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A joint photo-bulletin with the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Greencity


  • The Presidents Speak

    Two awesome clubs, one joint bulletin, and memories relived!! After such great relations for the past 2

    years, I wonder as to how we never came up with any Joint Project. But as they say, Its never too late to


    I believe that its the connect with this city that has got us together. And its not the first time that the

    Editors at RCJC have taken up Mumbai as their focus for a project. I somewhere feel, that there is so much

    that Mumbai has to offer to all of us, especially in college life, that how much ever you write about it, theres

    always something unsaid.

    Frankly speaking, every time weve jointly worked with any club on a project, there has always been a

    new learning curve that has been established through our experiences. Every time weve chatted for a joint

    project, ideas have just popped out of the box and in turn weve always ended up doing a splendid job. And

    this bulletin has been no exception. Long pending though it maybe, but it certainly set a new Legacy with the

    Rotaract Club of Mumbai Greencity.

    It's time the world knew about the arrival of Mumbai on the big scene, and there could not have been

    a more apt topic for this joint bulletin.

    Kudos to both the clubs!!

    Rtr. Saksham Mendiratta

    President 2010-11,

    Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College


    Greetings Rotaractors!

    When I was first asked to pen down a few words for this bulletin titled Moods of Mumbai, I was clueless about it. I had to contemplate over the three simple words to find the appropriate answer for it. The city and its people have been my lifeline since birth and I am definitely a proud Mumbaikar. It gives you a sense of pride to claim yourself to be one, as it truly is The City Where Dreams Come True. Talking about the bulletin, firstly, it definitely is a happy feeling to be finally executing a project with the Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College, a Club we have always had a cordial relationship with. A joint project or bulletin was always on the cards, and it is an exuberant feeling to have it finally executed. I wish RCJC all the very best in all their future endeavours and hope to conduct a lot more projects together in the near future! Thank you. :) Rtr. Rishabh Ganeriwala, President, Rotaract Club of Mumbai Greencity.

  • The Editors wield their pen! The City of Mumbai never sleeps and never stops. It's like the river, always flowing no matter how many obstacles will cross it's way. In this city, every eye has a hope and every soul has a spirit, which never dies. You can look at Mumbaikars in various lights and frames. Some fighting for space, some fighting for life, some content with all that they have and some compromising endlessly in order to satisfy their greed. Every heart that beats in this city is a small part of the big heart of Mumbai. This city welcomes every person that knocks at its door and makes them one of its kind. MUMBAI has various shades and MOODS to it and all these shades and moods originate from its soul, its people, the Mumbaikars!! This bulletin started with a small brain-storming session to a crazy photography drive all over South Bombay. Wayne and I had a gruelling time making this bulletin but this has by far been the most awesome joint bulletin I have ever worked on. RCJC has always been warm towards me and my club. But I must not forget to mention that Wayne and Nilofer were brilliant with me and I had an awesome time working with them. Memories! :) Hope you enjoy the bulletin!! :)

    Rtr. Dhruvi Dokania, Editor, Rotaract Club of Mumbai Greencity. ************************************************************************************

    Our affinity for the city of Mumbai is eternal! Weve expressed it in bulletins before and we continue to do it with yet another! The city has so much to offer and so many stories to tell! Moods of Mumbai is a bulletin where weve captured various stories through photographs. Exploring the streets of Mumbai with Dhruvi was so much of fun! In a couple of hours, we captured loads on reel. Places, People, Artto put it in a nutshell, we truly captured the myriad moods of Mumbai! The eccentric city we reside in never fails to surprise us! Were glad we finally partnered with the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Greencity. We couldnt have come up with a better theme and a better club to work with. And when you have fantastic people around you, the clock stops ticking! Its been an amazing experience working with Dhruvi. We have to have an encore, soon! Also, a big Thank you to Aanchal and Ankit for their valuable inputs! Heres hoping the bulletin strikes a chord with you! Rtr. Wayne DCruz & Rtr. Nilofer Rehman, Editors-in-Chief, Rotaract Club of Jai Hind College.

  • Behind the Scenes:

    Rtr. Dhruvi Dokania

    Rtr. Wayne DCruz

    Rtr. Nilofer Rehman

    Rtr. Aanchal Samtani

    Rtr. Ankit Ravani