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  2. 2. Adam Alexander Senior Cloud Architect Dave Frankel Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer Presenters
  3. 3. Defining IaaS, IaaS+, PaaS Connecting to any cloud service with plugins Orchestrating PaaS/IaaS+ with Cloud Application Templates Automating operational management of PaaS/IaaS+ Demo Agenda
  4. 4. Two Solutions from RightScale VIRTUAL SERVERS PUBLIC CLOUDS IAAS+/PAAS SERVICES PRIVATE CLOUDS BARE METAL SERVERS CONTAINE R CLUSTERS MULTI-CLOUD ORCHESTRATION AND GOVERNANCE RIGHTSCALE OPTIMA Collaborate across cloud governance teams, business units, and resource owners to manage and optimize cloud spend RIGHTSCALE CMP Orchestrate, automate, and govern applications across any cloud, any cloud service, any server, and any container.
  5. 5. Optima Cost management and collaborative optimization RightScale CMP Solution VIRTUAL SERVERS PUBLIC CLOUDS IAAS+/PAAS SERVICES PRIVATE CLOUDS BARE METAL SERVERS CONTAINER CLUSTERS RightScale Cloud Management Platform User access controls and governance Governance Cloud Management Multi-cloud visibility, automation, and operations Self-Service Catalog of templates and automated provisioning MULTI-CLOUD ORCHESTRATION
  6. 6. Defined: IaaS, IaaS+, PaaS 5 Compute Storage Network DBaaS Hadoop Queue Batch Transcoding DNS Push Scheduling Streaming Schedule Email API Mgmt Serverless (FaaS) IoT Mobile Google AppEngine Azure PaaS CloudFoundry OpenShift PaaS IaaS IaaS+
  7. 7. Cloud Users Leverage Many Services Source: RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report
  8. 8. Many PaaS and IaaS+ Options All-in-one PaaS Service Heroku, EngineYard, Force.com Cloud IaaS CSP PaaS Google App Engine, Azure PaaS CSP IaaS+ DBaaS Email, Queuing PaaS Framework OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, Deis Workflow (MS) Container foundation Cloud, Hosted, or On-Premise Infrastructure Containers + Cluster Manager Swarm, Mesos Kubernetes, Rancher CSP CaaS AWS ECS, Azure CS, Google GKE
  9. 9. Rich web interfaces and command line tools Deploy via code push Environment management Application version management Log aggregation and shipping Built-in load balancing for incoming web traffic Autoscaling User authentication, permissions, and quotas Typical PaaS Capabilities
  10. 10. All-in-one & CSP PaaS Pro: Easy to get started, just think about the application Con: Limited to technologies and architectures supported by vendor CSP IaaS+ Pro: Flexibility to choose, mix and match services Con: Some cloud services offer little portability to other clouds PaaS Framework Pro: Flexibility to run on hybrid infrastructure, avoids vendor lock in, can be hosted Con: Complexity to set up and manage the PaaS framework Pros and Cons of Options
  11. 11. How RightScale CMP Can Help 10 Compute Storage Network Database Built-In Integration Cloud Service Plug-Ins AWS Lambda AWS Elastic Beanstalk Google Container Engine Azure PaaS and more Created by RightScale Customer 3rd party
  12. 12. Orchestrates an entire application stack User Input and Output Configuration of resources Orchestration workflows Operational actions Permissions Published to the catalog Leverages plugins to orchestrate any service Cloud Application Template (CAT) Overview 11 Load Balancers App Servers Master DB Slave DB Replicate > DNS CAT
  13. 13. Orchestrate with Cloud Application Templates Cloud Application Template Cloud Compute Cloud Storage Cloud Network Images Templates & Containers PaaS Services IaaS+ Services Web Services Define Resources Govern User Options Orchestrate Deployment Enable Operations Code IaaS Resources via Plugins Application Assets 12
  14. 14. Complex applications require many components, including: Non Cloud resources Hardware load balancer pools and VIPs DNS Records Monitoring Cloud IaaS+/PaaS offerings DBaaS (RDS, Bigtable, Azure SQL) Load balancing (ELB, Google CLB, Azure Load Balancer) SaaS Tools Logging Object Storage CDN Caching Use Cases for Plugins 13
  15. 15. Growing List of Out-of-the-Box Plugins 14 Use, modify, contribute at github rightscale/rightscale-plugins
  16. 16. The Plugin definition Describes the target API endpoint and interface Totally generic Consists of; Parameters Endpoints Types The Service definition An instantiation of a plugin Unique to a particular tenant with credentials, etc. Anatomy of a Plugin 15
  17. 17. Map custom service API resources to Plugin definitions Custom Service API Reference 16
  18. 18. Parameters allow customization such as providing credentials Anatomy of a Plugin Plugin Definition 17
  19. 19. The behavior of lifecycle actions can be customized Anatomy of a Plugin Plugin Definition 18
  20. 20. Plugins in a CAT Putting it all together 19
  21. 21. A PAAS EXAMPLE
  22. 22. Deploy an OpenShift Cluster from RightScale
  23. 23. Configure an OpenShift Cluster for Any Cloud
  24. 24. Enable Operational Management
  25. 25. Use OpenShift to Deploy in the Cluster
  26. 26. See Apps in OpenShift
  27. 27. For more information, contact sales@rightscale.com For plugin library github.com/rightscale/rightscale-plugins Q&A 26