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IntroductionMy task is to create the front page, contents and a double page spread of a new music magazine.

• To find out what I want my music magazine to look like, I will be using the internet to find out what music magazines are currently available in the UK.

• I will be choosing a few magazines to do my initial research on.

• For each magazine, I will be finding out what their circulation and readership are, and what their mission statement is.

Circulation = The number of copies the magazine usually distributes for each issue.

Readership = How many people read each issue of the magazine.

Page 3: Music Magazine - Initial Research

QPublisher = Bauer Media GroupCirculation = 44,050 copies per issueReadership = No dataFrequency = Monthly

Mission Statement =Q is the ultimate guide to modern music. Well respected by artists and labels, we have unrivaled access to music's biggest names.

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MojoPublisher = Bauer Media GroupCirculation = 79,345 copies per issueReadership = 218,00 peopleFrequency = Monthly

Mission Statement =Mojo provides its audience with an authentic, independent, and emotional connection to the music. It's also the last word on what's good, for music that is timeless, and where to go next.

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Kerrang!Publisher = Bauer Media GroupCirculation = 44,013 copies per issueReadership = 421,000 peopleFrequency = Weekly

Mission Statement = Kerrang! Will ensure that we are constantly appealing to our spectrum of readers. From the younger teenagers who are more open to different genres of rock music - from emo to thrash etc, to the readers who respect Kerrang! as an authority when it comes to our scene's heritage bands.

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NMEPublisher = No dataCirculation = 33,875 copies per issueReadership = 325,000 peopleFrequency = Weekly

Mission statement = No data

Page 7: Music Magazine - Initial Research

Rock SoundPublisher = No dataCirculation = 13,924 copies per issueReadership = 48,914 peopleFrequency = Monthly

Mission Statement =Rock sound provides its partners unique opportunities to reach the vibrant, savvy and fast-moving new music and youth lifestyle markets.

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RWDPublisher = Rewind Creative Media LTDCirculation = 98,300 copies per issueReadership = No dataFrequency = Monthly

Mission Statement =No data