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  1. 1. Chuck Close By Sidtharth Sureshkumar
  2. 2. Chuck Close, a New Yorker photographer has focused on faces and portraits using paint, Polaroids and recently, the daguerreotype since the 1960s. Closes images involve the images on the canvas tends to break down under close proximity, causing viewers to appraise the whole picture from a far distance Close shows dense details when using daguerreotypes for more intimate photographs. My daguerreotypes are in-your-face intimacy. Chuck Close
  3. 3. This is the original photograph I created an edited copy from. The artificial light is shown more clearly in this photograph. The facial details are more visible along with the shadows.
  4. 4. The photograph demonstrates a side view interpretation of a Chuck-Close style portrait. Using a white screen allowed for a more greater depth of field along with the artificial light shown on the face in order to show more visual details. The photograph was edited on Photoshop, using a black and white filter to mimic Chuck Closes style. I increased the levels of vibrancy and brightness on the photograph to make facial details more visible.
  5. 5. This is the original photograph. This picture has been used to show comparison between the two photographs in terms of structure and editing.
  6. 6. This photograph was edited on Photoshop by cropping the photograph, changing the photographs colours to black and white and varying the brightness levels, contrast and exposure using filters. The artificial light present in the room can be seen in the photograph, showing key facial details.