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  • Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    The Phoenix Flier The Yarm Preparatory School Newsletter

    Issue 606 Thursday 23rd May 2019

    The fine weather this week has allowed us to enjoy the outdoors in many ways. Fixtures, woodland sessions, activities and outdoor learning of all kinds have had a real summer feel. Embracing the environment around us has very much been on the agenda and, as always, this has led to engaging and impactful learning for all. I have been pleased to see that Year 6 have also been blessed with good weather in the Lake District. I look forward to hearing about their adventures soon.

    After half term we have our Summer Fair, on Friday, 21st of June, details of which have been shared with you in previous newsletters. As part of proceedings the YPSSC are running a hamper competition across the school. Last year it proved to be great success and the hampers were well stocked with delectable treats and a wide array of goodies. This year each class is asked to develop a hamper which reflects the seaside resort that they have chosen. We would therefore be most grateful if you could source a few items to go into your child’s class hamper as listed below. Items can be left with your child’s Form Teacher. All hampers will be ‘up for grabs’ in a raffle drawn on the day. Tickets will be on sale soon.

    Hampers—class by class:

    3D - Goa, India; 3P - Normandy, France; 4A - Marbella, Spain; 4J - Sicily, Italy; 4P - Gold Coast, Australia; 5L - Viareggio - Italy; 5N - Cape Town, South Africa; 5P - Phuket, Thailand; 6B - St Tropez, France; 6G - Penang, Malaysia; 6H - St Ives, Cornwall; 6R - Brighton, England.

    Bill Sawyer

    W: T: 01642 781447


    Photo of the Week: Friends, Romans, Year 4! A wonderful few days on the Northumbria coast for the children who went to Vindolanda.

    @HeadPrepYarm, @MrStoneYarm, @YarmPrepGames

    Head’s Message

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    Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    My favourite part was the bush craft day because I liked the edible flowers and lighting a fire . At first it was hard but when I

    got used to it was easy. One of the flowers was spicy!

    Erin J.

    My favourite part of the trip was the boat ride because of the puffins, seals and the amazing rapid waves. Honestly, I felt like

    I was in a swarm. There were about 1000 puffins on the islands.

    Aradhya D.

    My favourite part of Vindolanda was the boat trip because the boat kept swinging up and down. We saw puffins and seals.

    The Farne Islands there were millions of puffins. Puffins only stand on a rock until their feet hurt for being on too long.

    Laurie E.

    The best thing that happened at Vindolanda was the boat ride to the Farne Islands because the waves were really high! I also

    Year 4 Vindolanda Residential

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    Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    liked learning about puffins and seals because I want to be a

    zoologist in later life.

    Sam L.

    My highlight of the Vindolanda trip was the bush craft day. Why the

    bush craft day? Because we made a fort out of wooden poles and a

    tarp and we got wet because it fell on top of us!

    George W.

    My favourite part of Vindolanda was the fort and the Roman

    Museum because we went to the ruins that were amazing. I loved

    that we got to see a 3D movie and we saw how Hadrian's Wall

    looked before. I absolutely loved it.

    Jose B-S.

    We’re in Vindolanda, making some dens,

    We’re picking some flowers and shooting some arrows,

    We’re finding materials to help us survive,

    We’re on the coach, driving through the countryside

    We’re in the Youth Hostel, chatting over tea

    We’re in our rooms, excitedly preparing for an adventure,

    Now we’ve seen Hadrian’s Wall,

    Once majestic and tall,

    We’re now walking and talking on our way back home.

    Goodbye Vindolanda

    Sanjana V. and Janvi C.

    What I learnt about puffins is that males have a lifespan of 20-25

    years, but females have a long life span of 30-35 years.

    Jake W.

    Did you know that the nickname of a puffin is “sea parrot” or “sea

    clown” ? Puffins flap their wings up to 400 times a minute!

    Sarah A.

    When we were in the Farne islands we saw seals sunbathing on the

    rocks. The sea is so cold that the seals need to have a rest and

    warm up when they can!

    Seren A.

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    Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    Centuries ago the Romans ruled our lands, The fought with swords and axes and even their hands,

    The made straight roads to get to the battles faster,

    If a legionnaire dropped the standard it was a disaster,

    The Romans won wars by working as a team,

    After the battles they liked relaxing in the stream,

    The Emperor Julius Caesar ventured to Egypt where he met


    He was head over heels in love but sadly died soon after.

    Oscar L.

    At the Roman Amy Museum I learnt that the footwear soldiers

    wore on duty was made from leather but the footwear they used

    in the bathhouse were wooden clogs.

    Sanju V.

    I learnt in the Roman Army Museum that when soldiers were on

    guard duty at Hadrian’s Wall it was very hard work, bitterly cold

    and difficult to stay awake through the night.

    Ellie W.

    When we went to Vindolanda I had the experience of a lifetime

    because I got to touch a Roman gaming counter the archaeologists

    uncovered from the ground in front of our eyes! I also learnt that

    they put holes in cow skulls whilst practising spear throwing

    Amelie S.

    After walking to the Sycamore Gap we went to Vindolanda, the

    Roman fort. There were some archaeologists digging. Me and my

    friends watched them find a Roman games counter and some

    shoes. We were even allowed to touch them. It was very exciting!

    Ruby K.

    At Vindolanda we learned that Roman coins were made from gold,

    silver and bronze. Sometimes there were the heads of the

    Emperor’s wives on the back and not the Emperors themselves.

    Luke E.

    During winter puffins beaks are a dull grey, but in spring their

    beaks are bright orange to attract potential mates.

    Freddie G.

    I didn’t know that it was against the law to have too much gold

    jewellery in Roman times. When I went to the Roman Army

    Museum I learnt that the soldiers have to guard the wall for 24

    hours, sometimes after marching all day.

    Sarah A.

    During our trip to the Farne Islands I found out when the tide goes

    out the seals tend to spend time on the rocks. When the tide

    comes in the water washes the seals back into the sea.

    Janvi C.

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    Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    Arkwright Charity Day

    The Prep School pupils celebrated the summer heat and radiant sunshine by dressing in all colours of the rainbow and raised

    awareness of the butterfly and caterpillar. A super turnout of tasty and beautiful butterfly themed cup-cakes and an array of

    small stalls run by the Year 6 'Arkwrightians' made for an amazing break time too. The total of £531.03 was raised during the

    day. The money will be donated to a North East butterfly conservation charity to protect existing local butterfly habitats and

    to train volunteers to establish new ones. Many thanks from the 'Green House'!

    Mr Grundmann

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    Phoenix Flier 606 24th May 2019

    Please note the phone number for after school care: 01642


    It would help us enormously, if you are running late after

    5pm, that you could contact this number to let us know your

    estimated time of arrival.

    Please note that after school care finishes at 6pm.

    Mr Stone

    FRIDAY 24TH MAY - 4.30PM

    SATURDAY 25TH MAY - 11AM & 2PM





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