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Presentation slides for the Grow Your Business Online Initiative in West Sacramento. How to make your business visible online and convert website visitors into new customers.


  • 1. Ok, my business is online. Now what? Presentation by: David Abramson

2. How you feel when you have a new website 3. How some website owners feel a month later 4. No worries! Keep things simple. Do the right things. Don't stress. Get back to being a business owner 5. Why is it important to make your business visible online? 6. People will research you online to: Find out more about what you do See what customers are saying about you Decide whether they want to be your customer or work with you 7. The Philosoraptor asks: 8. Where do people find you? Search engines Social media Business listings Your neighborhood online is important but it isn't everything! 9. Choosing the right keywords Keywords should be things that people are already searching for Use the Google Keyword Planner to find high-traffic keywords Do a Google search for how to optimize for long-tailed keywords 10. Breakout Session: 10 mins 3 reasons why people are looking for what you offer. 3 things that make your business unique. 3 reasons why people should work with you (as opposed to someone else). 11. Report Back What did you come up with during the break- out session? Your answers here can help find out what you want to highlight on your website and help turn your site visitors into new and returning customers. 12. Writing Awesome Content Shows that you are an expert Helps you rank on search engines Informs your readers Gives you something to share 13. Writing Optimized Content Make sure search engines can read what you're writing The perfectly optimized page 14. Showing up in organic results Quality, unique content Proper keywords and location information Links to your site from relevant sites Social sharing 15. Google AdWords Paid listings in search up instantly Pay per click to your website Can allow you to generate business quickly Caution: Can be a money drain if not well- managed. Check out Perry Marshall's book on how to run a successful campaign 16. Showing up on local search 17. Keys for showing up on local search Reviews (Google Places & around the web) Citations (business name & address other places online) Google Place page signals (category, description, location) Do a Google search for how to rank on local search 18. Visitors => Customers You don't just want people to visit your website, you want them to be real life customers, collaborators, and partners. 19. Visitors => Customers Easy-to-find contact info, location info Special offers, coupons, promotions Show your expertise, what your customers say about you Give a suggested call to action that's easy to complete ('Call us and mention the website promotion for an additional $10 off your oil change) 20. Google Analytics Where are visitors coming from? What pages are they entering on? Is my e-commerce checkout process breaking down anywhere? How's my content? Are people staying or leaving after reading? Answers to these questions and more. A must-have for website owners. 100% free :) Sign up at 21. Online Reputation Management You should at least have accounts on: Google Places for Business ( Yelp Page 22. Reputation Management There is no substitute for good customer service. Your reputation in the real world will funnel into the online world (and vice versa) The internet just magnifies your reputation, good or bad. 23. Reputation Management Encourage satisfied customers to write a review on your Google Places or Yelp listing Read review policies of Google and Yelp! Don't offer monetary or product incentive 24. Important Tools for you Google Search (most questions have good answers on page 1) Other business owners build a mutual support network Marketing and website professionals (research just as your customers do before hiring ask for work samples) Google Analytics and Webmaster tools 25. Takeaways Don't spend your whole day online...keep the focus on your business Unique, high quality content that can be read by humans and search engines is key Online is important, but nothing is as important as a happy customer 26. Thanks for coming and participating! Feel free to send me an email at david(at)makeyourselfvisible(dot)com if you have any questions about this presentation or are interested in working together on a project 27. Thank you Grow Your Business Online West Sacramento for having me!