ which accelerated growth to 1.2 million followers 20. #A4UEXPO Google+ Case Study #2:LateRooms - Quick to embrace and exploit G+ - Success measured by engagement, not click-throughs. People arent on social to book hotels - Hangouts allow LateRooms to be more than just a faceless brand- customer engagement - First hangout with Ray Mears- tips for an adventurous short break - Big believers in content - Important for SEO - SearchMetrics Ranking Factors for 2013 has G+ as most important ranking factor 21. #A4UEXPO Turning Bad PR into a Positive Campaign: Lynx - Lynx was featured in Channel 4s Dogging Tales middle aged man in a cat mask sprays himself with Lynx - Tells 2.1million viewers that Lynx is a near guarantee for a good nights dogging - Most tweeted about programme of the year - Got people talking about it on social, bad for Lynx - Company turned it around and gave it a marketing spin by saying there was no crisis - 10,000 mentions in two days 22. #A4UEXPO Our Examples We Practice What We Preach - Right now 2 weeks in - ) - Influencer first campaign - 2 weeks old - Bojo, Ramsey, multiple entrepreneurs - Goading tech people - Then we did PR launch - More traffic from Tweets - PR far slower burn - (Nicer links from PR though) 23. #A4UEXPO Spotify/Motormate campaign - Cross platform campaign - We used Spotify and the Confused.commotormate app to monitor peoples driving - The aim was to better understand how music affects people whilst driving - Results were analysed by a psychologist from London Met U - Campaign gained 42 inbound links in first month - AOL, Sunday Times, Mashable etc. 24. #A4UEXPO Confusing situations campaign - Cross platform campaign - Straight launch (Top 10 most confusing situations) - Personalised videos - Real-time requests - Driven by influencer first tactics - SkyNews, Celebs, Marketing press, national journos - = Links, buzz, rel traffic - Most importantly: quotes/sales 25. #A4UEXPO PR Skillset Still Needed - Is your campaign actually interesting? - Pub Factor Would your mates care? - PR creativity is second to none - PRs are ruthless chasers - Coverage, links, goading celebs/influencers 26. #A4UEXPO 10 RULES OF CRACK CAMPAIGNS! 27. #A4UEXPO 10 Things You Can Take Away and Use Right Now 10. Fag Packet Content is Dead! 9. Identify what is working in your sector 8. Look for wider opps (celeb tweeters) 7. Use trackable links (, Topsyetc) 6. Use Twitter lists (copy existing ones) 5. Topsy: breaking news, be informed 4. Use Video/Social/PR combined 3. Dont forget PR roots/skills, e.g. PA first 2. Keep up with SEO trends, rel content 1. Dont be afraid to ask for links 28. #A4UEXPO THANKS & QUESTIONS? CONTACTS @10Yetis +44 (0) 1452 348211 www.10YETIS.CO.UK


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