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    best festivals in the world

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    Welcome to East Neuk Festival 2017This years festival invites you take any number of journeys: geographical, historical, emotional, musical

    Follow Schubert as he grows from brilliant youth into the maturity of adulthood.

    Sample our FESTIVALLAROUND: pop-up concerts in open air locations throughout the East Neuk.

    Explore the Northlands in the footsteps of Thomas Kingo, the Crail weaver who left Scotland for Denmark.

    Follow miners into the depths of the earth (metaphorically!) as we pay tribute in our big project for 2017: De Profundis.

    Share the incredible experience of our East Neuk Retreat as eight young musicians spend a week with some of the worlds finest chamber musicians, learning and discovering chamber music repertoire.

    I hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you in the East Neuk in the Summer!

    Svend McEwan-Brown Artistic Director

    SCHUBERTIAD 2017: youth becomes manWe are delighted to welcome the distinguished pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja to Fife to lead our 2017 Schubertiad. Her relationship with Schubert goes back almost 60 years few people know his music better. She brings her exquisite playing, wealth of wisdom and insight to explore the fascinating years in which Schubert grew from youth into manhood.

    Every composer must find their own distinctive voice, and the years and pieces of music in which they work towards it are compelling, especially in Schuberts case because the scale of the transformation he underwent in his 20s is so profound. It is not a simple picture. Well before his 20th birthday he was already a great master of song; 1815 and 1816 are often described as his golden years of song. Yet his solo piano music, chamber music and symphonic work from those same years still owes too great a debt to idols like Haydn, Mozart and Salieri for his own stamp of individuality to shine through. Leap forward a decade to 1826 and no phrase in any piece, small or large, could be by anyone else. At a time when Beethovens powerful influence overwhelmed so many, Schubert found and followed his own path.

    Our 2017 programme offers a feast of wonderful music by Schubert. There are concerts dotted throughout the programme which place earlier works alongside the composers who taught him (Salieri) or whom he revered (Haydn, Mozart). Then, for our core Schubertiad, we have invited world class Schubertians to focus on that critical decade of 1816-1826 Schuberts 20s. They present us with awe-inspiring contrasts between the youth and the man, the student and the master. Elisabeth Leonskaja places the Haydnesque sonata D459 before the immense A major, D845. The Castalian Quartet give the delightful early quartet D353, before the Belcea Quartet perform all three late quartets. Thomas Oliemans and Malcolm Martineau juxtapose songs from those golden years of 1815/16 with the matchless poetic drama of Die schne Mllerin. And there is plenty of room for the sheer delight of favourites like the Trout Quintet!The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    Interested in learning more about Schubert? Sign up on our website for our online Schubert journey and join

    Artistic Director Svend McEwan-Brown as he explores the music to be heard in 2017 and Schuberts life in Vienna during his 20s. Articles, interviews with artists, images and music will be posted for you to enjoy simply sign up to receive an alert

    whenever a new item is posted. There will also be related talks during the festival see programme for details.

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    Could it be that the ENF Retreat will become the most important and exciting thing we do?

    Every year we invite outstanding young musicians to spend a week in Elie and work with some of the finest musicians in the world. They are hand-picked, recommended by great teachers and musicians.

    Most of what happens at the Retreat is behind closed doors, but the two concerts that the musicians give each year have become unmissable highlights of the Festival. This year they give one concert of Mozart and Dvok and another (not finalised until the week itself) of excerpts from the masterworks they have been working on in private. It will be very, very special.

    Last years participants had this to say:

    The Retreat is supported by The Misses Barrie CharitableTrust

    One of the most

    to have the opportunity to work alongside such fantastic musicians in so much depth was really special It has helped me to

    reconnect to the reason why I am a musician!

    Meeting amazing musicians, getting to perform with these amazing mentors, and to be coached by David and Valentin was the most precious experience I could ever ask for! Moreover, being supported by these amazing music lovers, the gratitude is hard to describe with words!

    Thank you again for having me

    2017 retreat

    inspiring weeks in my musical career

    Mining and music have gone hand in hand in Fife for centuries. The same men who spent long hours deep in the earth extracting minerals in the dark, dangerous conditions of Fifes mines were among those who joined forces above ground to create one of the loveliest sounds in all music by playing in its brass bands.

    This year at ENF we celebrate that heritage in DE PROFUNDIS. Renowned trumpeter John Wallace leads almost 60 musicians of the Tullis Russell Intermediate and Senior Bands and The Wallace Collection to create an evocative and moving new work devised especially for the Festival. They fill a large, dark space with the profound, immense and stirring chords only a brass band can make, drawing on plainchant and the Gaelic psalm singing tradition of the Hebrides. Poems by miners bring home the hardship and rewards of their tough lives. In the midst of it, the audience will be surrounded by marvellous sound, lighting and atmosphere.

