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Music Moods. Music allows us to experience many different moods whether we are performing or listening It may be instrumental or vocal. Different Moods. Expressions of Joy Expressions of Grief Work Songs Inspirational Songs National Pride Calm or Soothing Others?. Expressions of Joy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Music Moods

Music MoodsMusic allows us to experience many different moods whether we are performing or listeningIt may be instrumental or vocalDifferent MoodsExpressions of JoyExpressions of GriefWork SongsInspirational SongsNational PrideCalm or SoothingOthers?Expressions of JoyHappy Face use of lyrics to express joyCome On-A My House use of syncopationExpressions of GriefTears in Heaven based on a personal painful experience Time helps with dealing with a lossNew Orleans Jazz Funeral used in funeral processionsTaps usually at the end of military funerals Grace hymn sung or played at funerals especially for police and firemen

Work SongsUse strong rhythms to keep workers togetherAfrican Postal WorkersLead Man HollerSixteen TonsInspirationalHymns are the most common formPride (National)Strong use of rhythm and dynamicsGod Bless AmericaAmericaGod Bless the USAAmerica the BeautifulCalm (Soothing)Purpose is to soothe and relax the listenerMay be to promote peacePeace in this House bring people together peacefullyPeaceful World promote peace and unity