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  • 1. Joey Camarda
  • 2. According to Chuck Goodwin, by the years of quote 2006 and 2008, the United Nations Security Council passed four resolutions calling for Iran to cease its nuclear program. This required the US to get Russia and China to join in supporting the limiting of Irans nuclear ambitions end quote.
  • 3. According to BeverlyBallaro, the Iraniannuclear program needs tobe checked constantlybecause quote if Iransnuclear ambitions areallowed to go forwardunchecked by rigideconomic and politicalrestrictions, the odds arehigh that the Israelimilitary will carry out apre-emptive strike againstIrans nuclear facilitiesend quote.
  • 4. According to Beverly Ballaro, The United States must be the one who help protect quote the governments of countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia could be subjected to intense domestic pressure to also become nuclear- armed Islamic nations end quote.
  • 5. According to Beverly Ballaro, The Iranian government would help greatly with the quote ongoing nuclear threats of North Koreas totalitarian regime continue to hold a swathe of Asia hostage to North Korean demands, placing increasing pressure on the US and its allies, most notably Japan. In a similar way, Irans possession of nuclear weapons would increase the countrys leverage in regional and international affairs end quote.
  • 6. According to Christina Dendy, there has been no evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran because quote in 2007, the US National Intelligence Estimates, federal documents formulated by all sixteen US intelligence agencies, stated that no evidence had been found that Iran was either overtly producing nuclear weapons technology or attempting to convert its nuclear power facilities to weapons development end quote.
  • 7. According to Beverly Ballaro, the threat of nuclear war is much greater if Iran is able to enrich Uranium-235 to a high enough percent because quote some Iranian officials have publicly stated that a nuclear war would effectively wipe Israel off the map while only inflicting minimal damage to Muslim nations in the region end quote.