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    In 2017 ENF and ENOS join forces to give festival visitors a chance to enjoy a wonderful art trail across the East Neuk showcasing their work in their own workshops and studios.

    Studios open 10.30am to 5.30pm.



    June 24th - 25th and July 1st - 2nd

    east neukopen studios

    Follow the red balloons!

    More details of these and our special events nearer festival time.

    Wherever you are in the East Neuk, an artist or designer is probably working nearby.


    JOURNEYS NORTH & SOUTHLast summer, two visiting musicians from Denmark walked into the Crail Museum and were thrilled to find the name Thomas Kingo on a display. It turns out that he was a Crail weaver who left Scotland to work at the Danish Court in the 1580s. His grandson, also called Thomas, was to become one of the most important poets and composers of his age. Few Scots know his story but all around Scandinavia his hymns are still sung every week. Some of his tunes have merged with folk traditions, others can be performed like Baroque motets.

    We have commissioned a new piece inspired by Kingos story from Norwegian composer Henning Sommerro, who is best known in Scotland for his collaboration with Aly Bain on a piece for fiddle and string orchestra called Follow the Moonstone. He has his own links to our man, as Kingo Jr married a woman from Sommerros home village. For us he is writing a kind of musical journey that will take you from Scotland North to Scandinavia in the company of Shetland fiddler, Chris Stout, harpist Catriona McKay and the endlessly inventive Mr McFalls Chamber.

    Once that project fell into place we wondered why we should stop there so we didnt! We invited a duo of very special Norwegian musicians, fiddler Nils kland and bass player Mats Eilertsen, to come and perform alongside the Scots. The Norwegians are often called the Irish of Scandinavia and they bring warmth, humour and wonderful music.

    Once that project fell into place we wondered why we should stop there so we didnt! Talking to violinist Stephanie Gonley about what she would like to perform with the SCO Strings gave us the next step. She will lead the strings in a journey that starts in Orkney, travels to Norway (for Grieg), Finland (Sibelius), and Sweden (Dag Wirn), before finally returning home to the East Neuk. They will then bring the 2017 Festival to a fizzing close by turning South in the company of Tchaikovsky and his exhilarating Souvenir de Florence. It may have been inspired by a holiday in Italy, but it is pure full-blooded Russian in spirit, one of his most exciting and festive scores.

    In 2017 we are taking music out and about in the East Neuk.

    We are teaming up with festival artists, the wonderful Tullis Russell Mills Band, The Wallace Collection and Live Music Now, to offer pop-up events and impromptu performances in open-air locations throughout the festival period.

    Some FESTIVALLAROUND highlights are already confirmed (see details of our Brass Band Tour on p14) but well be adding more over the coming months, so keep your eyes open for updates on the website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for full details as they emerge!


  • Retreat Concert 14.30pm, Elie Church Hall 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds), approx. 1 hr

    Musicians of the ENF Retreat

    One of the most inspiring weeks in my musical career is how one young musician described the ENF Retreat. This informal concert is a very special chance to hear what the musicians have been working on in 2017: expect masterworks performed with freshness and brio. More info including musicians details are on our website.The Retreat is supported by The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust

    Sean Shibe 16pm, The Cocoa Tree, Pittenweem 10, includes a hot chocolate, approx. 1 hr

    Sean Shibe guitar

    Shibe gives an intimate recital in the lovely Cocoa Tree caf, to include music by BACH and his Fife contemporary JAMES OSWALD.

    Julian Bliss & Castalian Quartet7.30pm, Kilrenny Church 25 / 18 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 2 hrs with interval

    RAVEL Quartet in F ADS The Four Quarters, Op 28 MOZART Quintet in A for Clarinet & Strings, K581

    Julian Bliss clarinet Castalian Quartet

    Julian Bliss returns to ENF to play classical, modern and jazz, starting with Mozarts irresistible quintet with Castalian Quartet. We love to bring the very finest young ensembles to ENF, and this quartet has captivated us. They make their festival debut with Ravels masterpiece, and Thomas Ads The Four Quarters. Inspired by the passage of time over a day, this great piece is destined to become as much a repertoire classic as the Ravel.


