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  • Parks Teams and Functions

    Robert ThurstonParks


    Richard EnnionNatural


    Helen RossingtonParks


    Jennifer MackleyStrategy


    Sue LutkenhouseParks


    Peter WilkinsonService Manager

    Parks and Estates

    Steve MooreService Director

    Environmental & LeisureServices

  • Area Park Manager

    To manage the delivery of parks and green space services and act as the accountable business manager, aiming for continuous improvement to meet the diverse range of customer needs within the allocated area of the city.

    To lead and respond to a wide variety of neighbourhood initiatives.

  • Community Park Officer

    To communicate with and engage residents, park users, Neighbourhood Partnerships, and a range of other council services and agencies in the work of Bristol Parks, and help foster positive community relations across an area of the city.

    To lead and/or support projects and programmes to improve parks and increase/diversify usage, to meet clear council, neighbourhood and service priorities and in line with agreed park plans.

  • Head Gardener

    Leading, directing and motivating team/s of gardeners, assistant gardeners and volunteers

    To ensure effective day to day on-site working using planning, programming and monitoring techniques working in accordance with the Council's policies and procedures, including the Health, Safety and Welfare Policy.

    To maximise productivity, with particular emphasis on increasing quality, the publics perception of safety and encouraging community use and enjoyment.

  • Community Park Keeper

    To carry out and successfully complete horticultural, grounds maintenance and nature conservation operations, to meet the specifications of grounds maintenance contracts and work programmes to agreed standards.

    To maximise the publics perception of safety and encouraging community use and enjoyment of parks and green spaces.

    The post can operate across a range of sites throughout the city from traditional parks and open green space to woodlands and nature reserves, and the range of work undertaken may vary depending on seasons.

  • Quality Monitoring Officers To monitor and record the quality and safety of grounds

    maintenance functions including green spaces, assets and features, hard landscapes and children's play facilities across the city.

    To ensure that playground equipment is maintained to an acceptable standard through reporting, and delivery of minor repairs

  • Chris HammondArea Park Manager


    Caroline HolliesArea Park Manager


    Jamie RobertsArea Park Manager


    Pete ClarkArea Park Manager


    Steve ClampinAllotments Manager

    Jane Robson(Interim)

    Horticultural and SupportServices Manager

    Cellan MichaelParks Estates Manager

    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager

    Parks Operations

  • North Area

    GardenersParks North Team

    Education North Team

    Community Park KeepersSteve McCarthy (Canford)

    Future TUPE transfer (Southmead)

    Head GardenerVacancy

    Steve Houghton

    CommunityPark Officer (Vacancy)

    Chris HammondArea Park Manager


    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager

  • Parks North Team

    Head Gardener: Steve Houghton

    David CoxAndrew HarrisClive JohnsonDon KirbyHeather McFarlaneChristopher MurphyMary BurkeDavid Chard (shared with Education)

  • Education North Team

    Head Gardener: Vacancy

    Russell LoudSteven BriodyWayne ColeAnthony GreenwoodDavid LeggPhilip MeachinColin WattsDavid Chard (Shared)

  • Park Groups - North

    Avon Wildlife Trust (city-wide)

    Friends Of Badock's Woods

    Friends of Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve

    Friends of Stoke Lodge

    Shirehampton Greens

  • Contract ManagerContinental Landscapes

    Community Park Officer(Vacancy)

    Constantine BlakeCommunity Park Keeper

    St Agnes Park

    Head GardenerSt Pauls

    Teija Ahjokofki

    Assistant Area Park ManagerClaire Adams

    Caroline HolliesArea Park Manager


    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager


  • Park Groups - Central

    Albany Green Residents GroupCastle Park Users GroupClifton and Hotwells Improvement SocietyEaston Environment Task GroupFriends of Brandon HillFriends of Fox Park Friends of Horfield CommonFriends of South Purdown Friends of St Andrews Park Green Solutions, Barton HillHotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association

  • Park Groups - Central


    Mina Road Park Group Montpelier Park Action Group Narroways Millennium Green TrustQuaker Burial Ground Working Group Redcliffe Open Spaces Group Redland and Cotham Amenities Society

  • GardenersOldbury Court

    Eastwood FarmEducation South

    Community Park KeeperRichard Eatwell (St George Park)

    Julian Thomas (Troopers Hill / Eastwood FarmAndrew Mills (Eastville)

    Head GardenerDave Cambridge

    Dave Hoskins

    Community Park KeeperAndrew Simmons

    (Netham Park)

