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  • 1. talent management commission presents:cool stuff wedid at NSC

2. 1. we definedour context: 3. key issues to be aware of for thenext few months12345GIS ImplementationPipeline ManagementMember RetentionValid People AnalyticsEvolution of VPTM RoleTran6sitionSustainable Talent M7anagement SystemsExchange-driven Talen8t Management systemsTeam Minimums9 ImplementationIX1P0sNSC O1u1tput12 L&D 4. 2. then wecreatedprojects. 5. - EP LEAD- JD/OS- Operational LnD- Performance Management/RnR- Advanced People Analytics- MB Selection & Transitionall resources will be available by Nov 15 6. 3. txp evolutionWe recognised the need to completely evolve the way we run our teammember program. To do this we started from the basics by re-defining thevalue proposition of the Team Member Program and the key roles we havewithin the membership program. 7. we used this model 8. read more about ithere. 9. IndianStudents 10. IndianStudents pains:What are pains of Indian students? lack societal support fear of judgement future insecurity lack of risk taking attitude lack of resources grades stereotypes unhealthy competition lack of freedom to take independentdecisions rigid education syste lack of family support 11. gains: Huge pool of talent Demand of youth leaders Geographical diversity Chilled out attitude Availability of variety ofIndianstudnetsopportunitiesWhat are gains of Indian students/what makes them happy? 12. jobs: Getting out of India/Travel Get Settled Financial Sustainability Best company internship/fellowship Recognition by peers Giving back to parents Stable life Sense of freedomWhat are the long termambitions of Indianstudents?IndianStudents 13. the question for you:how are youaddressing theseneeds in your TMP? 14. iGIP 15. iGIPpains: Client Relations Matching Time FRRO Change in person of contact Lack of professionalism Lack of system for tracking EPs Discrimination of EPs from TNs 16. iGIPgains: Corporate Exposure Netwokring Entrepreneurial Outlook Communication &Interpersonal skills Team Experience Sales Skills 17. iGIPjobs: Building their network Gaining the requiredskills to start my owncompany Work in the network Exploringopportunities in thenetwork 18. iGIPpain reliever: CRM Model - Communication Model for iGIP GIS Retention of Members: Formal Process ofchanging P.O.C EP Communication - expectation setting withEP Concrete Tracking Mechanisms/ Tools Operational Training LEAD on time management, priorisation,confidence, dealign with uncooperative EPs FRRO- group scene, lunch sponsored by LCpost that. 19. gain creators:iGIP Subsidised rates fornetworking forums Account Management Interns on TXP 20. iGIPproducts &services: EP LEADs Corporate Summit Trainee Conference External Trainers Sales DevelopmentPrograms 21. oGCDP 22. oGCDPpains: Balancing JD with studies Monotonous work Cold Calling (training) Tracking IR Building No cross-team culture within thesame department One team raising, matching andrealising (alot of work) Synergy with back office Hectic work (1 TMP handling 3 EPs) 23. oGCDPgains: Holistic experience Leadership Development Public Speaker Emotional and professionalbond with EPs and LC 24. oGCDPpain reliever: GIS New Customer Flow Tracking Tools [synergy with CIM] Inter Team Days & Inter DepartmentDays MB Meet & Synergy Plans Time Boxing Parents Meet Mock Sessions 25. oGCDPgain creator: LnD on a regular basis opportunities after sessionsfor EP Inductions, IS/CP,member inductions Stronger communication Involvement in LC actiivties Doing culture exchange 26. iGCDP 27. iGCDPpains: Account Management of Partners Matching - spamming emails NGO Back outs - due to badexpectations XP Delivery problems Rascal EPs Unresponsive Poor support from Back Office Time Management 28. iGCDPgains: Networking Sales Learning Professional Exposure Strategy Management Promoters Cultural Exposure Crisis Management 29. iGCDPjobs: Networking with 18-22 agegroup globally Social Impact Entrepreneurial Outlook Sales Exposure to international Global Outlook Leadership Development 30. iGCDPpain reliever: Proper Expectation Settings Effective Synergy GIS Proper EP Engagement &Education 31. gain creators:iGCDP LEAD [Time Management] More interns and traineesinvolved in LC activities(LCMs) More ongroundengagement Training/ effective LnD 32. iGCDPproducts &services: Assigning EP Buddies EP LEADs Short term TMP in iGCDP More effectiveappointments - identifyingneeds for NGOs andhelping Volunteering activities Project & CRMManagement 33. oGIP 34. oGIPpains: Tough stakeholders International Relations Delivery Rate EP Induction Stagnation/ slow progress in theprogram processess not optimised 35. oGIPgains: Better IR building skills foreasier matching Communication and sales Develop facilitation skills 36. oGIPjobs: Professional growth Global learningenviornment Stronger prospects ingetting a job Cultural Experience Growth Mindset CV 37. oGIPpain reliever: GIS Implementation for fasterprocesses and member efficiency Brand message in global networkto increase the impact of theprogram Better member retention to buildan oGIP culture 38. gain creators: opportunities to build anoGIPinternational network People management forstronger teams Stronger marketpenetration to breakstereotype post-graduatework for MNC trend. 39. oGIPproducts &services: Virtual learningenvironment External mentoring LEAD program to evolveoGIP customer centricity 40. 3. membershipjourneymappingAfter understanding the needs and value of our TMP program and ourmost popular roles in each program. We practiced plotting theirexperience for the next 2 months.Try this out for your Q4 to plan for your Talent Management activities in astructured way. 41. Start withplotting the JobDescri ptiontimelineeg. iGCDPYou are plot t ingout themembershi pactivities for thenext 2 mont h s i naccordance withthe programtimeline.It s a good idea todo this with you VPProgram HeadSTEP ONE: 42. P lot your loca ltimeline as wel leg. check belowThi s can include1. Internal Event s :E lections, LCMs ,Transi t ion2. or ExternalEvents: exams,holidays et c .It s a good idea toplan this wi th yourLCP and EB.STEP TWO: 43. based on the JDtimeline of theprogram - f i l lin the LnDrequired.eg. iGCDPcheck belowP lease refer t othe OperationalCycles that you canj ust copy/paste.You should be us ingyour data analyt icsand performanceappraisa ls [needsensing] to assesswhat operational LnDis the more urgent &important.STEP THREE:You r LnDs h o u l d a l w a y sre late to theo p e r a t i o n a la c t i v i t i e s 44. based on yourneeds sensingplot your teamtimelineBased on sensing throughdata analytics/ talking toyour VPs ident ify wherethe department / team i scurrent ly at.STEP FOUR: 45. after a l l t h a t !Compi le theOuter JourneyReflect / l isten to your VPsand summari se the keyOuter Journey aka.challenges that memberswithin the team/functionare going through .STEP FIVE:make sure this is made in synergy wi th the VPresponsible 46. and fi n a l ly theinner journeyplotti n g ,After good needs sensing/outer journey mapping -you should be able to plotthe inner j o urney activitiesneeded to be given tomembers.STEP SIX:Thi s comes in 2 forms:1. Inner Journey (team):which is based on theteam status2. Inner Journey(individua l): which isbased on the operationaland loca l timeline 47. now you have a clear idea of what to do for thisfunction/program/team for the next 2 months! 48. remember this isjust a sample! Try isout for yourselfusing themembershipmapping xls.(: 49. more output coming soon!