    Sean Shibe 24pm, St Monans Church 17 / 13 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr

    OSWALD Divertimenti BACH Works for guitar STEVE REICH Electric Counterpoint

    Sean Shibe guitars

    Steve Reich loves few composers more than JS Bach, so Sean Shibe takes that passion as inspiration for pairing ancient and modern guitar music here. On acoustic guitar he plays both Bach and the gorgeous traditional music of Fifes own James Oswald, then contrasts it with a modern classic on electric guitar, Reichs mesmerising Electric Counterpoint.

    Schubertiad 17.30pm, Crail Church 25 / 18 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 2 hrs with interval

    SCHUBERT Sonata in E, D459 SCHUBERT Wanderer Fantasy, D760 SCHUBERT Sonata in Am, D845

    Elisabeth Leonskaja piano

    Every time Leonskaja goes on stage the results are likely to be different she constantly asks questions of the music, looks for different ways into it. Her answers are always convincing The Guardian

    Opening our Schubertiad, legendary pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja revisits the first Schubert sonata she ever studied in depth more than 50 years ago. D845 is as absorbing, dramatic and as complex as a Chekov play. She throws its richness into relief by pairing it with the breezy youthful D459 sonata and the barnstorming virtuosity of the Wanderer Fantasy. The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    Mozart & Salieri 111.30am, St Ayle Church, Cellardyke 17 / 13 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 5 mins

    SCHUBERT Octet, D72, Minuet & Finale MOZART Serenade in Cm, K388 SALIERI Suite, from the opera Axur, re dOrmus

    SCO Wind Octet

    Salieri has had a tough rap ever since the film Amadeus. Far from being a murderous second-rater who destroyed Mozart, he was a leading opera composer for decades and one of Viennas most influential teachers. It is rare to get the chance to hear his work these days, so the superb SCO Wind Octet will play a suite of his delightful operatic music alongside octets by his pupil Schubert and rival Mozart.

    Schubert Talk 12pm, Crail Church Hall 7, approx. 45 mins

    Festival Director Svend McEwan-Brown sets the scene for this years Schubertiad by exploring Schuberts Vienna of the 1820s daily life, food, politics, architecture and, of course, the music business.

    8 9


    Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 Tickets:

  • Schubertiad 27.30pm, Crail Church 25 / 18 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 2 hrs with interval

    SCHUBERT Songs from golden years 1815/16 SCHUBERT Der Tod und das Mdchen, D531 SCHUBERT Quartet in Dm, D810 Death and the Maiden

    Thomas Oliemans baritone Malcolm Martineau piano Belcea Quartet

    Schubert was already a great songwriter in his late teens, so great that he created work the like of which has no precedent. Oliemans and Martineau love to explore it as it includes some of Schuberts best loved songs alongside incredible rarities. They have added in the song upon which Schubert was to base a movement of his tempestuous Death and the Maiden quartet to set the scene for the Belcea Quartet. The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    Mozart & Salieri 211.30am, Kilrenny Church 20 / 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds), approx. 1 hr 5 mins

    SALIERI Concertino for Oboe & Strings SCHUBERT String Quartet, D353 MOZART Oboe Quartet in F, K370/368b

    Cristina Gmez Godoy oboe Castalian Quartet

    Introducing the delightful Spanish oboist Cristina Gmez Godoy, who pairs Salieris Italianate mini-concerto with Mozarts miniature tour de force. Between them, a fascinating and pleasurable early quartet by Schubert.Concert sponsored by Hedley G. Wright

    Schubert Talk 22pm, Crail Church Hall 7, approx. 45 mins

    Thomas Oliemans and Malcolm Martineau give a performers perspective on Schuberts songs of 1816 and Die schne Mllerin in conversation with Festival Director Svend McEwan-Brown.

    Retreat Concert 24pm, Kilrenny Church 20 / 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds), approx. 1 hr 10 mins

    MOZART Quintet in D, K593 DVOK Sextet in A, Op 48

    Musicians of the ENF Retreat

    Pure sunlight is what Dvok called Mozart, and we would reflect that compliment back on him certainly this pairing is as heart-warming and joyful as you could wish. The young virtuosi of the ENF Retreat have been coached in these two pieces this week by some of the worlds finest chamber musicians. Come and hear the final results. More about The Retreat including musicians details are on our website.The Retreat is supported by The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust

    Shibe & Bliss7.30pm, The Dreel Halls 10 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 45 mins with interval

    Programme to include: JAMES OSWALD Divertmenti for Guitar STEVE REICH Electric Counterpoint JULIA WOLFE LAD STEVE REICH New York Counterpoint

    Sean Shibe guitars Julian Bliss clarinet

    Steve Reichs Counterpoint pieces play the magical trick of placing a live musician in the midst of a wonderfully complex 9-part texture, all created by that same musician multi-tracked. Here, Shibe and Bliss perform two of Reichs miniature masterpieces alongside other acoustic and electronic delights from 18th Century Fife and 20th Century New York.


