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  • 1. Photography courses- the art of clicking Tell: +65 84887773 Email: 20 Maxwell Road Maxwell House Singapore 069113
  • 2. CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Courses 3. Services 4. Contact us
  • 3. INTRODUCTION Then you see a photograph clicked by knowledgeable, you'll tell the distinction in an exceedingly second. You will not solely post the fine photos on social media and gain applauds however conjointly to earn an energetic hood or just to pursue your hobby, photography courses can get you the sting you're craving for. It will build it easier and faster for you to select up the technicalities beneath the supervising of consultants.
  • 4. COURSES We provide different courses to gain their knowledge about photography which are: Understand your camera Using Flash understanding light metering Basic light control Depth of Field control and understanding Quantity vs Quality understanding pros and cons of photography techniques etc
  • 5. Gaining photography techniques or brushing up your photography level is to travel outside and apply, that in our opinion is that the best thanks to learn and gain experiences rather than reading on photography books, language up on-line photography course Covering a number of the foremost fashionable location in Singapore for photography, this workshop can equip you with camera savvy, photography ability & hands on experiences in sensible at varied locations beneath totally different conditions as well as shooting in night & the flexibility to use flash
  • 6. SERVICES Our gain experiences help in providing photography & videography services to all types of industries, you may be sure about the commitment of your work you have done, in preparation of your work, and we believe in making you great photographer/videographer. er.
  • 7. CONTACT US For any query question you may contact us on Address: 20 Maxwell Road Maxwell House Singapore 069113 Hotline +65 84887773 Email : For further information you may visit us