    David MarsdenNetham Park Manager

    Gary BrentnallCommunity Park Officer

    Jamie RobertsArea Park Manager


    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager

    East Area

  • East Area Oldbury Court Team

    Head Gardener: Dave Hoskins

    Wayne ChapmanBrian CoombesJohn GodfreyDavid HynamPaul MerchantFrank RidlerMartin WilliamsDavid WoodeyJamie CoxGary GoodingChris Cook (Shared with Eastwood Team)

    Community Park Keeper

    Eastville Park - Andrew Mills

  • East Area Eastwood Farm Team

    Head Gardener: Dave Cambridge

    Keith HitchcockCharles PonsfordSteve RichCass Garland (Shared with Education South)

    Community Park KeepersJulian Thomas - Trooper's Hill ParkRichard Eatwell - St George's ParkAndy Simons - Netham Park

  • Education South

    Head Gardener: Dave Cambridge

    John BaylissVernon BennettCass Garland (Shared)Didier LercierColin PearsonSteve Harvey (Shared across area) 1 x vacancy

  • Park Groups - East

    Activate FishpondsArnos Park Action GroupBarton Fields in TrustBegbrook GreenCoombe Brook Valley Action GroupEastville Park Action GroupFriends of Arnos Vale CemeteryFriends of Callington Road Nature Reserve Friends of Eastwood FarmFriends of Hillfields Park Friends of Nightingale Valley Friends of St George Park Friends of the River FromeFriends of Troopers Hill

  • South Area

    Contract ManagerQuadron Services

    Julian CoxCommunity Park Officer

    Pete ClarkArea Park Manager


    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager

  • Park Groups - South

    Ashton Vale Heritage GroupDame Emily Park Project Friends of Avon New CutFriends of Greville SmythFriends of Hartcliffe Millennium Green Friends of Redcatch Park Hengrove Park Group Kings Head Park Local Action Group Malago Valley Conservation Group Northern Slopes Initiative South Street Park Group St Johns Community Association

  • Park Groups - South


    The Community of Perrett's Park The Gores MarshallsVictoria Park Action Group Wilmott Park Group Withywood Park Group

  • Allotments OfficerRosie BrickellJanet Newland

    Steve ClampinAllotments Manager

    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager


  • Jill BattenPlay Support Officer


    Rod PooleyNursery Officer


    Head GardenerLandscapes


    Paul CoxLandscapes and

    Projects Co-ordinator

    Traineesx 5

    Jane RobsonHorticultural and Support

    Services Manager(Interim)

    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager

    Horticultural and Support Services

  • Landscapes Gardeners

    Head Gardener: Vacancy

    Adrian ThorneKevin BennettNick BerryBen BrownJohn HayesJonathan KitchingAndrew PowellMichael PriceTerry RawlingsPaul ShattockAlan SingletonAdrian ThorneRay Williams

  • Nursery Gardeners

    Steven BatemanRussell CreeseHelen Hawkins

  • Deerkeeper/RangerJulian Smart

    Mark Cox

    Visitor CentreAssistants

    Doreen PastorVisitor Services Officer

    GardenersAshton Court

    GardenersOldbury Court

    Pete StaddonHead Gardener

    (Ashton Court/Oldbury Court& Snuff Mills)

    Maggie GriffithsAdmin Assistant

    Jerry BakerEstate Manager

    Ashton Court

    RangersNicola Brownlie

    Ian BrownTerry Waite

    Martin HarrisEstate Manager

    Blaise Castle


    GardenersThe Downs

    Terry HannanHead Gardener

    (Blaise and Downs)

    Robert WestlakeDowns Ranger

    Playground SupervisorsMark Griffiths

    VacancyKeryn Hodgson

    Robert HoskenHengrove Play Park

    Lead Supervisor

    Cellan MichaelParks Estates Manager

    Robert ThurstonParks Operations Manager


  • Head Gardener: Pete Staddon (Ashton Court and Oldbury Court)

    Ashton Court

    David FarleyGenefa KowalskiCraig HowardDave Broadhurst (Shared with the Downs)

    Oldbury Court

    Jamie PettSean Liddard

  • Downs Gardeners

    John BowyerDave Broadhurst (Shared with Ashton Court)Edward GardnerGeoffrey RobinsonBen SkuseNeville ThompsonRichard Thompson

    Blaise Gardeners

    Trevor GregoryWilliam Daly

    Head Gardener: Terry Hannan (Downs and Blaise)

  • Park Groups - Estates

    Friends of BlaiseFriends of The Downs and Avon GorgeSnuff Mills Action Group

  • Parks Business

    Admin OfficerAllotments

    Wendy GilborsonBen Holding

    Admin OfficerSports Lettings


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