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    FESTIVALLAROUND Look out for pop-up gigs out and about, not least some big, brassy sounds (see p14 for more info).

    Schubertiad 311.30am, Crail Church 20 / 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 20 mins

    HAYDN Quartet in D, Op 20 No 4 SCHUBERT Quartet in D, D887

    Belcea Quartet

    Haydn published his first quartets as he approached 40, Schubert published his last before he was 30. Hearing music of these two men is an unalloyed pleasure at any time, but this also brings home just how early in his life Schubert made the genre his own.The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    Schubertiad 44pm, Crail Church 20 / 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 5 mins

    SCHUBERT Die schne Mllerin

    Thomas Oliemans baritone Malcolm Martineau piano

    We asked: which Schubert should someone new to the composer try first? Thomas Oliemans replied (without hesitation): Die schne Mllerin. It is a story anyone can connect with: young love, jealousy and heartbreak. It unfolds through a sequence of short songs, each one a miracle of songwriting.The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    De Profundis6pm, The Bowhouse 10 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 45 mins

    Each year at ENF we create a very special, large-scale musical event featuring local musicians performing alongside major professionals. Memorial Ground moved its audience to tears, while Across The Distance thrilled listeners in Cambo Gardens in 2015. This year, trumpeter John Wallace leads the almost 60 musicians of the combined Tullis Russell Intermediate and Senior Brass Bands and The Wallace Collection in a special site-specific performance celebrating Fifes mining and brass band heritage with one of the most beautiful sounds in all music and powerful readings of poems by miners. Read more on page 5. This will be a promenade performance.De Profundis is supported by: Toby & Kate Anstruther, Shields & Carol Henderson and Donald & Louise MacDonald

    Should you also be attending the Schubertiad 4 concert, we advise that The Bowhouse is 8.5 miles from Crail around 18 mins drive. Doors open for an audience briefing at 5.55pm so there is no need to rush.

    Latin Jazz! 8pm, Anstruther Town Hall 12 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 45 mins with interval

    Julian Bliss Septet

    Rumba, Samba, Tango, Cha-cha-cha An evening of swinging Latin jazz from the fantastic Julian Bliss Septet. Join them on a trip to Brazil and Cuba for some happy vibrant music.

    Schubertiad 58pm, Crail Church 25 / 18 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 45 mins with interval

    SCHUBERT Quartettsatz, D703 SCHUBERT Sonata in Am, D784 SCHUBERT Quintet in A, D667 Trout Quintet

    Elisabeth Leonskaja piano Belcea Quartet Alois Posch bass

    The day ends with one of those unique collaborations for which ENF has become so renowned. Belcea Quartet and Leonskaja perform together for the first time in what is perhaps Schuberts most optimistic and joyful chamber music. The Schubertiad is supported by Dunard Fund

    12 13Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 Tickets:

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    In the footsteps of Thomas Kingo2pm, Anstruther Town Hall 10 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 2 hrs with interval

    Chris Stout fiddle Catriona McKay harp Nils kland hardanger fiddle Mats Eilertsen bass Mr McFalls Chamber

    A fantastic line up of musicians from Norway and Scotland join forces for an afternoon of cracking traditional tunes, reinventions, and the world premiere of Chrysillis by Henning Sommerro. Sommerros music draws on traditional tunes and styles he had a big hit with his collaboration with Aly Bain, Follow the Moonstone. His new piece follows in the footsteps of the Crail weaver who relocated to Denmark in the 16th Century, and whose grandson became one of Denmarks most important poets.

    SCO goes North & South5pm, The Bowhouse 20 / 15 (5 for 7-17 year olds) approx. 1 hr 45 mins with interval

    MACRAE Kirkwall Session SIBELIUS Suite champtre GRIEG Norwegian Melody In Folk Style DAG WIRN Serenade OSWALD (ARR KING) The East Neuk o Fife TCHAIKOVSKY Souvenir de Florence

    SCO Strings Stephanie Gonley director

    Musical fireworks close ENF 2017 with Tchaikovskys superb Souvenir de Florence. One player called this gladiatorial music it certainly is breathtakingly exciting to listen to. Before we get to it, the players lead us on a journey departing from Orkney and touring the Northlands before returning home to the East Neuk o Fife.

