whistle-stop tour of rightscale - an insider guide about working at rightscale

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Who is RightScale? What do they do? How was working in a cloud start-up company?


  • 1. Whistle-Stop Tour of RightScaleAli Khajeh-Hosseini

2. The cloud comp kool-aid
Cloud computing is f***ing awesome
Its easy
Its cheap
Its scalable
It cooks you breakfast and
takes the dog for a walk
3. Employee starts work on system
Used personal credit card to create AWS account
Because of minimal cost, employee didnt get authorization for expenses, and plans on submitting it on their expense report
Didnt notify IT of project as its a breeze to manage
Didnt meet with corporate security for a system review prior to architecting and building deployment
Used AWS best-practices such as AMIs, RDS, Autoscaling
Employee didnt document the process
All credentials, keys and AMI info are in an excel file on desktop
Didnt consider risk or instability of AWS, or architect across regions
Deployment is done and ready, but not TESTED
Employee launches system into production (YES!!!)
4. Forecast
5. It hits the fan
Employee has left company and is working for new employer
Something went seriously wrong, couldnt access services:

  • Personal credit card is tied to the account thus,

6. Company has no visibility or control over the account or running servers 7. No documentation is available to dive deeper 8. All critical information resides on the persons laptopNeed a management platform
for the cloud
9. Overview
Who is RightScale?
What do they do?
How was it? (working in a cloud startup)
10. RightScale
Founded in 2006, based in Santa Barbara, CA
Management platform for IaaS clouds
AWS, Rackspace, Eucalyptus, CloudStack, OpenStack (private clouds)
160 people and growing
$45M VC funding
11. Large Scale
Every day:
60,000 servers are monitored
35,000 alerts are triggered
20,000 escalation emails are sent to users
9TB of data is exchanged with our serves
12. 13. RightScale Platform
14. Cloud Market Place
Basic components needed for a system
Templates, scripts, images, macros
Server Templates (over 40,000 customer templates)
MySQL, DB2, Apache, IIS, PHP, Rails, ASPX, LAMP
Server Templates
Machine images dont work well (too monolithic, big, static and opaque)
boot any server from a small set of very generic images and configure the server dynamically at boot time
15. Server Templates
Group of settings to define server type (i386, x64 etc.)
Reference to a base image that is to be booted (CentOS, Ubuntu)
Scripts that are run at boot time to install/configure all the software

  • Version controlled (history, diff), mirrored in each cloud