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PPT on Introduction to construction management



  • A project is composed of jobs , activities , functions or tasks that are related one to the other in same manner and all of these should be completed in order to complete the project .Every project has a specific purpose : it starts at some specific moment and it is finished when its objectives have been fulfilled.


  • INTRODUCTION For the completion of a project , two basic things are required:- material resources Manpower resources .


    Completing the work within estimated budget and specified time. Evolving a reputation for high quality workmanshipProper manpower should be available so that the work should be done without delay.

  • Motivating people to give of their best within their capacitiesCreating an organisation that works as a team . Providing safe and satisfactory working conditions for all personnel and workers


    PLANNING AND SCHEDULING :-Planning involves formulation of a number of alternative realistic work plans for achieving specified objectives and finally selecting a plan which is best suited from the stand point of available resources .

  • It covers the aspect of what to do and how to do .Scheduling is the fitting of the final work plan to a time scale . It shows the duration and order of various construction activates . It deals with the aspect of WHEN TO DO IT

  • ORGANISING :-Organising is concerned with division of the total construction work into manageable department and systematically arranging various operations by delegating specific tasks to individuals .

  • STAFFING :-Staffing is the provision of people to fulfil the provisions so created.Recruiting the right people ,arranging staff training courses and carrying out of all staff assessment are all the part of the staffing function .

  • DIRECTINGThe directing function is concerned with training sub ordinates to carry out assigned tasks , supervising their works and guiding their efforts.The directing means ability to motivate people individually and as groups to utilise their creative efforts in achieving specified objectives .

  • CONTROLLING :-Controlling is necessary for ensuring effective working .It involves a constant review of the work plan to check on actual achievements and to discover and rectify deviations through appropriate corrective measures .

  • CO ORDINATING :-It is necessary to bring together and coordinate the work of various departments and sections.This requires an efficient system of communication so that each department and section is aware of its role .