    These are all outdoor events, so if the weather looks like it will turn nasty we will sadly have to cancel them. Please check our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates before you set off.

    Cant get enough Brass music? See De Profundis (p5 & p12)

    FESTIVALLAROUND: BRASS BAND MARATHONJoin the award winning Tullis Russell Mills Band and The Wallace Collection on their tour of the East Neuk. All the events are free, unticketed and outdoors and will last max 45 mins.


    1.30pm, KELLIE CASTLE GROUNDSWhy not book a tour of the castle and its gardens visit their website at Their caf will be open or bring a picnic.

    2.30pm, ANSTRUTHER Beside Harbourmasters Office

    3pm, ELIE BEACH Nearest to junction of South Street and Fountain Road

    10.45am, CRAILOutside Crail Parish Church

    11.30am, ANSTRUTHER Beside Harbourmasters Office

    12pm, KINGSBARNS DISTILLERY Why not book a tour of the distillery before or after the performance visit their website at (and dont forget to try their wonderful caf).

    14 15


    Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 Tickets:

  • 16 17Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 Tickets: t: +44 (0)131 473 2000 e: [email protected] Hub, Castlehill Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NE Tickets are available from Hub Tickets by phone, in person and online

    10am-5pm Mon-Fri until 24 March Plus Saturdays from 25 March

    Cheques payable to Hub Tickets.

    General Booking opens Tuesday 21 February.

    Late availability tickets released Mon 19 June.

    Each booking period commences at 10am for online, phone and in person booking.

    DURING THE FESTIVALTickets may be booked online with Hub Tickets until 4pm of the day before your intended event, after which they will only be available on the day at the venue door from 30 mins before each event begins. You may ask any venue box office to reserve tickets for you for later in the day. Payment at venues is with cash only. PLEASE NOTE: Doors open 30 mins before performance time, except De Profundis (see p12). Children must be aged 7+ and accompanied by an adult aged 16+. We cannot offer refunds nor guarantee to resell tickets. Latecomers are not guaranteed admission to any event, in whole or in part. If admitted, it may not be possible to take the seat you booked standing may be the only option. All programme details are correct at time of going to press but the festival may be obliged to make unforeseen changes and reserves the right to do so. In such circumstances it will make every reasonable effort to inform bookers promptly.

    PATRONS PRIORITY BOOKINGPremier Patrons: Monday 13 February Gold Patrons: Tuesday 14 February Silver Patrons: Wednesday 15 February Bronze Patrons: Thursday 16 February Subscribers: Monday 20 February

    If you are unsure whether you are currently a patron or subscriber, or if you have a standing order arranged for the festival, please contact Ian Gray using the information below.

    Weirgate House Weirgate Brae St Boswells TD6 0BD [email protected] +44 (0)33 022 11 093


    find us on facebook

    Read artist biographies and director Svend Brown's festival blog on our website

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    NB Side aisle seats are partial view (hence reduced price) but the acoustic remains excellent.


    Events at Bowhouse:De Profundis promenade/ limited seatingNorth & South fully reserved seating

    Detailed plans are available at

    The following venues have unreserved seating:

    Crail Church Hall Marketgate, Crail, KY10 3TL

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    General Booking! TUE 21 FEB

    Did you know that it costs approximately 300,000 to produce the East Neuk Festival? And that the real cost of an ENF ticket (if you were to divide our budget by the number of attendees) would be about 72, yet we charge on average about a quarter of that?

    It takes a surprising amount of resources to plan, prepare and present ENF and to bring the worlds very best performers to the East Neuk. The festival is organized by only a few part-time staff and we are proud to run a very tight ship.

    We have earned the support of public bodies, trusts and foundations, as well as individual patrons. We are grateful to them all but it is our patrons who continue to be the primary source of our income. Many of you have already given us your support for 2017 and we warmly thank you - you will find your name listed on the back of this brochure. Because ENF 2017 will again feature the Retreat, by supporting us now you are also nurturing the next generation of outstanding musicians, helping them to keep the music we all love as vibrant as it is now.

    There are many good causes that deserve your support but we hope we are one of them. Please become an ENF 2017 Patron and help keep this tight ship afloat, our ticket prices affordable and the artistic standards world-class!

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    Chairman: Donald MacDonald CBE Treasurer: Shields Henderson Artistic Director: Svend Brown General Manager: Ian GrayEast Neuk Festival is a charity registered in Scotland, No: SC036207, and a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland, No: SC413581 - Registered Office: Fifth Floor, Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh EH3 9EE - VAT Registration No: 865346694

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